Thought for the Day – 26 August – ‘It is in You, that I breathe’ – St Mary of Jesus Crucified

Thought for the Day – 26 August – The Memorial of St Mary of Jesus Crucified OCD (1846-1878)

From the Writings of St Mary of Jesus Crucified

Holy Spirit, inspire me.
Love of God, consume me.
Along the true road lead me.
Mary, my mother, look upon me.
With Jesus bless me.
From all evil, from all illusion,
from all danger, preserve me.

“Holy Spirit, enlighten me.   To find Jesus, what am I to do and how am I to do it?   The disciples were very ignorant, they were with Jesus yet did not understand Him.   I, too, live in the same house with Jesus yet did not understand Him.   The least thing troubles and upsets me.   I am too sensitive, I have not generosity enough to make sacrifices for Jesus. O Holy Spirit, when You gave them a ray of light, the disciples disappeared – they were no longer what they were before.   They found new strength, they found it easy to make sacrifices.   They knew Jesus better than they had ever known Him when with them.   Source of peace and light, come and enlighten me.   I am hungry, come and feed me;   thirsty, come and refresh me;   blind, come and give me sight;   poor, come and enrich me;  ignorant, come and instruct me.   Holy Spirit, I abandon myself to You!

Lord, how good You are to hold a weak reed in Your Hand!   I am that reed, I am even weaker.   But I shall always remain with You, like that reed. I  f You dropped it, it would get broken.   You carry it, it is not the reed that carries You.

My enraptured spirit contemplates all your works.   Who can speak of You, O God so great!   Omnipotent One, my soul is carried away!   His wonderful beauty delights my soul.   Who can tell what the Almighty looks upon?   One look!   You who gaze at me, come to me, a little nothing.   I cannot remain here on earth, my soul longing.   Call me close to You, awaken me.   You alone, my God, my All.   The heavens, the earth, the sun rejoice at your Name so great.   I see You, supreme goodness, Your gaze is maternal.   My Father, my Mother, it is in You, that I sleep.   It is in You, that I breathe.   Awaken!   My soul is mad with yearning, it can do no more, take it!   When will we see Him forever world without end!

What are You like , my God?   The ocean?   That comparison is too feeble.   One single raindrop is not enough to refresh the whole earth, so. too, the love of all hearts is not enough for You, my God.   The drop of water is myself, the ocean is You, I wish to have a heart greater than earth.

Lord, if You abandon me , I am like a cinder.   The cinder will not produce any fruit It hinders vegetable growth.   But if You Lord look down on me, I become a good earth, a fertile soil that brings forth good fruits and plants producing flowers. O Lord, look down on me always!

Thank You, My God, for making me aware of what I am.  I prefer to know my weakness than to perform miracles.   That is better for me, for when people see me fall I have nothing then to nourish my pride upon.   It is better for me because it makes me see You are my only strength, better for me to fall a thousand times, if it makes me say to You two thousand times ” “I hope in You, O Lord.   Thank You, thank You, Lord.”

Inscribed on Blessed Mary’s tombstone

“Here in the peace of the Lord reposes Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified, professed religious of the white veil.
A soul of singular graces, she was conspicuous for her humility,
her obedience and her charity.
Jesus, the sole love of her heart called her to Himself
in the 33rd year of her age and the 12th year of her religious life at Bethlehem, 26 August 1878.”

St Mary of Jesus Crucified, Pray for Us!st mary of jesus crucified pray for us 26 aug 2019.jpg


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