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The Wonders of the Holy Name – Fr Paul O’Sullivan, O.P. – “Revealing the Simplest Secret Ever of Holiness and Happiness.” Final Part – 24 July

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the wonders of the holy name-day fifteen-24 july

The Awful Crime of Ingratitude:

We thank our friends most effusively for any
little favour they do us but we forget or neglect to
thank God for His immense love of us, for becoming
man for us, for dying for us, for all the Masses we
can hear and the Holy Communions we can receive
– and do not receive.   What black ingratitude!

By repeating often the Name of Jesus we correct
this grave fault and thank God and give Him great
glory and joy.
Do you not wish to give joy to God?   You do.
Then dear friend thank, thank God.   He is waiting
for your thanks.
God loves each one.
We have said that Our Lord in the dreadful
sufferings of His Passion, in the Agony in the
Garden, when He was hanging on the Cross, saw
us all and offered for each one every pang of pain,
every drop of His Precious Blood.
Can it be possible that God is so good that He
thinks of each one, that He loves each of us so
Our poor hearts and minds are small and mean
and find it hard to believe that God can be so
good, that He troubles Himself about us.
But God, as He is Omnipotent, as He is infinitely
wise, He is also infinitely good and generous
and loving.   To understand how God thought of
each one of us in the Passion, when He was hanging
on the Cross, we have only to remember what happens
in the millions of Holy Communions received
every day.
God comes to each one of us with all the
plenitude of the Divinity;  He enters into each one
as fully and entirely as He is in Heaven.   He comes
into each one as if that one were the only one who
received him that day.   He comes with infinite,
personal love.   That we all believe.
And how does He enter into us?   He does not
merely come into our mouths, our hearts, He comes
into our souls, He unites Himself to our souls so
intimatelv that He becomes one with us.
Let us think for a moment of how the Great,
Almighty, Eternal God is in our very soul in the
most intimate possible way, that He is there with
all His infinite love, that He remains there and
this not once but every morning if we so wish.
If we think and understand this it will be easy
to see how He offered all His merits and all His
sufferings for each one.

The Devil:

The great, great evil, the great danger that
threatens each of us every day and every night
of our lives is the Devil.
St Peter and St Paul warn us in the strongest
language to beware of the Devil, for he is using
all his tremendous power, his mighty intelligence
to ruin us, to harm, to hurt us in every way.
There is no danger, no enemy in the World we
have to fear as we should fear the Devil.
He cannot attack God so he turns all his implacable
hate and malice against us.
We are destined to take the thrones he and the
other Angels have lost.   This lashes him into wild
fury against us.   Many foolish, ignorant Catholics
never think of this;  they take no care to defend
themselves and so allow the Devil to inflict on them
infinite harm and cause them untold sufferings.
Our best, onr easiest remedy is the Name of
Jesus.   It drives the Devil flying from our sides
and saveS us from countless evils.
Oh dear readers say constantly this all-powerful
Name and the Devil can do you no harm.   Say it
in all dangers, in all temptations.   Wake up if
you have been asleep.   Open your eyes to the terrible
enemy who is ever seeking your ruin.
Priests should preach frequently on this all-important
subject.  They should warn their penitents
in the confessional against the Devil.   They counsel
them to avoid bad companions, who make them
lead bad lives.   Incomparably more dreadful is the
influence of the Devil on them.
Teachers, Catechists and Mothers should constantly
warn their children against the Devil.
All their efforts will be only too little.

Lord Jesus, I love You with all my heart and soul, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Amen


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