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β€œSicknote” 😟

Dear Friends, I am a little under the weather. I will be gone for a few days but will post the Precious Blood Novena.. which will post earlier than usual. In the meantime, let us pray for each other. See you soon. πŸ§‘πŸ™ Ana



Passionate Catholic. Being a Catholic is a way of life - a love affair "Religion must be like the air we breathe..."- St John Bosco Prayer is what the world needs combined with the example of our lives which testify to the Light of Christ. This site, which is now using the Traditional Calendar, will mainly concentrate on Daily Prayers, Novenas and the Memorials and Feast Days of our friends in Heaven, the Saints who went before us and the great blessings the Church provides in our Catholic Monthly Devotions. This Site is placed under the Patronage of my many favourite Saints and especially, St Paul. "For the Saints are sent to us by God as so many sermons. We do not use them, it is they who move us and lead us, to where we had not expected to go.” Charles Cardinal Journet (1891-1975) This site adheres to the Catholic Church and all her teachings. PLEASE ADVISE ME OF ANY GLARING TYPOS etc - In June 2021 I lost 95% sight in my left eye and sometimes miss errors. Thank you and I pray all those who visit here will be abundantly blessed. Pax et bonum! πŸ™

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  1. AO. Anastpaul Godhead! May you get well. JC&BM, St. Joseph, St. John Paul II, St. Catherine of Siena, +Vic, 11 and Archangel Michael. Amen.


  2. Dear Ana, So sorry to hear you are ill. You have one incredible website! I will keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery.

    Sincerely, Deborah

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  3. Hello Ana; Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but soon on the mend with more days of rest. I’ve just sent one hundred dollars USD to your paypal account to support your apostolate. On this side of the world, things go on as usual with many still not receiving unemployment insurance for not having been vaccinated. Sadly, many are supporting young families and the stress which they undergo is crippling. Likewise, catholic blogs are suffering from less and less support probably because of rising prices and cost of living increasing daily. There are many more persons on street corners begging for help.although I am emptying my wallet,Β  there is never enough. Ed is going through a process assessing his stress in order to be able to continue on sick leave due to stress. Eventually he will have to retire but, thanks be to God, he still receives his full wages. Enough about us. For you and your family in south Africa, is there any improvement in your situation?The youtube has many videos of the unemployed and homeless in South AfricaΒ  for lack of work. It is tragic to see young families begging for a loaf of bread or some change to pay the week’s rent. Our poor, suffering world is sinking into chaos.

    As you may have read, the USA’s supreme Court has struck down the law of Roe vs Wade concerning the right and legality of abortion on the feast of St John the Baptist whose life mission was declared while he was in the womb and sanctified also which is a strong statement but received a weak response from the Vatican. It seemed to meΒ  that no response would have been at least not hypocritical.And we continue praying for the salvation of all. Our SSPX parish well as a local Polish parish held a Corpus Christi procession but the high heat prevented me from attending while all the First Communicants lead the processions, casting flower petals before Our Eucharistic Lord. it is heartwarming to see those children attend Sunday Mass wearing white dresses and veils and boys in white shirt and tie so devoutly approaching the Communion rail. Well, dear Lady, the laundry and other chores await, so I leave you in the loving care of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Praying that you may be well soon, sending big hugs, Rosemary

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    1. My dear sweet Friend – thank you for the news and kind thoughts and prayers.
      I will reply on email soon.
      πŸ™ Come Lord Jesus, come! The world totally sinking into the abyss awaits You πŸ™πŸ§‘πŸ˜‡


    1. Dear Fr Jacques please do. I have enflamed muscles in my back and chest. It’s a long story of how it happened but it is very, very painful. I cannot sit, or lie down or get up, etc etc etc πŸ˜ͺ

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  4. Dearest Ana, I’m 4 days late to this post. Also just saw your reply to Fr Jacques. You are suffering and I must help. I am going to start a novena for you tonight. It is to the 3 Mothers – Mother Mary, St Anne and St Gianna Molla, and I will pray for your healing and joy.

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    1. Dear Caitlynne Thank you so very much! I am so grateful. I believe neither in drugs nor doctors. Prayer is my only medication and so your wonderful prayers are a holy solution. The Divine Physician will do the rest. Bless you! πŸ™ŒπŸ€—πŸ§‘πŸ™

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      1. If you’re not already on it and if able to, consider taking a strong ginger tea. Just pound up some, boil it, cool down and sweeten with honey if you like. I’ve heard that ginger can help reduce inflammation.

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  5. Dear ANA, I am so sorry you are ill. I pray yo the LORD get soon your complete health. -I am new in your WEB SITE,but YAHWEH gave me blessings when i found You. This is because I have a treasure from you,a gemstone,in other words the feed for my soul. -I wrote you from CARTAGENA DE INDIAS/COLOMBIA,and I share all YOUR READINGS with my partners (that I call my CLASSMATES)which are in Number of 50 CHAT memberships.This chat is named : LA SALLE or THE LIFE’S CHAT. -All of us WE ARE HAPPY and anxious to receive the BONUM NUNTIUM, LIFE OF THE SAINTS,NOVENAS ,QUOTES and so forth – PLEASE don’ t abbandoned us,because we increase through you our faith and hope in order to spread : THE WORD OF JESUS and his Mother MARY VIRGIN . – Please take care of you. My BEST REGARDS,and our feelings in Health to YOU.



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    1. My dear, dear Josue
      You will find me back in the morning – although I am not yet healed, I miss all of you and the posts, as much as you do.
      I thank you and pray our Beloved Lord and His Blessed Mother Mary, will bless you abundantly and your 50 friends (Wow!) your family and loved ones. You are doing wonderful work for the glory of His Kingdom. Keep it up, be strong and courageous in the Faith and through your work, may the Good Lord bless your Country,
      I truly appreciate your public comment. Thank you for your generous heart!
      Please continue to pray for me that I may soon be pain free.πŸ™πŸ§‘πŸ€—
      Love Ana


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