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Quote of the Day – 3 August

Quote of the Day – 3 August

“The life of Jesus Christ is indelibly engraved upon history;
neither the erosion of time nor the devastating and compounding effects of evil
have been able to erase His influence.
Some people thought He was crazy;
others considered Him a misfit, a troublemaker, a rebel.
He was condemned as a criminal, yet His life and teachings,
reverberate throughout history.   He saw things differently
and He had no respect for the status quo.
You can praise Him, disagree with Him, quote Him,
disbelieve Him, glorify Him, or vilify Him.
About the only thing you cannot do is ignore Him
and that is a lesson that every age learns in its own way.
You can’t ignore Jesus because He changed things.
He is the single greatest agent of change in human history.
He made the lame walk, taught the simple, set captives free,
gave sight to the blind, fed the hungry, healed the sick,
comforted the afflicted, afflicted the comfortable and in all of these,
captured the imagination of every generation.
But who is Jesus today? Who is Jesus to you?
Get ready to discover Jesus like you have never known Him.”


jesus shock - peter kreeft


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