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Our Morning Offering – 16 November – The Memorial of St Gertrude the Great (1256-1302)

Our Morning Offering – 16 November – The Memorial of St Gertrude the Great (1256-1302)

An Act of Thanksgiving
By St Gertrude the Great

May my soul bless You,
O Lord God my Creator,
may my soul bless You.
From the very core of my being,
may all Your merciful gifts sing Your praise.
Your generous care for Your daughter,
has been rich in mercy;
indeed it has been immeasurable
and as far as I am able,
I give You thanks.
I praise and glorify,
Your great patience which bore with me
I offer You, most loving Father,
all the sufferings of Your beloved Son,
from that first infant cry
as He lay on the hay in the manger,
until that final movement, when,
bowing His head, with a mighty voice,
Christ gave up His spirit.
I think, as I make this offering,
of all that He underwent,
His needs as a baby,
His dependence as a young child,
the hardships of youth
and the trials of early manhood.
To atone for all my neglect I offer,
most loving Father,
all that Your only-begotten Son did
during His life,
whether in thought, word or deed.
And now, as an act of thanksgiving,
I praise and worship You, Father,
in deepest humility,
for Your most loving kindness and mercy.

(Excerpt from the Revelations by Saint Gertrude)an act of thanksgiving to the father for the son by st gertrude the great 16 nov 2018.jpg