June 2019

You might have noticed that my site has changed as above – I have at last upgraded thanks to those who have helped me so much to do so! - follow the saints - st pope clement I 16 June 2019.jpg

It looks no different but there are a few subtle background changes which make things a little more efficient but the main change is to the storage facility, which will hopefully last a while.   Of course, there is now the added cost of a proper “.com” which scares me but I go forward in trust, I will “trust in him and he will help you and make your ways straight” (Sirach 2:6)

St Therese of Lisieux, as you know, a doctor of the Church, said, that if we say that we deserve purgatory time because of our imperfections, then we will surely get purgatory time.   On the other hand, if we totally trust in God as our loving Father and in His Divine Mercy to take us straight to heaven, then we will go straight to heaven.

My prayer of thanksgiving for the gift our Lord God has given me in you and of hope for the future, that I may continue to bring you a little inspiration and information to bolster your store of knowledge, of our most beautiful One Holy Faith.

So we march on in trust – I will be back next week – though my progress on the project is not as advanced as I would have liked but I miss our time together with the Saints and pray that I will find time somehow.   For we “Follow the saints, because those who follow them will become saints.”…Saint Pope Clement I (c 35-99)

P.S.  All continued help is deeply appreciated with prayers and Holy Mass. 

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