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One Minute Reflection – 1 March

One Minute Reflection – 1 March

“Whoever is not with me is against me and whoever does not gather with me
scatters”………Luke 11:23

REFLECTION – “The devil desires to keep souls prisones but the Lord desires to set them free.   The devil incites us to evil but the Saviour invites us to practise good.   What accord is there between works that are so contrary?”…………..St Jerome

PRAYER – My Lord and my Saviour let me never give up the freedom from sin which You won for me. Help me to cling to You and shun all contact with evil. Help me Lord to renew my zeal and ambition to attain holiness in my Lenten journey. May my daily striving be because I love You, Lord Jesus, my love above all things! Amen




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One Minute Reflection – 22 February

One Minute Reflection – 22 February

“On this rock I will build my Church’,,,,,,,,,,Matthew 16:18

REFLECTION – “How blessed is the Church of Rome, on which the Apostles poured forth all their doctrine along with their blood!” (De Praescriptione Hereticorum, 36)…….Tertullian
“I decided to consult the Chair of Peter,
where that faith is found exalted by
the lips of an Apostle;
I now come to ask for nourishment for my soul there,
where once I received the garment of Christ.
I follow no leader save Christ,
so I enter into communion with Your beatitude,
that is, with the Chair of Peter,
for this I know is the rock upon which the Church is built”
(cf. Le lettere I, 15, 1-2)…………..St Jerome

PRAYER – Holy Father, send Your Divine Enlightener into the hearts of all Your faithful, filling us with the strength to fulfil our mission as the followers of the Chair of St Peter. And most of all, we pray Lord Holy God to inspire and light the way of our Holy Father, Francis. Sustain and guide him, keep him in health and strength, to lead Your people by the Light of the Way and the Truth. Holy Father, have mercy on us, Holy Spirit guide and lead us, Lord Jesus Christ be our intercessor and teacher, amen.



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Our Morning Offering – 22 February

Our Morning Offering – 22 February

Show me, O Lord, Your mercy
and delight my heart with it.
Let me find You whom I so longingly seek.
Behold, here is the man whom the robbers seized,
manhandled, and left half dead on the road to Jericho.
Kind-hearted Samaritan, come to my aid!
I am the sheep who wandered into the wilderness.
Seek after me and bring me home again to Your fold.
Do with me according to Your Will,
that I may abide with You all the days of my life
and praise You with all those who are with You
in heaven for all eternity. Amen
By St Jerome