Santissima Casa de Loreto / The Holy House of Loreto / Our Lady of Loreto (1291) and Memorials of the Saints – 10 December

Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

Santissima Casa de Loreto / The Holy House of Loreto / Our Lady of Loreto (1291) – 10 December:
A complete background here:

St Pope Melchiades (Died 314) Bishop of Rome from 2 July 311- 19 or 11 January 314)

St Abundius
St Albert of Sassovivo
St Angelina of Serbia
Bl Brian Lacey
BL Bruno of Rommersdorf
St Caesarius of Epidamnus
St Carpophorus
St Deusdedit of Brescia

St Eulalia of Mérida (Died 304) Virgin Martyr
Her Life and Death:

St Edmund Gennings
St Emérico Martín Rubio
St Florentius of Carracedo
St Fulgentius of Afflighem
St Gemellus of Ancyra
St Gonzalo Viñes Masip
Bl Guglielmo de Carraria
St Guitmarus
St Hildemar of Beauvais
Bl Jerome Ranuzzi
Bl John Mason

St John Roberts (1577-1610) Priest, Martyr, Monk, Missionary.
His Life and Death:

St Julia of Merida
St Lucerius
St Maurus of Rome
St Mercury of Lentini
St Polydore Plasden
Bl Sebastian Montanol
Bl Sidney Hodgson
St Sindulf of Vienne
St Swithun Wells
St Thomas of Farfa
Bl Thomas Somers
St Valeria

Martyrs of Alexandria – 3 Saints – A group of Christians murdered for their faith in the persecutions of Galerius Maximian – c 312. The only details that have survived are three of the names – Eugraphus, Hermogenes and Mennas.


Quote/s of the Day – 26 November – St Leonard of Port Maurice

Quote/s of the Day – 26 November – The Memorial of St Leonard of Port Maurice OFM (1676-1751) Confessor, Priest

“The Little Number of Those
Who Are Saved”
By St Leonard of Port Maurice

Alas! The greater number of Catholics,
the greater number of those who live here,
perhaps even those who are in this assembly,
will be damned!
What subject could be more deserving of your tears?!”

If you practice the holy exercise
of Spiritual Communion,
a good many times each day,
within a month,
you will see yourself completely changed.

St Leonard of Port Maurice (1676-1751)

A Short Act of Spiritual Communion
By St Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787)
Doctor of the Church

My Jesus,
I believe that Thou art present
in the Blessed Sacrament.
I love Thee above all things
and I desire Thee in my soul.
Since I cannot now receive Thee sacramentally,
come at least, spiritually, into my heart.
As though Thou were already there,
I embrace Thee
and unite myself wholly to Thee,
permit not, that I should ever,
be separated from Thee.


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Our Lady of Divine Providence and Memorials of the Saints – 19 November

Our Lady of Divine Providence:

St ontianius (Died 235) Pope Martyr

St Elizabeth of Hungary TOSF (1207-1231) Widow, Princess, Third Order Franciscans, Mother, Apostle of the poor, the sick, the needy.. She was Canonised on 27 May 1235 by Pope Gregory IX at Perugia, Italy. Patronages – hospitals, nurses, bakers, brides, countesses, dying children, exiles, homeless people, lace-makers, widows. all Catholic charities and the Third Order of Saint Francis.
About St Elizabeth:
Her Feast Day is 19 November – movedto the 17 November in 1969

St Atto of Tordino
St Azas of Isauria
St Barlaam of Caves
St Barlaam of Antioch
St Corbre of Anglesey
St David of Augsburg
St Ebbe of Minster-of-Thanet
St Egbert of York
Bl James Benefatti OP (Died 1332) Bishop, Priest of the Order of Preachers. Beatified in 1859 by Pope Pius IX.
St James of Sasseau
St Maximus of Caesarea
St Maximus of Rome

St Mechtilde of Hackeborn (c 1241-1298) Benedictine Nun, Mystic, Teacher, Spiritual adviser, called “God’s nightingale” – also known as Saint Mechtilde of Hackeborn and of Helfta, sister of St Gertrude the Great. Patronage – against blindness.
Her Life:

St Medana
St Nerses the Great
St Obadiah the Prophet
St Tuto

Martyrs of Heraclea – 40 Saints: Forty women, a mix of Nuns, widows and other lay women, who were Martyred together. No other details have come down to us. They died at Heraclea, Thrace.

Martyrs of Vienne: – 3 Saints
St Exuperius
St Felicianus
St Severinus


Dedication of The Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour, Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena / Our Lady of Almudena, Spain (712) and Memorials of the Saints – 9 November

Dedication of The Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour and of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist in the Lateran:

Santa Maria la Real de la Almudena / Our Lady of Almudena, Madrid, Spain (712) – 9 Novemnber:

St Agrippinus of Naples
St Alexander of Salonica
St Aurelius of Riditio
St Benignus of Armagh
St Eustolia
St Francisco José Marín López de Arroyave

Blessed Gabriel Ferretti OFM (1385-1456) Priest, Friar of the Order of Friars Minor,, Provincial Superior, Mystic. renowned missionary Preacher. He was zealous in the restoration and establishment of new Convents. He was an ancestor to both Cardinal Gabriele Ferretti and Blessed Pope Pius IX, having been descended from a long noble lineage. Patronage – Ancona. His body is incorrupt. He was Beatified on 19 September 1753 by Pope Benedict XIV.

Bl George Napper
Blessed Gratia of Cattaro OSA (1438-1508) Lay Brother of the Hermits of St Augustine
Bl Helen of Hungary
St Jane of Segna

Blessed Ludovico Morbioli (1433-1485) Penitent, Preacher, Ascetic. He was Beatified on 24 October 1843 by Pope Gregory XVI.
His Life:

St Justo Juanes Santos
St Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi
St Luis Morbioli
St María de la Salud Baldoví Trull
St Pabo
St Sopatra
St Theodore Stratelates
St Ursinus of Bourges
St Valentín Gil Arribas
St Vitonus of Verdun

Martyrs of Constantinople – 3 Saints: A group of ten Christians who tried to defend an image of Jesus over the Brazen Gate of Constantinople from an attack by Iconoclasts during the persecutions of Emperor Leo the Isaurian. The group of was seized by soldiers, condemned by judges for opposing the emperor, and Martyred. The only details that have survived are three of their names – Julian, Marcian and Maria. They were martyred in 730 at Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey).


Madonna del Rosario / Our Lady of the Rosary, Noepoli, Italy (1840) and Memorials of the Saints – 21 October

Madonna del Rosario / Our Lady of the Rosary, Noepoli, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy (1840) – 21 October

St Hilarion of Gaza (c 291-371) Hermit according to the example of St Anthony, Miracle-worker.
Biography here:

Saint Ursula and Companions: (Died c 238) Legendary Princess, the daughter of a Christian British King and Saint Daria. She travelled Europe in company of either 11 or 11,000 fellow maidens; the 11,000 number probably resulted from a misreading of the term “11M” which indicated 11 Martyrs, but which a copyist took for a Roman numeral. Ursula and her company were tortured to death to get them to renounce their faith, and old paintings of them show many of the women being killed in various painful ways. Namesake for the Ursuline Order, founded for the education of young Catholic girls and women.
There are other Saints closely associated with Ursula and her story – travelling companions who were Martyred with her. They are:
Antonia of Cologne
Cesarius of Cologne
Cyriacus of Cologne
Fiolanus of Lucca
Ignatius of Cologne
James of Antioch
Mauritius of Cologne
Pontius of Cologne
Sulpitius of Ravenna
Vincent of Cologne
Travelling companion, but escaped the massacre:
• Cunera
led by a dove to the lost tomb of Ursula:
• Cunibert of Cologne.

St Agatho the Hermit
St Asterius of Périgord
St Asterius of Rome
St Berthold of Parma
St Celina of Meaux
St Cilinia
St Condedus
St Domnolus of Pouilly
St Finian Munnu
St Gebizo
Bl Hilarion of Moglena
St Hugh of Ambronay
Bl Imana of Loss
Bl Iulianus Nakaura
St John of Bridlington
St Letizia
St Maurontus of Marseilles
St Malchus of Syria

Blessed Peter Capucci OP (1390-1445) Confessor, Priest, Friar of the Order of Preachers, Penitent, Wonderworker, he was called “the Preacher of Death.”
About Blessed Peter:

St Pontius de Clariana
St Raymond of Granada
Bl Sancho of Aragon
Bl Severinus of Bordeaux
Bl Tuda of Lindisfarne
Bl Viator of Lyons

St Wendelin (c 554-617) Pilgrim, Hermit, Monk and Abbot.
His Life:

St William of Granada
St William of Montreal
St Zaira
St Zoticus of Nicomedia

Martyrs of Nicaea – 279 Saints:

Martyrs of Nicomedia – 3 Saints:
Caius of Nicomedia
Dasius of Nicomedia
Zoticus of Nicomedia


Virgen del Camino / Our Lady of the Way, León, Spain (1505) and Memorials of the Saints – 19 October

Virgen del Camino / Our Lady of the Way, Valverde de la Virgen, León, Castile and León, Spain (1505) – 19 October:

St Peter of Alcantara OFM (1499-1562) Confessor, Franciscan Friar and Priest, Mystic, Ecstatic, Writer, Preacher, Reformer, Hermit, Apostle of Prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, the Passion and Charity, Miracle-worker.

St Altinus
St Aquilinus of Evreux
St Asterius of Ostia
St Beronicus of Antioch
St Desiderius of Longoret
St Ednoth
St Ethbin
St Eusterius of Salerno
St Frideswide
St Laura of Cordoba
St Lucius of Rome
St Lupus of Soissons
St Pelagia of Antioch

St Philip Howard (1557–1595) Martyr, Married, Layman
His Life and Death:

St Potenzianus of Sens
St Ptolemy of Rome
St Sabiniano of Sens
St Theofrid

Blessed Thomas Hélye (c 1180-1257) Priest, Penitent, Teacher, Missionary and renowned Preacher.
An unusual story:

St Varus of Kemet
St Verano of Cavaillon


The Feast of St Luke the Evangelist, Notre-Dame de Reims / Our Lady of Rheims (405) and Memorials of the Saints – 18 October

The Feast of St Luke the Evangelist, Physician, Disciple of St Paul, Evangelist, Author of the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. Tradition says he was an Artist too. Dante calls St Luke the “historian of the meekness of Christ.”
St Luke here:

Notre-Dame de Reims / Our Lady of Rheims – Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Rheims (405) built by St Nicasius – 18 October:

St Acutius of Pozzuoli

St Amabilis of Auvergne (c 397- c 475) Priest, Confessor, Miracle-worker. Tradition tells that snakes and demons fled from his voice, often the images and medals depicting him bear the words “The demons flee as well as snakes and fire.”
His Life:

St Asclepiades of Antioch
St Athenodorus
St Brothen
Bl Burchard I
St Cadwaladr of Brittany
Bl Domenico of Perpignano
St Eutychius of Pozzuoli
St Gwen
St Gwen of Tagarth
St Gwendoline

St Julian Sabas the Hermit (4th Century) Hermit, Confessor and Miracle-worker.

St Justus of Beauvais (c 278—c 287) Martyr, Child of nine years of age. He is a Cephalophores.
About St Justus:

Bl Margherita Tornielli
St Monon of Nassogne
St Proculus of Pozzuoli
Bl Theobald of Narbonna
St Tryphonia of Rome

Martyrs of Africa – 9 Saints: A group of Christians Martryed together in Africa. The only details that have survived are the names – Beresus, Dasius, Faustinus, Leucius, Lucius, Martialis, Victoricus, Victrix and Viktor. They were martyred in c.300 in Africa.


Könnyezo Szuz Mária / Our Lady of Tears or the Weeping Madonna, Hungary) (1717) and Memorials of the Saints – 17 October

Könnyezo Szuz Mária / Our Lady of Tears or the Weeping Madonna (Sajópálfala, Miskolci, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary) (1717) – Third Sunday of October, 16 February:

St Margaret Mary Alacoque VHM (1647-1690) Virgin, Nun of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary, Mystic, Visionary and Saint and Apostle of the Sacred Heart. Her feast day was moved to after Vatican II and prior to that was 17 October the date of her death. Beatified on 18 September 1864 by Pope Blessed Pius IX and
Canonised on 13 May 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.
Biography here:

St Anstrudis of Laon

Blessed Balthassar of Chiavari OFM (1420–1492) Priest of the Order of Friars Minor of the strict observance, Confessor, renowned Preacher, Professor of Theology, Superior General of the Order.

Bl Battista de Bonafede
St Berarius I of Le Mans
St Catervus
St Colman of Kilroot

Blessed Contardo Ferrini TOSF (1859-1902) Layman, Third Order Franciscan, Profesor, Civil and Canon Lawyer, Apostle of the poor, writer. He was Beatified by Pope Pius XII on 13 April 1947.
A Life to Imitate:

St Ethelbert of Eastry
St Ethelred of Eastry
St Florentius of Orange
Bl Gilbert the Theologian
St Heron of Antioch
Bl Jacques Burin
St John the Short/Dwarf
St Louthiern
St Mamelta of Persia
St Nothelm of Canterbury
St Richard Gwyn
St Rudolph of Gubbio
St Rufus of Rome
St Serafino of Montegranaro
St Solina of Chartres
St Zosimus of Rome

Martyrs of Nicomedia – 3 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian. The only details about them that have survived are their names – Alexander, Marianus and Victor. 303 in Nicomedia (in modern Turkey).

Martyrs of Valenciennes -5 Beati: A group of Ursuline nuns Martyred in the persecutions of the French Revolution.
• Hyacinthe-Augustine-Gabrielle Bourla
• Jeanne-Reine Prin
• Louise-Joseph Vanot
• Marie-Geneviève-Joseph Ducrez
• Marie-Madeleine-Joseph Déjardins

Martyrs of Volitani: A group of Martyrs who were praised by Saint Augustine of Hippo. In Volitani, proconsular Africa (in modern Tunisia).


Quote/s of the Day – 16 October – Feast of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Quote/s of the Day – 16 October – Feast of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy light on earth’s horizon,
Star of hope to those who fall,
Light amid a world of shadows,
Dawn of God’s design for all.

O Mary, conceived without sin,
Pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Thou alone and Thy Mother,
are in all things fair,
there is no flaw in Thee
and no stain in Thy Mother.

St Ephrem of Syria (306-373)
Father and Doctor of the Church

The very fact
that God has elected her,
proves, that none was ever
holier than Mary;
if any stain had disfigured her soul,
if any other virgin
had been purer and holier,
God would have selected her
and rejected Mary.

St Jacob of Sarug (c 451-521)
Bishop, Theologian, Poet, Writer

He Who is Infinite, Limitless,
came to dwell in your womb;
God, the Child Jesus,
was nourished by your milk.
You are the ever virginal Doorway of God;
your hands hold your God;
your lap is a throne raised up
above the Cherubim…
You are the wedding chamber of the Spirit,
the “city of the living God,
gladdened by the runlets of the stream,”
that is to say, the waves of the Spirit’s gifts.
You are “all fair, the Beloved” of God

St John Damascene (675-749)
Father and Doctor of the Church

Free from the concupiscence which has disturbed
our human nature, she was like a snow-white lily,
sparkling in the sunlight.
Her mortal life was a continuous ascent
towards the highest peak of holiness.
… her daily correspondence with God’s gifts
was as remarkable as her dignity.
… The most chaste Virgin Mary,
is a model for our imitation

Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Tota Pulchra Es, Maria
You Are All Beautiful, Mary
Unknown Author – 4th Century

You are all beautiful, Mary,
and the original stain is not in you.
You are the glory of Jerusalem,
you are the joy of Israel,
you give honour to our people.
You are an advocate of sinners.
O Mary, O Mary,
Virgin most intelligent,
Mother most merciful.
Pray for us,
Plead for us,
To the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tota pulchra es, Maria.
Et macula originalis non est in Te.
Tu gloria Ierusalem.
Tu laetitia Israel.
Tu honorificentia populi nostri.
Tu advocata peccatorum.
O Maria, O Maria,
Virgo prudentissima.
Mater clementissima.
Ora pro nobis.
Intercede pro nobis.
Ad Dominum Iesum Christum.

This prayer used by the Church since the 4th Century for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the Purity of the Blessed Virgin. It takes some text from the book of Judith and other text from Song of Songs, specifically 4:7. Many composers have set this prayer to music over the centuries.


The 19th Sunday after Pentecost, Feast of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Milan (1417) and Memorials of the Saints – 16 October

The 19th Sunday after Pentecost +

Feast of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Milan (1417) by Pope Martin V – 16 October:

St Hedwig of Andechs (1174-1243) Mother, Widow, High Duchess of Poland, Apostles of orphans, the poor, the sick, founder with her husband of Monasteries, schools and Churches, Administrator, Peace-maker,

St Gerard Majella CSsR (1726-1755) Religious Lay Brother of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer, better known as the Redemptorists, Apostle of the Holy Eucharist, Apostle of Charity, known as a Thaumaturge.
St Gerard’s Story:

St Amandus of Limoges
St Ambrose of Cahors
St Balderic
St Baldwin
St Bertrand of Comminges
St Bolonia
St Conogon of Quimper
St Dulcidius of Agen
St Eliphius of Toul
St Eremberta of Wierre
St Florentinus of Trier

St Gall (c 550–c 646) “Apostle of Switzerland,” Monk, Missionary, Hermit – he was a disciple and one of the traditional twelve companions of Saint Columbanus on his mission from Ireland to the continent.
About St Gall:

Bl Gerald of Fossanuova
St Junian
St Lull
St Magnobodus of Angers
St Martinian of Mauretania
St Mummolinus
St Saturian of Mauretania
St Silvanus of Ahun
St Victor of Cologne
St Vitalis of Noirmoutier

Martyrs in Africa – 220 Saints: A group of 220 Christians Martyrs about whom we know nothing but that they died for their faith.

Martyrs of North Africa – 365 Saints: A group of 365 Christians who were Martyred together in the persecutions of the Vandal king Genseric. The only details that have survived are the names of two of the Martyrs – Nereus and Saturninus. 450 in North Africa.


Virgen de los Remedios / Virgin of the Remedies, Rubite, Granada, Spain (12th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 15 October

Virgen de los Remedios / Virgin of the Remedies, Rubite, Granada, Spain (12th Century) – 15 October:

St Teresa of Jesus of Avila OCD (1515-1582) Doctor of the Church (Memorial)
Biography here:
AND Excerpt of Benedict’s Catechesis on St Teresa:

St Antiochus of Lyon

St Aurelia of Strasbourg (Died 1027) Virgin Recluse, Princess. Aurelia’s name means – “she who shines like gold,.”
Her Life:

St Callistus of Huesca
St Cannatus of Marseilles
Bl Cipriano Alguacil Torredenaida
St Euthymius the Younger
St Fortunatus of Rome
Bl Josefa Martínez Pérez
St Leonard of Vandoeuvre
Bl Narcis Basté y Basté
Bl Pere Verdaguer Saurina
Bl Ramón Esteban Bou Pascual
St Sabinus of Catania
St Severus of Trier

St Thecla of Kitzengen OSB (Died c 790) a Benedictine Nun and Abbess. Born in England, she went to Germany to assist Saint Boniface in his missionary labours.
Her Life:

St Willa of Nonnberg

Martyrs of Cologne: A group of 360 Christian soldiers Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian and Maximian. They were Martyred in 303 outside the city walls of Cologne, Germany.


La Naval de Manila / Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary , Quezon City, Philippines (1593) and Memorials of the Saints – 10 October

La Naval de Manila / Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary , Quezon City, Philippines (1593) – Second Sunday of October:
Also known as Nuestra Señora del Santísimo Rosario / The Grand Lady of the Philippines.

St Francis Borgia SJ (1510-1572) Confessor, Priest of the Society of Jesus, Advisor, Missionary, Evangelist, Administrator par excelleance. Francisco de Borja y Aragon was the 4th Duke of Gandía, was a Grandee of Spain, a Spanish Jesuit and third Superior General of the Society of Jesus

St Aldericus
St Cassius
St Cerbonius of Populonia
St Cerbonius of Verona
St Clarus of Nantes
Bl Demestrius of Albania
Bl Edward Detkens
St Eulampia
St Eulampius
St Florentius the Martyr
St Fulk of Fontenelle
St Gereon
St Gundisalvus
Bl Hugh of Macon

St John of Bridlington OSA (1319-1379) Priest, Prior of the Monastery of the Canons Regular of St Augustine.
His Life and Legacy:

Bl Leon Wetmanski
St Maharsapor the Persian
St Malo the Martyr
St Patrician
St Paulinus of Capua

St Paulinus of York (c 584-644) First Bishop of York, Missionary – Paulinus was a member of the Gregorian mission sent in 601 by Pope Gregory I.
His Life:

Bl Pedro de Alcantara de Forton de Cascajares
St Pinytus of Crete
Bl Pontius de Barellis
St Tanca
St Teodechilde
St Victor of Xanten

Martyrs of Ceuta – 7 Beati: A group of seven Franciscan Friars Minor missionaries to Muslims in the Ceuta area of modern Morocco. Initially treated as madmen, within three weeks they were ordered to convert to Islam and when they would not they were first abused in the streets, then arrested, tortured and executed.
• Angelo
• Daniele di Calabria
• Donnolo
• Hugolinus
• Leone
• Nicola
• Samuele
They were beheaded in 1227 in Mauritania Tingitana (Ceuta, Morocco). Local Christians secreted the bodies away and gave them proper burial in Ceuta. They were Beatified in 1516 by Pope Leo X.


The Miracle of Ocotlán, Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle / Our Lady of Good News (Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France) 1720 and Memorials of the Saints – 3 October

St Thérèse of Lisieux/St Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face/The Little Flower OCD (1873 – 1897) Virgin, Carmelite Nun. She was Canonised by Pope Pius XI on 17 May 1925. The same Pope proclaimed her Universal Patron of the Missions, alongside Saint Francis Xavier, on 14 December 1927.
Up until 1969 her Memorial was celebrated on 3 October.

The Miracle of Ocotlán – 3 October
Our Lord of Mercy
“The Prodigy of Ocotlán ”
This is a major miracle that you’ve probably never heard of, the appearance of Christ in the clouds, in Ocotlan, Mexico, in 1847.

Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle / Our Lady of Good News (Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany, France) 1720 – First Sunday of October, 23 December:

St Adalgott of Chur
Bl Agostina of the Assumption
St Candidus the Martyr
St Cyprian of Toulon
Bl Damian de Portu
St Dionysius the Aeropagite
Bl Dominic Spadafora
Bl Edmund of Scotland
St Ewald the Black
St Ewald the Fair
St Froilan

St Gerard of Brogne (c 895 – 959) Priest, Abbot of Brogne, Reformer.
St Gerard’s Story:

St Hesychius
Bl Juan Tapia
Bl Maddalena the Greater
St Maximian of Bagaia
St Menna

Bl Utto of Metten

St Virila OSB (Died c 950) Benedictine Monk and Abbot.
His Life and the Famous Miracle:

St Widradus

Martyrs of Alexandria – 9 Saints: A number of Christian Martyrs remembered together. We know the names Caius, Cheremone, Dionysius, Eusebio, Fausto, Lucio, Maximus, Paul, Peter and that there were at least two more whose names have not come down to us, and that’s about all we know.


Nostra Signora di Loreto di Forno / Our Lady of Loreto of Forno, Alpi Graie, Italy (1629) and Memorials of the Saints – 30 September

St Jerome (347-419) Confessor, Father and Doctor, Priest, Monk, Translator of the Scriptures into Latin (the Vulgate), Theologian, Historian, Hermit, Mystic.
St Jerome, here:

Nostra Signora di Loreto di Forno / Our Lady of Loreto of Forno, Alpi Graie, Italy (1629) – 30 September:

St Amato of Nusco (c 1003-1093) Bishop, Confessor, Monk, Apostle of the poor.

St Antoninus of Piacenza
St Castus of Piacenza
St Colman of Clontibret
Blessed Conrad of Urach O.Cist (c 1180-1227) Priest, Prior, Abbot, General of the Cistercians, Cardinal and Bishop, Papal legate to France from 1220 to 1223.
St Desiderius of Piacenza
St Enghenedl of Anglesey
St Eusebia of Marseilles
Bl Felicia Meda
Bl Frederick Albert

St Gregory the Illuminator (c 257 – c 331) “Apostle to Armenia” and “Father of Armenia”- Bishop, First Patriarch of the Armenian Church, Missionary, Wonder-worker.

St Honorius of Canterbury (Died 653) Archbishop of Canterbury. The Fifth Successor of St Augustine as Archbishop of Canterbury, Confessor, Missionary.
His Life:

St Ismidone of Die
Bl Jean-Nicolas Cordier
Blessed Conrad of Urach
St Laurus
St Leopardus the Slave
Bl Ludwik Gietyngier
St Midan of Anglesey
St Simon of Crépy
St Ursus the Theban
St Victor the Theban

Martyrs of Valsery Abbey: An unknown number of Premonstratensian Monks at the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Valsery, Picardie, France who were Martyred by Calvinists. They were martyred in 1567 at Valsery, Pircardy, France.


Nuestra Señora del Fresno / Our Lady of Fresno, Grado, Asturias, Spain (9th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 28 September

Nuestra Señora del Fresno / Our Lady of Fresno, Grado, Asturias, Spain (9th Century) – 8 and 28 September:

St Wenceslaus (907-935) King of Bohemia, Martyr
About St Wenceslaus here:

Bl Aaron of Auxerre
St Alodius of Auxerre
St Annemond of Lyons
St Bardomianus

Blessed Bernardine of Feltre OFM (1439-1494) Franciscan Priest and Friar, Missionary Preacher, Poet, peace-maker, Civil protestor against the practice of usury, defender of the poor. He was a true ‘child prodigy’ – by the time he was 12 he was fluent in Latin and at the age of 15 he composed a poem and read it in the Town Square to celebrate a local peace treaty. He is remembered most especially, in connection with the “Monti di Pietà” “Mount of Piety” of which he was the reorganiser and, in a certain sense, the Founder, together with the Blessed Michele Carcano. On 13 April 1654, Pope Innocent X confirmed the cultus of Blessed Bernardine and he was formally Beatified in 1728 by Pope Benedict XIII.

St Chariton of Palestine
Bl Christian Franco
St Conval of Strathclyde
St Eucarpus
St Eustochium
St Exuperius of Toulouse (Died 411) Bishop
St Faustus of Riez

Blessed Francesco Piani of Caldarola OFM (1424-1507) Francisan Friar, renowned Preacher and Peacemaker, a collaborator in the fight against usury by the institution of the “Mount of Piety,” (a type of pawn shop), social activist and protector of the struggling rural communities. He was Beatified by Pope Urban VII in 1634 – his cult was reaffirmed on 1 September 1843 by Pope Gregory XVI.
His Amazing Life:

St John of Dukla
St Laurence of North Africa
St Lioba of Bischofsheim
St Machan
St Martial of North Africa
St Martin of Moyenmoutier
St Paternus of Auch
St Privatus of Rome
St Salonius of Geneva
St Silvinus of Brescia

St Simón de Rojas O.SS. (1552-1624) , “Father Ave Maria”/ “Apostle of the Ave Maria,” Religious Priest of the Trinitarian Order, Founder of the Lay Apostolate of the Congregation of the Slaves of the Sweet Name of Mary, Marian Devotee, Theologian, Philosopher, Spiritual Writer, Apostle of Charity, Apostolic Visitor. He was Cultus confirmed on 19 March 1766 by Pope Clement XIII
About St Simon:

St Solomon of Genoa
St Stacteus
St Tetta of Wimborne
Bl Thiemo
St Willigod of Moyenmoutier
St Zama of Bologna

Augustinian Martyrs of Japan: The first Augustinian Missionaries arrived in Japan in 1602 and met with immediate success; many were brought to the faith; many of them became Augustinians and many of them were Martyred in the periodic persecutions of Christians.
This memorial commemorates all of them, whether they have a sanctioned Cause for Canonisation or not. They include:

• Blessed Bartolomé Gutiérrez Rodríguez
• Blessed Ferdinand Ayala
• Blessed Francisco Terrero de Ortega Pérez
• Blessed Ioannes Mukuno Chozaburo
• Blessed Laurentius Kaida Hachizo
• Blessed Mancius Yukimoto Ichizaemon
• Blessed Martín Lumbreras Peralta
• Blessed Melchor Sánchez Pérez
• Blessed Michaël Ichinose Sukezaemon
• Blessed Pedro de Zúñiga
• Blessed Petrus Sawaguchi Kuhyoe
• Blessed Thomas Jihyoe of Saint Augustine
• Blessed Thomas Terai Kahyoe
• Blessed Vicente Simões de Carvalho
• Saint Magdalena of Nagasaki

Martyrs of Antioch – 37 Saints: A group of 30 soldiers and 7 civilians who were murdered together for their faith. The names that have come down to us are – Alexander, Alphinus, Heliodorus, Mark, Neon, Nicon and Zosumus. c 303 at Antioch, Pisidia (in modern Turkey).


Madonna di Porto Salvo / Our Lady of Porto Salvo, Lampedusa, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy (1843) AND Memorials of the Saints – 22 September

Madonna di Porto Salvo / Our Lady of Porto Salvo, Lampedusa, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy (1843) – 22 September:

St Thomas of Villanueva/Villanova OSA (1488-1555) Archbishop, Confessor, Religious Priest of the Order of St Augustine,Writer, Preacher, Teacher, Apostle of Charity, Mystic, Miracle-Worker often called “the Almsgiver” and “the Father of the Poor“, Reformer. Canonised on 1 November 1658 by Pope Alexander VII.
About St Thomas here:

St Maurice & Companions (also + below)

Bl Alfonso da Cusco
St Basilia
St Digna of Rome
St Emerita of Rome
St Emmeramus
St Florentius the Venerable
Bl Giovanni Battista Bonetti

St Gunthildis of Suffersheim (Died c 1057) Laywoman

St Irais
St Jonas
St Lauto of Coutances
St Lindru of Partois
Bl Otto of Freising
St Sadalberga
St Sanctinus of Meaux
St Septimius of Jesi (Died c 307) Bishop, Confessor, Martyr
St Sigfrid of Wearmouth
St Silvanus of Levroux
St Symphorian

Martyrs of the Theban Legion: + Martyrs (c 287)
A Roman imperial legion of 6,600 soldiers, all of whom were Christians; they had been recruited from the area around Thebes in Upper Egypt, were led by Saint Maurice and served under Emperor Maximian Herculeus. Around the year 287, Maximian led the army across the Alps to Agaunum, an area in modern Switzerland, in order to suppress a revolt by the Bagandre in Gaul. In connection with battle, the army offered public sacrifices to the Roman gods; the Theban Legion refused to participate. For refusing orders, the Legion was decimated – one tenth of them were executed. When the remainder refused to sacrifice to the gods, they were decimated again. When the survivors still refused to sacrifice, Maximinian ordered them all killed. Martyrs.
Known members of the Legion include:
Alexander of Bergamo
Candidus the Theban
Chiaffredo of Saluzzo
Innocent of Agaunum
Secundus the Theban
Ursus the Theban
Victor of Agaunum
Victor of Xanten
Victor the Theban
Vitalis of Agaunum
Other profiled Saints associated with the Legion include:
Antoninus of Piacenza (martyred soldier; associated by later story tellers)
Adventor of Turin (not a member; associated by later story tellers)
Cassius (may have been a member)
Florentius the Martyr (may have been a member)
George of San Giorio (not a member; associated by later story tellers)
Gereon (not a member, but another soldier who was martyred for refusing to make a sacrifice to Roman gods)
Octavius of Turin (not a member; associated by later story tellers)
Pons of Pradleves (escaped the massacre to become an evangelists in northern Italy)
Secundus of Asti (not a member but linked due to art work)
Solutor of Turin (not a member; associated by later story tellers)
Tiberio of Pinerolo (may have been a member)
Verena (wife of a member of the Legion)
They were Martyred c 287 in Agaunum (modern Saint-Maurice-en-Valais, Switzerland. A Basilica was built in Agaunum to enshrine the relics of the Legion.
The full story:


The 12th Sunday after Pentecost and Memorials of the Saints – 28 August

The 12th Sunday after Pentecost

St Augustine of Hippo (354-430) – Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of Grace and one of the original Four Fathers & Doctors of the Latin Church

StAdelindis of Buchau
St Agnes of Cologne
St Alexander of Constantinople
St Ambrose of Saintes

Blessed Angelo da Pesche d’Isernia TOR (c 1400-1460) Lay Franciscan Tertiary, Holy Beggar, gifted with the charism of levitation, Apostle of the poor, spiritual adviser.
His Life:

St Anthes of Salerno

St Edmund Arrowsmith SJ (1585 – 1628) Martyr
About St Edmund:

St Facundinus of Taino
St Felix of Venosa
St Fortunatus of Salerno
St Gaius of Salerno
St Gorman of Schleswig
St Hermes of Rome (Died 120) Martyr
Bl Hugh More
Bl James Claxton
St Januarius of Venosa
St Julian of Auvergne
St Moses the Black (330-405) Priest, Monk, Hermit, Penitent.
St Pelagius of Istria
St Restitutus of Carthage
St Rumwold the Prince
St Septiminus of Venosa

St Vicinius/of Sarsina (Died 330) Bishop, Hermit, Miracle-Worker, healer.

St Vivian of Saintes
Bl William Dean


Feast of the Seven Joys of Our Lady – 27 August

The Seven Joys of Our Lady – 27 August

Our Lady, Health of the Sick, Saturday before the last Sunday in August

St Joseph Calasanz Sch.P. (1557-1648) Spanish Confessor, Priest, Teacher, Lawyer, Founder of the Pious Schools. Patron of all Schools, Colleges, al study institutions and of all students.

St Caesarius of Arles (470-543) Archbishop and Church Father, Theologian, Preacher, Apostle of charity, Legislator, Administrator, Writer, Reformer.
The wondrous St Caesarius:

St Carpophorus
St David Lewis
St Decuman
St Ebbo of Sens
St Etherius of Lyons
St Euthalia of Leontini
St Fortunatus of Potenza
Bl Gabriel Mary
St Gebhard of Constance
St Giovanni of Pavia
St Honoratus of Potenza
St John of Pavia
St Licerius of Couserans
St Malrubius of Merns
St Narnus of Bergamo
St Phanurius
St Poemen
Bl Roger Cadwallador
St Rufus of Capua
St Sabinian of Potenza
St Syagrius of Autun

Martyrs of Tomi – 5 Saints: A group of 17 Christians imprisoned and excuted for their faith during the persecutions of Diocletian. They miraculously were unburned by fire and untouched by wild animals. We know the names and a few details on five of them – John, Mannea, Marcellinus, Peter and Serapion. They were tied to stakes and burned alive; they emerged unharmed – thrown to wild animals in the amphitheatre; the animals ignored them; they were beheaded in 304 in Tomi, Mesia (modern Costanza, Romania).

Martyrs of Nagasaki – 14 Beati: A group of fourteen missionaries and Japanese native Christians, who were Martyred together for their faith. They died on 16 August 1627 in Nagasaki, Japan and were Beatified on 7 May 1867 by Pope Pius IX.
• Blessed Antonius of Saint Francis
• Blessed Bartolomé Díaz Laurel
• Blessed Caius Akashi Jiemon
• Blessed Francisca Pinzokere
• Blessed Francisco of Saint Mary
• Blessed Franciscus Kuhyoe
• Blessed Leo Kurobyoe Nakamura
• Blessed Lucas Tsuji Kyuemon
• Blessed Ludovicus Matsuo Soyemon
• Blessed Magdalena Kiyota
• Blessed Maria Shobyoe
• Blessed Michaël Koga Kizayemon
• Blessed Thomas Sato Shin’emon
• Blessed Tsuji Shobyoe


Our Lady of Czestochowa and Memorials of the Saints – 26 August

Our Lady of Czestochowa, Queen of Poland – Our Lady of Czestochowa is a revered icon of the Virgin Mary housed at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland. Several Pontiffs have recognised the venerated icon, beginning with Pope Clement XI who issued a Canonical Coronation to the image on 8 September 1717 via the Vatican Chapter. Patron of Poland. According to tradition, the Icon of Jasna Góra (Bright Mountain) was painted by St Luke the Evangelist on a tabletop built by Jesus Himself and the Icon was discovered by St Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine and collector of Christian Relics, in the Holy Land.
Visit our Mother here:

St Pope Zephyrinus (died 217) Martyr, he was Bishop of Rome or Pope from 199 to his death in 217. He was born in Rome. He is known for combatting heresies and defending the Divinity of Christ.
His Life and Death:

St Abundius the Martyr
St Alexander of Bergamo (Died c 287) Martyr, Imperial Roman Centurion
St Anastasius the Fuller
St Bregwin of Canterbury
St Elias of Syracuse
St Eleutherius of Auxerre
St Felix of Pistoia
Bl Herluin
Bl Ioachim Watanabe Jirozaemon
St Irenaeus of Rome

St Jeanne Elisabeth des Bichier des Anges FC (1773-1838) (commonly referred to as St Elisabeth Bichier) and known as “the Good Sister” – Religious and co-Founder with Saint André Hubert Fournet (whom we celebrate on 13 May – of the Sisters of the Cross, Sisters of St Andrew, a religious congregation which was established for the care of the poor and the instruction of rural children in the Diocese of Poitiers in 1807. She also helped to inspire the founding of a community of Priests dedicated to Missionary service, the St Elisabeth died in 1838, at which time there were about 600 Daughters of the Cross serving in some 100 communities. She was Beatified by Pope Pius XI in 1934 and Canonised by Pope Pius XII in 1947.

Bl Jean Bassano
Bl Jean of Caramola
Bl Juan Urgel
Bl Margaret of Faenza
St Maximilian of Rome
St Melchizedek the Patriarch
St Orontius of Lecce
St Pandwyna
St Rufinus of Capua
St Secundus the Theban
St Victor of Caesarea
St Victor the Martyr
St Vyevain of York

Martyrs of Celano – 3 Saints: Three Christians, Constantius, Simplicius and Victorinus, Martyred in the same area at roughly the same time. They were Martyred in c 159 in the Marsica region of Italy. At some point their relics were interred under the main Altar of the San Giovanni Vecchio Church in the Collegiata di Celano and were authenticated in 1057 by Pope Stephen IX. The city was depopulated in 1222; when it was re-built, the relics were re-enshrined in the Churc

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Memorials of the Saints – 20 August

Within the Octave of the Assumption

St Bernard O.Cist. (1090-1153) Abbot of the Order of Citeaux (the Cistercians), Confessor, “Doctor Mellifluus” of the Church and the Last Father of the Church,“The Bard of Mary”- Theologian, Reformer, Writer, Mystic, Preacher, Mariologist, Advisor, Mediator, Poet. St Bernard, the Founding Abbot of Clairvaux Abbey in Burgundy, France, was one of the most commanding Church leaders in the first half of the twelfth century, as well as, one of the greatest spiritual masters of all time and the most powerful propagator of the Cistercian reform.
St Bernard’s Life:

St Amadour the Hermit
St Bernard of Valdeiglesius

St Bernardo Tolomei (1272 – 1348) Founder, Theologian, Mystic, Hermit, Lawyer, Soldier, Politician.
Biography here:
Apologies for the date mix-up. His Memorial in the universal Church is actually today 20 August.

St Brogan
St Burchard of Worms
St Christopher of Cordoba
St Cristòfol Baqués Almirall
St Edbert of Northumbria
Bl Georg Hafner
Bl Gervais-Protais Brunel
St Gobert of Apremont
St Haduin of Le Mans
St Heliodorus of Persia
St Herbert Hoscam
St Leovigild of Cordoba
Bl Louis-François Lebrun
St Lucius of Cyprus
St Maximus of Chinon

Blessed Maria de Mattias ASC (1805-1866) Founder of the religious Congregation of the Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Mystic, Teacher, Preacher, Catechist

St Oswine of Deira (Died 651) King, Martyr, King of Deira in northern England.
His Life and Death:

St Philibert of Jumièges (c 608–684) Abbot and Monastic Founder, particularly of Jumièges Abbey. 
About St Philibert:

St Porphyrius of Palestrina
St Ronald of Orkney
St Samuel the Patriarch
Bl Wladyslaw Maczkowski
St Zacchaeus the Publican


Victory of the King of France (Philip the Fair), imploring the help of Our Lady of Chartres (1304), St Hyacinth and Memorials of the Saints – 17 August

Octave of St Lawrence

Victory of the King of France (Philip the Fair), imploring the help of Our Lady of Chartres (1304) – 17 August:

St Hyacinth OP (1185-1257) ) “Apostle of Poland” and “Apostle of the North” also known as “the Polish St Dominic”– Confessor, Priest of the Order of Preachers, Doctor of Law and Divinity, Missionary, Preacher, Miracle Worker, Mystic.

St Amor of Amorbach
St Anastasius of Terni
St Benedicta of Lorraine
St Carloman
St Cecilia of Lorraine

St Clare of the Cross of Montefalco (c 1269-1308) Augustinian Nun and Abbess, before becoming a nun, St Clare was a member of the Third Order of St Francis (Secular), Mystic, Penitent, Spiritual adviser. Beatified by Pope Clement XII. On 8 December 1881, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Leo XIII Canonised Clare.
Her Life:

St Donatus of Ripacandida
St Drithelm
St Elias the Younger
St Eusebius of Sicily
St James the Deacon
St Jeroen of Noordwijk
St Juliana of Ptolemais
St Mamas
St Myron of Cyzicus

St Nicolò Politi (1117-1167) Basilian Monk and Hermit. He was known for his miracles even during his childhood and was Venerated as a saint even before his death. St Nicolò was Canonised on 7SJune 1507, at Saint Peter’s Basilica, Rome, by Pope Julius II.
About St Nicolò:

St Paul of Ptolemais
St Theodore of Grammont


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Memorials of the Saints – 15 August

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St Alypius of Thagaste (Died 430) Bishop Bishop of the See of Thagaste (in what is now Algeria) in 394, Confessor, Reformer, Defender of the Faith against heresy, Lawyer, teacher, spiritual advisor. He was a lifelong disciple and friend of Saint Augustine of Hippo and joined him in his conversion (in 386; Confessions 8.12.28) and life in Christianity. He is credited with helping establish Augustine’s Monastery in Africa. Most of what is known about him comes from Augustine’s autobiographical Confessions.

Blessed Alfred of Hildesheim OSB (Died 874) Bishop, Benedictine Monk, Confessor, Founder of Essen Abbey, Hildesheim Cathedral, many Convents, Schools and Seminaries, Royal Spiritual Adviser to the East Frankish King Louis the German, Diplomatic Peacemaker, he was know for his great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
His Lifestory:

Blessed Aimo Taparelli OP (c 1395-1495) Priest of the Order of Preachers
Bl Alberto Berdini of Sarteano
St Arduinus of Rimini
St Napoleon of Alexandria

St Simplician (c 320-c 401) Archbishop of Milan and Successor of St Ambrose (340-397) Doctor of the Church in the Archdiocese of Milan, Teacher, Catechist, Writer, Mystic.
St Ambrose used to call Simplician father, as a sign of spiritual relationship but they were also great friends. Simplician took also an active part in the conversions of both Alypius of Thagaste and Augustine of Hippo. The meeting between Augustine and Simplican occurred in Milan in 386 and it is recorded in Augustine’s Confessions. After his conversion, Augustine also called Simplician father and in 397 he dedicated to Simplician two books on the issue of predestination, known as De Diversis Quaestionibus ad Simplicianum. St Augustine, remembered and referred to him with deep gratitude, calling him the “spiritual father of my soul” and would submit his own writings to him to review and comment.
Details of the life of St Simplician here:

St Tarcisius (3rd century) Martyr of the Eucharist – Patronages – Altar boys, First Communicants.
About St Tarcisius:

Martyrs of Nicomedia – 3 Saints: Three Christians Martyred together. No details survive but the names – Eutychian, Philip and Straton. They were martyred in Nicomedia, Bithynia (in modern Turkey).


Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners / Refugium Peccatorum and Memorials of the Saints – 13 August

Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners / Refugium Peccatorum – St John Damascene calls Mary a City of Refuge to all who flee to Her.

Blessed Antonio Baldinucci SJ (1665-1717) had a particular devotion to the Refugium Peccatorum image of Virgin Mary in the Church of the Gesu (Frascati) in Italy. He commissioned a copy which he considered miraculous and carried with him in his travels.

The Jesuits spread copies of the image of the Madonna of Refuge in Mexico by the 19th century and it began to be depicted in missions there, often with clouds surrounding the lower portion of the image of the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus.
The term “Refugium Pstjohnberchmanseccatorum” is also used other works of Roman Catholic Marian art. For instance, there is a marble statue representing the Virgin Mary, on the grand staircase of the old municipal palace in Venice, Italy. The name came from the fact that the convicts were allowed to stop in front of the Virgin Mary’s statue to pray for their soul on the way to the scaffold.
The traditional feast day of Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners is today, 13 August.

St Hippolytus Bishop Martyr
St Cassian (of Imola) Martyr

St John Berchmans SJ (1599-1621) Jesuit Novice – born Jan Berchmans on 13 March 1599 at Driest, Brabant, Belgium and died on 13 August 1621 at Rome, Italy of natural causes. Patronages – Altar Servers, Jesuit novices and students. He had a special devotion to God’s Mother and to him is owed the Little Rosary of the Immaculate Conception.

St Anastasius the Monk
St Anastasius the Priest
St Benildus
St Cassian of Todi
St Concordia
St Conn O’Rourke
Bl Gertrude of Altenberg
St Helen of Burgos
St Herulph of Langres
Bl John of Alvernia
St Junian of Mairé
St Ludolph

St Maximus the Confessor (c 580-662) Father of the Church, Monk, Abbot, Theologian, Confessor, Scholar, Writer. Also known as St Maximus of Constantinople and St Maximus the Theologian. St Maximus, a man of fearless courage in witnessing to – “confessing” – even while suffering, the integrity of his faith in Jesus Christ, true God and true man, Saviour of the world and of His Holy Catholic Church.
His Life:

St Nerses Glaietsi
St Patrick O’Healy

St Radegunde (c 518-587) Queen, Nun, Abbess, Ascetic, Founder of a female Convent of enclosed Nuns,named and dedicated to the Holy Cross of which a relic was enshrined, Sainte-Croixwho also cared for the sick within their Convent.

St Wigbert of Fritzlar (c 675-c 746) Abbot, Missionary, Miracle-worker, Companion of St Boniface.
Bl William Freeman


Madonna del Bosco / Our Lady of the Woods, Montemilone, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy (13th Century), St Clare and Memorials of the Saints – 12 August

St Clare of Assisi (1194-1253) Virgin, Religious, Founder, Mystic, Friend and Follower of St Francis, Miracle-Worker.
The story of St Clare:

Madonna del Bosco / Our Lady of the Woods, Montemilone, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy(13th Century) – 12 August:

St Anicetus of Marmora
St Discolio of Vercelli

St Euplus of Catania (Died 304) Deacon Martyr
His Life and Death:

St Eusebius of Milan
St Felicissima the Blind
St Gracilian
St Herculanus of Brescia
St Jambert of Canterbury
St Julian of Syria

St Macarius of Syria
St Merewenna
St Micae Nguyen Huy My
St Murtagh of Killala
St Photinus of Marmora

St Pedro del Barco (1088-1155) Hermit, Penitent, Canon, Apostle of the needy, he is regarded as the father of the agricultural industry in Avila, Spain.
His life:

St Porcarius of Lerins
St Simplicio of Vercelli
St Ust

Martyrs of Augsburg – 4 Saints: The mother, Hilaria,and three friends of of Saint Afra ofAugsburg. While visiting the tomb of Saint Afra who were seized by the authorities and Martyred when they visited Afra’s tomb – Digna, Eunomia, Euprepia and Hilaria. They were burned alive c 304.

Martyrs of Rome – 5 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. We know little more than their names – Crescentian, Juliana, Largio, Nimmia and Quiriacus.
• c.304 in Rome, Italy
• buried on the Ostian Way outside Rome.


St Lawrence, Our Lady of Ransom, Spain (1218), Our Lady of the Crag, Colombia (1685) and Memorials of the Saints – 10 August

St Lawrence (Died 258) Martyr “Keeper of the Treasures of he Church,” Martyr, Archdeacon. St Lawrence was one of the seven Deacons of the City of Rome under Pope St Sixtus II, who were martyred in the persecution of the Christians by decree of the Roman Emperor Valerian.
St Lawrence here:

Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes / Our Lady of Mercy / Our Lady of Ransom, Barcelona, Spain (1218) – 1 August, 10 August – The Founding of the Mercedarian Order and 24 September:

Virgen de la Peña / Our Lady of the Crag, Bogotà, Colombia (1685 ) – 10 August:

St Agathonica of Carthage
St Agilberta of Jouarre

Blessed Amadeus of Portugal OFM (1420–1482) Friar of the Order of Friars Minor, Reformer, Miracle-Worker and Confessor

Blessed Arcangelo Placenza da Calatafimi OFM (c 1390-1460) Priest, Friar, of the Order of Friars Minor, Hermit, Mystic, Penitent.

St Aredius of Lyon
St Asteria of Bergamo
Bl Augustine Ota
St Bassa of Carthage

St Bessus (Died c 286) Martyr, Soldier, Missionary, Evangelist, Miracle-worker.
His Life and Death:

St Bettelin

St Blane (Died 590) Irish Bishop and Confessor, Missionary.
His Life:

St Deusdedit the Cobbler
St Gerontius
Bl Hugh of Montaigu
St Paula of Carthage
St Thiento of Wessobrunn

Martyrs of Alexandria – 260+ Saints: A large number of Christians who were Martyred in Alexandria, Egypt between 260 and 267 in the persecutions of Decius and Valerian, whose names have not come down to us and who are commemorated together.

Martyrs of Rome – 165 Saints: Group of 165 Christians Martyred in the persecutions of Aurelian. 274 in Rome, Italy.

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Vigil of St Lawrence. St John Vianney and Memorials of the Saints – 9 August

Vigil of St Lawrence

St Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney (1786-1859) Confessor

St Romanus Martyr, Soldier
St Emigdius (c 279-c 309) Bishop Martyr

St Amor of Franche-Comté
St Autor of Metz
St Bandaridus of Soissons
St Bonifacia Rodriguez Castro

St Claude Richard
St Domitian of Châlons
Bl Falco the Hermit
St Firmus of Verona
Bl John Norton

Blessed John of Salerno OP (c 1190-1242) Dominican Friar and Priest, Confessor, Miracle-worker.

Bl John Talbot
St Marcellian of Civitavecchia

St Maurilio of Rouen (c.1000–1067) Archbishop of Rouen from 1055 to 1067, Monk, Abbot, Hermit, Writer, Reformer.

Bl Michal Tomaszek
St Nathy
St Numidicus of Carthage
St Phelim
Bl Richard Bere
St Rusticus of Sirmium
St Rusticus of Verona
St Secundian of Civitavecchia
St Stephen of Burgos
Bl Thomas Palaser
St Verian of Civitavecchia
Bl Zbigniew Adam Strzalkowski

Martyrs of Civitavecchia: Three Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Decius. We know little more than the names – Marcellian, Secundian and Verian. 250 near Civitavecchia, Italy.

Martyrs of Constantinople: 10 Saints: A group of ten Christians who were arrested, tortured and executed for defending an icon of Christ in defiance of orders from Emperor Leo the Isaurian. We know the names of three, but nothing else about them – Julian, Marcian and Mary. They were beheaded in Constantinople.


St Cyriacus, The Fourteen Holy Helpers, Santa Maria della Querce / Our Lady of the Oak, Arezzo, Italy (1417) and Memorials of the Saiints – 8 August

Santa Maria della Querce / Our Lady of the Oak, Lucignano, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy (1417) – 8 August, Third Saturday of September:

The Fourteen Holy Helpers

St Cyriacus the Martyr (Died c 303) Deacon, Miracle-worker. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
His Life and Death:

St Aemilian of Cyzicus

St Altman of Passau (c 1020 – 1091) Bishop, Monastic Founder, Reformer and an important representative of the Gregorian reforms, Apostolic Vicar and Papal Legate of Germany, a devoted servant of the poor and sick.

Ven Antonio/Margil of Jesus OFM (1657-1726)
About Venerable Antonio:

St Eleutherius of Constantinople
St Ellidius
St Famianus of Compostela
St Gedeon of Besancon
St Hormisdas of Persia
Bl John Felton
Bl John Fingley
St Largus
St Leobald of Fleury
St Leonidas of Constantinople
St Marinus of Anzarba
St Mummolus of Fleury
St Myron the Wonder Worker
St Rathard of Diessen
St Severus of Vienne
St Sigrada
St Smaragdus
St Ternatius of Besançon
St Ultan of Crayke
Bl William of Castellammare di Stabia

Martyrs of Albano – 4 Saints: Four Christians who were Martyred together, and about we today know little more than their names – Carpóforo, Secondo, Severiano and Vittorino. They were martyred in Albano, Italy – their remains are interred in the San Senator cemetery, on the Appian Way, 15 miles from Rome, Italy.

Martyrs of Rome – 5 Saints: Five Christians Martyred together; we know nothing else about them but the names – Ciriaco, Crescenziano, Giuliana, Memmia and Smaragdus. They were martyred at the 7 mile marker, on the Via Ostia, Rome, Italy.

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The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, St Cajetan, Confessor and Memorials of the Saints – 7 August

The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

St Cajetan (1480-1547) Known as the “Father of Providence” and the “Huntsman of Souls” – Confessor, Founder of the Theatine Order – Priest, Reformer, Doctor of Civil and Canon Law, Diplomat, Mystic, Miracle Worker, apostle of the sick and the poor. Patron of the unemployed, workers, bankers and more.
About St Cajetan:

St Donatus of Arezzo (Died 362) Bishop Martyr, Confessor, Miracle-worker.
His Life and Death:

St Afra of Augsburg
Bl Agathangelus Nourry

St Albert of Trapani O.Carm. (c 1240-1307) Carmelite Priest, Confessor, Preacher, Evangeliser, apostle of prayer and a devout servant of the Blessed Virgin and the Passion of Christ. St Teresa of Jesus (1515-1582) and St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi (1566-1607) were especially devoted to him, the Bl Baptist Spagnoli (1447–1516) composed a sapphic ode in his honour.
His Life:

Bl Cassian Vaz Lopez-Neto
St Claudia of Rome
St Donat
St Donatian of Chalons-sur-Marne
St Donatus of Besancon
St Faustus of Milan
St Hilarinus of Ostia
St Hyperechios
Bl Jordan Forzatei
St Julian of Rome
St Peter of Rome

Blessed Vincent de L’Aquila OFM (c 1435-1504) Lay Brother Friar of the Order of the Friars Minor of St Francis, gifted with the charism of prophecy, Mystic, known to levitate whilst in prayer, Miracle-worker. Pope Pius VI approved his cult by Beatification on 19 September 1787.
His Life:

St Victricius of Rouen

Martyred Deacons of Rome – 6 Saints: A group of Deacons who were Martyred with Pope Saint Sixtus II. We know nothing about them but their names and their deaths – Agapitus, Felicissimus, Januarius, Magnus, Stephen and Vincent. They were
beheaded on 6 August 258 in a cemetery on the Appian Way, Rome, Italy.

Martyrs of Como – 6 Saints: A group of Christian soldiers in the imperial Roman army. Martyred in the persecutions of Maximian. We know little else but the names – Carpophorus, Cassius, Exanthus, Licinius, Secundus and Severinus. c.295 on the north side of Lake Como, near Samolaco, Italy. Their relics in the church of San Carpoforo, Como, Italy.


Nossa Senhora das Graças / Our Lady of Graces, Pesqueira, Pernambuco, Northeast, Brazil (1936) and Memorials of the Saints – 6 August

The Transfiguration of Our Lord

St Pope Sixtus II/ Xystus (Died 258) Pope and Martyr, Philosopher. 25th Pope from St Peter. Papal Ascension 30 August 257. He was Martyred along with seven deacons, (St Lawrence of Rome a few days later) during the persecutions of Christianity by Emperor Valerian. This is the St Sixtus who is commemorated in the Roman Canon Eucharistic Prayer.
His Life and Death:

Nossa Senhora das Graças / Our Lady of Graces, Pesqueira, Pernambuco, Northeast, Brazil (1936) – 6 August :

Bl Gezelin of Schlebusch O.Cist. (Died 1149) Lay Brother of the Cistercian Order, Hermit
St Gislain of Luxemburg
St Glisente of Brescia
Bl Goderanno
Bl Guillermo Sanz
St Hardulf of Breedon

St Pope Hormisdas (c 450-523) Bishop of Rome from 514 until his death in 523. A talented diplomat, arbitrator and negotiator.
His Life:

St James the Syrian

St Justus and St Pastor of Alcala – Holy Martyred Children (Died 304) Saints Justus and Pastor of Alcala were two brothers, who in their tender age overcame, with an heroic courage, the rage and power of Dacian, armed with all the instruments of cruelty.
The Martyred Children:

Bl Octavian of Savona
St Stephen of Cardeña
Bl William of Altavilla

Martyrs of Cardeña: Two hundred Benedictine Monks at the Saint Peter of Cardegna monastery, Burgos, Spain who were Martyred in the 8th century by invading Saracens. They were buried by local Christians in a nearby churchyard in Burgos, Spain and Beatified in 1603 by Pope Clement VIII (cultus confirmed).


St Dominic (1170-1221) Confessor, Madonna dell’Apparizione / Our Lady of the Apparition, Pellestrina, Italy (1716) and Memorials of the Saints – 4 August

St Dominic de Guzman OP (1170-1221) Confessor, Founder of the Dominican Order of Preachers – Priest, Founder, Teacher, Preacher, Mystic, Miracle-Worker, Apostle of the Holy Rosary.
At Dominic’s Baptism, Blessed Joan, his Mother, saw a star shining from his chest, which became another of his symbols in art and led to his patronage of astronomy.

Madonna dell’Apparizione / Our Lady of the Apparition, Pellestrina, Italy (1716) – 4 August:

St Agabius of Verona
St Aristarchus of Thessalonica (1st Century)
St Crescentio of Rome
St Eleutherius of Bithynia
St Epiphanes of Besançon

St Euphronius of Tours (c 530-573) Bishop of Tours (c 530=573) the 8th Bishop of Tours, France who served from 555 to 573 and was a near relative of St Gregory of Tours.

St Francesc Mercader Rendé
St Hyacinth of Rome
St Ia of Persia
St Isidore of Besançon
St Lua of Limerick
St Onofrio of Panaia
St Perpetua of Rome
St Protasius of Cologne
St Rainerio of Split
St Sithney (Died c 529)
St Tertullinus of Rome
Bl William Horne