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Memorials of the Saints and Feast Days of the Blessed Virgin Mary- 9 August

The Beheading/Passion of John the Baptist (Memorial)

Our Lady of Tears: On March 8th, 1930, the Virgin appeared to a religious from the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Crucified, Amalia Aguirre of the Savior Scourged:  “I was in the chapel when I suddenly felt that I was lifting up. I saw a lady of indescribable beauty approach me.”
She was dressed in a purple dress, a blue cloak and a white veil that covered even the chest.   The Most Holy Virgin, would display a rosary with her tears, for converting sinners. Devotion to this Rosary, was approved by Bishop Francisco Campos Barreto, Bishop of Campinas, who not only allowed the recognition of the events, but he did his utmost to spread everywhere the commemorative medal of Our Lady of Tears, the source of many conversions and graces.our lady of tears and sr amalia

Our Lady of the Guard: In 1214 maître (master) Pierre, a priest of Marseille, was inspired to build a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary on the hill known as La Garde, which belonged to the abbey of Saint-Victor.   The abbot granted him permission to plant vines, cultivate a garden and build a chapel.   The chapel, completed four years later, appears in an 18 June 1218 papal bull by Pope Honorius III listing the possessions of the abbey. After maître Pierre died in 1256, Notre-Dame de la Garde became a priory.   The prior of the sanctuary was also one of four claustral priors of Saint-Victor.
From the time the chapel was founded, surviving wills show bequests in its favour.   Also, sailors who survived shipwrecks gave thanks and deposited ex-votos at Notre-Dame of the Sea in the church of Notre-Dame-du-Mont.   Towards the end of the 16th century they began going to Notre-Dame de la Garde instead.
The first chapel was replaced at the beginning of the 15th century by a larger building with a richly equipped chapel dedicated to Saint Gabriel. (

St Adelphus
St Adausia of Rome
St Alberic of Bagno de Romagna
St Basilia of Sirmium
St Candida of Rome
Bl Dominik Jedrzejewski
Bl Edmund Rice
St Edwold the Hermit
St Eufrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Eluvathingal
St Euthymius of Perugia
Bl Filippa Guidoni
St Jeanne Jugan
Bl John of Perugia
St Louis-Wulphy Huppy
St Maximian of Vercelli
St Medericus
St Nicaeus of Antioch
St Paul of Antioch
Bl Peter of Sassoferrato
St Repositus of Velleianum
Bl Richard Herst
St Sabina of Rome
St Sabina of Troyes
Bl Sancja Szymkowiak
St Sator of Velleianum
St Sebbe of Essex
Bl Teresa Bracco
St Velleicus
St Victor of La Chambon
St Vitalis of Velleianum

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
Bl Constantino Fernández Álvarez
Bl José Almunia López-Teruel
Bl Josep Maria Tarín Curto
Bl Pedro Asúa Mendía


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