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Saint of the Day – 9 August – Saint Maurilio of Rouen (c.1000–1067)

Saint of the Day – 9 August – Saint Maurilio of Rouen (c.1000–1067) Archbishop of Rouen from 1055 to 1067, Monk, Abbot, Hermit, Writer, Reformer. Born in c 1000 in the Diocese of Rheims, France and died on 9 August 1067 of natural causes. Also known as – Maurilius, Maurille.

Contemporaries praised his saintly character which gained him respect from his fellow clergy. He was also known for his scholarly interests and knowledge. He was a benefactor of the Abbeys of Saint-Ouen, Jumièges, Le Tréport and Saint-Ymer. Along with Blessed Lanfranc (c 1005-1089), he convinced the future St Anselm to take monastic vows in 1060. As Archbishop, he built a larger Church to replace Rouen Cathedral. He also held at least one provincial Synod – the 1063 Synod of Rouen, and perhaps held another ecclesiastical Council sometime between 1055 and 1063

Maurilio was born in Rheims, into a noble family. He studied at the episcopal school in Liège and was Ordained there. Later he studied in Saxony. After his studies were completed he was appointed as the Administrator of the Halberstadt Cathedral school. He entered the Benedictine Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy as a Monk. It seems that, after some time, he asked his Abbot for permission to lead a hermitic life and went to Italy to isolate himself, where he devoted himself to prayer and manual work;. He was accompanied by the Monk Gerbert, who would later become an Oblate of Saint Wandrille.
The fame of his virtue reached the ears of the Marquis Bonifacio, who ordered Maurilio to assume the post of Abbot of Santa Maria in Florence but the Monks there, were dissatisfied with the rigour of the new Abbot, wanted to poison him, Maurilio, accompanied by Gerberto, returned to Fécamp.

The same year he attended a Council and another later in Caen. These Councils were summoned chiefly against the marriage of Priests; Together with Duke Guillermo, he held a Synod, – the 1063 Synod of Rouen, consisting of both, ecclesiastical and secular authorities to impose “the truce of God”, a medieval institution, created by the Church to impose periods of peace between families, councils, feudal lords, rivalry among themselves and to organise the fight against banditry.

Rouen Cathedral

He was one of the most important ecclesiastics of his time and wrote against Berengario. He built the Rouen Cathedral in 1063 and the Jumièges Abbey Church in 1067. His death is wrapped in a pious legend but Jumièges Abbey recording his death on 9 August. He was buried in Rouen Cathedral. After his death, the archbishopric was offered to Lanfranc, who refused the office. His tomb was destroyed by the Huguenots in 1562.


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