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Saint of the Day – 27 March – St John of Lycopolis (c305-394) Hermit,

Saint of the Day – 27 March – St John of Lycopolis (c305-394) Hermit, Spiritual Advisor, Miracle-worker. graced with the gifts of prophecy and seeing into the hearts of men. John was known and admired by the greats of his time, including Saint Jerome, Saint Augustine, Saint Cassian and others. Born in c305 at Assiut, Egypt and died in 394 of natural causes. Also known as – Johannes av Egypt, John of Egypt, John of the Thebaid, John the Anchorite, John the Egyptian, John the Hermit.

John’s parents were poor and he trained as a carpenter. At the age of 25, he became a Hermit under the guidance of an elderly Recluse He spent a decade with this Hermit, taking direction from him and learning from him. St John Cassian recounts a tale that this spiritual counsellor directed John to water a dry stick every day for a year. After this test of obedience, his superior threw the stick away. When the older Hermit died, John spent the next five years travelling and visiting Monasteries.

John was noted for performing seemingly absurd acts such as rolling rocks from place to place and cultivating dead trees. Finally, he withdrew to the top of a cliff near Lycopolis, Egypt, where he could avoid all human contact. There he carved three small cells within the rock, one for sleeping, one for work and the last for praying. Then he walled them up with himself inside, leaving only a small opening.

He communicated through this opening to those who brought him food and water twice a week. Crowds would gather on those two days to hear him preach.

John never ate until sunset and lived on a diet of dried fruit and vegetables for fifty years. He refused bread and never ate anything cooked. He lived this way well into his nineties.

He possess the spiritual gift of prophecy and often predicting the future and knowing the details of persons he had never met. He predicted future victories to the Emperor Theodosius the Great who became his student, coming to him for advice and counselling.

He avoided seeing women, in particular, to avoid temptation but, he avoided all people for the last fifty years of his life. Saint Augustine wrote that John was tempted by devils and that he performed miraculous cures. St Augustine records that John cured a woman of blindness and then appeared to her in a vision to avoid seeing her in person.

John prayed incessantly and foreseeing his own death, he asked that no-one visit him for three days. He spent these last three days of his life without food or drink or any interaction except with God through prayer. He was discovered dead in his cell, with his body in a position of prayer.

John’s multi-roomed cell was re-discovered in the early 1900s.


One Minute Reflection – 28 January – ‘You are a jailor of your wealth, not its owner … you are its slave and not its master.’

One Minute Reflection – 28 January – St Peter Nolasco OdeM (c 1182–c 1256) Confessor, Founder – 1 Corinthians 4:9-14, Luke 12:32-34 – Scripture search here:

Sell what you possess and give alms. Make for yourselves purses which do not grow old, a treasure unfailing in Heaven, where neither thief draws near, nor moth destroys.” – Luke 12:33

REFLECTION – “You are a jailor of your wealth, not its owner, you who bury your gold in the ground (cf Mt 25:25); you are its slave and not its master. Christ said: “Where your treasure is there also your heart will be” so it is your heart you have buried. Rather, sell your gold and buy salvation; sell what is metal and acquire God’s Kingdom; sell the field and purchase for yourself eternal life!

In saying this I am speaking the truth because I am relying on the words of Him Who is Truth: “If you wish to be perfect, sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in Heaven” (Mt 19:21). Do not be cast down by these words, lest the same thing be said to you, as to the rich young man: “It will be difficult for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt 19:23). Still more, when you read this sentence, consider that death can snatch these possessions away from you that the aggression of someone powerful, can carry them away. At the end of the day, you will have seen no further than insignificant goods, in place of great wealth – these are no more than a treasure of coins, rather than treasures of grace. By their very nature, they perish, rather than remaining forever!” – St Ambrose (340-397) Bishop of Milan, Father and Doctor of the Church (Naboth the poor, 58).

PRAYER – O God, Thou Who, as an example of Thy love, divinely taught St Peter to enrich Thy Church with new offspring, a family of Religious devoted to the ransom of the faithful, grant by his intercession that we may be released from the slavery of sin and rejoice in lasting freedom in Heaven. Through Jesus Christ, Thy Son our Lord, Who lives and reigns with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen (Collect).

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Feast of the Chair of the Apostle, St Peter at Rome, Notre-Dame de Dijon / Our Lady of Dijon (1513) and Memorials of the Saints – 18 January

Feast of the Chair of the Apostle, St Peter at Rome:
This Feast was instituted to commemorate the establishment of the Holy See at Rome.
In 1960, Pope John XXIII removed from the General Roman Calendar, the 18 January Feast of the Chair of Peter at Rome.
Two Liturgical Feasts were celebrated in Rome, in Honour of Chairs of Saint Peter, one of which was kept in the Baptismal Chapel of St Peter’s Basilica, the other at the Catacomb of Priscilla. The dates of these celebrations are 18 January and 22 February.
The two Feasts were included in the Tridentine Calendar with the rank of Double, which, in 1604, Pope Clement VIII raised to the rank of Greater Double.
Those traditional Catholics. who do not accept the changes made by Pope John XXIII, continue to celebrate both Feast days: “Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome” on 18 January and the “Chair of Saint Peter at Antioch” on 22 February.

Notre-Dame de Dijon / Our Lady of Dijon (1513) – 18 January:

St Prisca of Rome (1st Century) Child Virgin Martyr.
The Roman Martyrology reads: “In the City of Rome, the holy Virgin and Martyr Prisca; after many tortures she gained the Crown of Martyrdom under Emperor Claudius II (about 270).”
Her Life and Death:

St Agathius the Martyr
St Ammonius of Astas

Blessed Andrés Grego de Peschiera OP (1400-1485) “the Apostle of the Valtelline,” Priest and Friar of the Order of Preachers, Confessor, Missionary, miracle-worker,
About Bl Andrés:

St Archelais the Martyr
Blessed Beatrix d’Este the Younger (c 1230-1262) Benedictine Nun
St Catus

Blessed Cristina Ciccarelli OSA (1481–1543) Religious of the Order of Saint Augustine, Mystic, Stigmatist, Apostle of the poor, Reformer, she had a had a particular devotion to the Eucharist and to the Passion and Death of Christ, she was granted the gift of Prophecy, visions and levitation. Beatified in 1841 by Pope Gregory XVI .
About Bl Cristina:

St Day/Dye
St Deicola of Lure
Bl Fazzio of Verona
St Leobard of Tours
St Moseus of Astas
St Susanna the Martyr
St Thecla the Martyr
St Ulfrid of Sverige
St Volusian of Tours

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Notre Dame d’Esperance de Pontmain / Our Lady of Pontmain (1871), St Anthony Abbot (251-356) and Memorials of the Saints – 17 January

Notre Dame d’Esperance de Pontmain / Our Lady of Hope, Our Lady of Pontmain (1871) – 17 January:

St Anthony Abbot (251-356) Monk and Hermit.
St Anthony’s Life:

St Achillas of Sketis
St Amoes of Sketis
St Anthony of Rome
Bl Euphemia Domitilla

Blessed Gamelbert of Michaelsbuch (c 720-c 802) Priest, Monk, Hermit. “Such was his kindness of heart, that he used to buy the little birds caught by the peasants, in order to set them free. He never allowed his servants to work in the fields or woods, if bad weather threatened. He valued, above everything, peace and concord and kept the peace among his parishioners, as far as he possibly could.” – from “The Little Bollandists” by Monsignor Paul Guérin, 1882

St Genitus
St Genulfus
St John of Rome
Blessed Joseph of Freising (Died 764) Bishop
St Julian Sabas the Elder
St Marcellus of Die
St Merulus of Rome
St Mildgytha
St Nennius
St Neosnadia
St Pior
St Richimir

Blessed Rosalina of Villeneuve O.Cart. (1263–1329) Nun of the Carthusaian Order, Mystic, Apostle of Charity. Beatified in 1851 by Pope Blessed Pius IX.

St Sabinus of Piacenza

St Sulpicius the Pious of Bourges (Died c 647) Bishop, Miracle-worker, servant of the poor.
His Life:

Martyrs of Langres – Triplet Brothers with their Grandmother: At Langres, in the time of Marcus Aurelius, the Saints Eleusippus, Meleusippus, Speusippus, born at one birth, who were crowned with Martyrdom, together with their grandmother, Leonilla,

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The Octave Day of Epiphany, Panny Marie Vítězné / Our Lady of Victory, Prague (1620) and Memorials of the Saints – 13 January

The Octave Day of Epiphany

Panny Marie Vítězné / Our Lady of Victory, Prague, Czech Republic (1620), home of the Infant of Prague: 13 January:
Among shrines dedicated to Our Lady of Victory, that at Prague has become world-famous because it is also the home of the Statue of the Infant of Prague.
This Wonderful Shrine

St Agrecius of Trier
St Andrew of Trier
St Berno of Cluny
St Designatus of Maastricht
St Elian of Brittany
St Enogatus of Aleth
St Erbin of Cornwall
St Glaphyra
St Gumesindus of Córdoba
St Hermylus
Bl Hildemar of Arrouaise
Bl Ida of Argensolles
Bl Ivetta of Huy Widow, Mother, Recluse, Mystic

St Kentigern “Mungo” of Glasgow (c 518-614) Founder and Archbishop of Glasgow, Missionary, Miracle-worker, known as “Saint Mungo.”
About St Mungo:

St Leontius of Caesarea (Died 337) Bishop
Bl Matteo de Lana
St Peter of Capitolíade

St Remigius of Rheims (c 438-533) Bishop “Apostle of the Franks,” Bishop of Rheims, Lord Chancellor of France, renowned Scholar and Rhetorician, Missionary and zealous Preacher of the Gospel for the glory of the Kingdom of God, miracle-worker.
An Amazing Life:

St Servusdei of Córdoba
St Stephen of Liège
St Stratonicus

Blessed Veronica of Binasco OSA (c 1445-1497) Virgin Mystic
Her Life:

St Viventius
St Vivenzio of Blera

Forty Martyred Soldiers at Rome: Forty soldiers Martyred in the persecutions of Gallienus. They were Martyred in 262 on the Via Lavicana, Rome, Italy.

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Sixth Day within the Octave of Epiphany, Notre-Dame de Bessiere / Our Lady of Bessiere, France, Madonna della Vetrana / Our Lady of the Vetrana Italy (1691) and Memorials of the Saints – 11 January

Sixth Day within the Octave of Epiphany

Notre-Dame de Bessiere / Our Lady of Bessiere, Limousin, France – 11 January:

Madonna della Vetrana / Our Lady of the Vetrana (Castellana Grotte, Bari, Puglia, Italy (1691) – 11 January:

St Pope Hyginus (Died 142) Papal Ascension c 138. It is believed he was a Martyr for Christ and suffered during the persecution of Antoninus, although our ancient sources do not confirm this. Tradition holds that during his Papacy he determined the various prerogatives of the clergy and defined the grades of the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Hyginus also instituted Godparents at Baptism to assist the baptised during their Christian life. In addition, he decreed, that all Churches be Consecrated.
His Life and Death:

St Alexander of Fermo
St Anastasius of Suppentonia (Died c 570) Monk, Abbot
St Boadin of Ireland
St Breandan of Ireland (the name is not an error)
St Eithne
St Fedelemia
St Honorata of Pavia
St Leucius of Alexandria
St Leucius of Brindisi
St Liberata of Pavia
St Lucius the Soldier
St Luminosa of Pavia
St Mark the Soldier
St Michael of Klopsk
St Palaemon
St Paldo
St Peter Balsam
St Peter of Alexandria
St Peter of Anea
St Peter the Soldier

St Salvius of Amiens (Died c 625) The 5th Bishop of Amiens, France, Monk, miracle-worker.
About St Salvius:

St Salvius of North Africa (Died 6th Century) Martyr

St Severus of Alexandria
St Speciosa of Pavia
St Taso
St Theodosius the Soldier
St Theodosius of Antioch

St Theodosius the Cenobiarch (423-529) Hermit/ AbboT/Founder of the Cenobitical Communities.
His Life:

St Tipasio of Tigava

St Vitalis of Gaza (Died c 625) Monk, Hermit. “At Gaza, Vitalis was a monk for many years and earned considerable controversy for his methods in reforming the local prostitutes and scandalous women.” (Roman Martyrology).

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The Fifth Day within the Octave of Epiphany, Madonna del Pianto / The Weeping Madonna, Rome, Italy (1546) and Memorials of the Saints – 10 January

The Fifth Day within the Octave of Epiphany

Madonna del Pianto / Madonna of the Lament or the Weeping Madonna, Rome, Italy (1546) – 10 January:

St Aldo of Carbonari
St Pope Agatho
St Arcontius of Viviers
Bl Benincasa of Cava
St Dermot of Inis Clothrann
St Domitian of Melitene

Blessed Pope Gregory X TOSF (1210-1276) Bishop of Rome 1272-1276. Beatified on 8 July 1713 by Pope Clement XI.

Blessed Giles of Lorenzana OFM (1443-1518) Lay Brother of the Friars Minor.

St John Camillus the Good (Died c 669) Confessor, Bishop of Milan
St Maurilius of Cahors
St Nicanor of Cyprus

St Paul the Hermit (c 230-342) The First Desert Hermit
“In Thebais, the birthday of St Paul, the first Hermit, who lived alone in the desert from the sixteenth to the one hundred and thirteenth year of his age. His soul was seen by St Anthony Abbot, carried by Angels among the choirs of Apostles and Prophets. His Feast is celebrated on the 15th day of this Month.” (Roman Martyrology).

St Peter Orseolo OSB Cam. (928–987) Doge of Venice, Monk, Administrator, Governor. Apostle of Charity. Canonised recognised in 1027 by the Bishop of Elne, France and his Cultus was confirmed by Pope Clement XII in 1731.
About St Peter:

St Petronius of Die
Bl Raymond de Fosso
St Saethryth of Faremoutier
St Thecla of Lentini
St Thomian of Armagh
St Valerius of Limoges

St William of Bourges O.Cist (c 1140-1209) Archbishop of Bourges from 1200 until his death, Confessor, Monk, renowned for miracles and virtue.
About St William:

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Saint of the Day – 9 January – Saint Waningus of Fécamp (Died c 688) Abbot

Saint of the Day – 9 January – Saint Waningus of Fécamp (Died c 688) Monk, Abbot, Count and Royal Official , husband and father of Saint Desiderius of Fontenelle.  widower. Born in Rouen, France and died in c 688 of natural causes. Also known as – Waningus of Ham, Vaneng, Waneng, Wanging, Waning, Wanning. Additional Memorials – 31 January (Normandy, France), 15 February (Rouen, France), 23 September (translation of relics).

Born in Rouen, Waningus was Governor of the Pays de Caux in Neustria., N ormandy, at which time he took great pleasure in hunting. Nevertheless, he was very pious and particularly devout to Saint Eulalia of Barcelona.

One night he dreamt that she reminded him of the difficulties the rich had in entering Heaven. He heard that holy Virgin and Martyr repeat to him those words of our blessed “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to be saved.

Soon after, around 648, Waningus withdrew from Court to assist St Wandrille in founding Fontenelle Abbey and in building the Churches of Saints Peter and Paul.

About ten years later, after recovering from a serious illness, Waningus founded the Church of the Holy Trinity and the adjoining Abbey of the Holy Trinity at Fécamp for nuns. under the direction of Saint Owen and Saint Waningus as Abbot. He sheltered Saint Leodegarius when he was being pursued by his enemies.

This Saint is titular Patron of several Churches in Aquitain and Normandy and has given his name to the village of Saint Vaneng. His body is possessed in a rich Shrine, in the abbatial Church of our Lady at Ham, in Picardy, belonging to the regular canons of Saint Augustine.

The Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Fécamp (see below) was honoured by the Dukes of Normandy above all their other Monasteries and is the richest and most magnificent Abbey in Normandy.

Waningus entrusted his son, St Desiderius (died c 700) to be educated by the Abbot of Fontenelle. Desiderius later became a Monk at the Abbey. His Feast Day is kept on 18 December; his Relics are at Ghent, Belgium.

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The Seventh Day of the Octave of Christmas, Santa María la Real de Uxue / Our Lady of Uxue (Uxue, Spain) (8th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 31 December

The Seventh Day of the Octave of Christmas

Santa María la Real de Uxue / Our Lady of Uxue (Uxue, Spain) (8th Century) – 31 December:

St Pope Sylvester I (Died 335) Papal Ascension 314. Bishop of Rome, Confessor.

St Columba of Sens (c 256-273) Virgin Martyr.
The Roman Martyrology states: “At Sens in Lugdunense Gaul, now in France, Saint Colomba, Virgin and Martyr.”
Her Life and Death:

Bl Dominic de Cubells
St Donatus of Rome
St Eustadius of Bourges
St Festus of Valencia
St Gelasius of Palestine
Bl Giuseppina Nicoli
St Hermes the Exorcist
Saint Marius Aventicus (c 530-594) Bishop

St Melania the Younger (c 383-439) Foundress, Desert Hermit, Wife, Mother, Widow.
Her Life:

St Offa of Benevento
Bl Peter of Subiaco
St Pinian
St Potentian of Sens
St Sabinian of Sens
St Theophylact of Ohrid
Bl Walembert of Cambrai
Bl Wisinto of Kremsmünster
St Zeno of Rome
St Zoticus of Constantinople

Martyrs of Catania – 10 Saints: A group of early Christians Martyred together, date unknown. The only other information to survive are ten of their names – Attalus, Cornelius, Fabian, Flos, Minervinus, Pontian, Quintian, Sextus, Simplician and Stephen. They were martyred in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

Martyrs of Rome – 10 Saints: A group of Roman women Martyred in an early persecution, date unknown. We known the names of ten of them – Dominanda, Donata, Hilaria, Nominanda, Paolina, Paulina, Rogata, Rustica, Saturnina and Serotina.
Their relics were enshrined in the catacombs of Via Salaria, Rome, Italy.

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The Fifth Day of the Octave of Christmas, Unsere Liebe Frau vom Speyer / Our Lady of Speyer, Germany Featuring the Salve Regina and St Bernard (1146) and Memorials of the Saints – 29 December

The Fifth Day of the Octave of Christmas

Unsere Liebe Frau vom Speyer / Our Lady of Speyer, Germany Featuring the Salve Regina and St Bernard (1146) – 29 December:

St Thomas à Becket (1118-1170) Martyr, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170. He engaged in conflict with Henry II, King of England, over the rights and privileges of the Church and was murdered by followers of the King in Canterbury Cathedral. Soon after his death, he was Canonised by Pope Alexander III.

St Aileran of Clonard
St Albert of Gambron
St Aproniano de Felipe González
St David the King

St Ebrulf of Ouche (c 626-c 706) Abbot, Hermit, Founder of many Monasteries, Married but separated by mutual agreement, Miracle-worker.

St Enrique Juan Requena
St Florent of Bourges
Bl Francis Ruiz
Blessed Gérard Cagnoli OFM (c 1267-1342) Confessor, Lay Brother of the Friars Minor, Hermit.

St Girald of Fontenelle
St Jacinto Gutiérrez Terciado
St Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda
St Libosus of Vaga
St Marcellus the Righteous
St Martinian of Milan
Bl Paul Mary
Bl Peter the Venerable
St Quartillosa of Carthage
St Thaddeus of Scythia
St Trophimus of Arles
St Trophimus of Ephesus

Blessed William Howard (1614–1680) Martyr, Married Laymam and Father, 1st Viscount Stafford. William was the grandson of the Venerable Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, fifth son of Earl Thomas (the first great art collector of England) and Uncle of Thomas Philip – Cardinal Howard. Beatified on 15 December 1929 by Pope Pius XI.
His Life and Death:

Martyrs of North Africa – 8 Saints: A group of Christians executed together for their faith. The only details to survive are eight names – Crescentius, Dominic, Honoratus, Lybosus, Primian, Saturninus, Secundus and Victor.

Martyrs of Rome – 3 Saints: A group of Christians executed together for their faith. The only details to survive are three names – Boniface, Callistus and Felix.

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St Stephen the ProtoMartyr, Madonna della Acheropita / Our Lady of Rossano, Italy (1140) and Memorials of the Saints – 26 December

St Stephen the ProtoMartyr (c 05-c 34) The Second Day in the Christmas Octave
St Stephen’s Story:

Madonna della Acheropita, Maria Santissima Acheropita / Our Lady of Acheropita, Rossano, Italy (1140) – 26 December:

St Abadiu of Antinoë
St Amaethlu of Anglesey
St Archelaus of Mesopotamia
Bl Daniel of Villiers

St Pope Dionysius (Died 268) Bishop of Rome from 22 July 259 to his death on 26 December 268. According to early Church records, Dionysius was the first Pope not Martyred for his Faith.

St Euthymius of Sardis
St Evaristo
Blessed Giovanni Orsini (1333-1411) Cardinal Archbishop of Turin
Bl Jean of Hainaut
St Margaret of Hohenfels
Bl Marinus of Rome
Bl Paganus of Lecco
Bl Pierre Boffet
St Tathai of Wales
St Theodore the Sacristan

St Vincenza Maria Lopez (1847- 1890) Religious Sister, Founder of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate.

St Zeno of Gaza

St Pope Zosimus (Died 418) Bishop of Rome from 18 March 417 to his death on 26 December 418, Confessor. Greek by birth, his short Pontificate was characterised by serious conflicts with the Bishops of Gaul and those of Africa.
St Zosimus’ Life:

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Notre-Dame de Chartres / Our Lady of Chartres, (1935) and Memorials of the Saints – 22 December

Notre-Dame de Chartres / Our Lady of Chartres, (Pèlerinage de Chartres / The Chartres Pilgrimage) Mother of Youth (1935): also known as the Pilgrimage of Christendom, has been gathering thousands of people on the Solemnity of Pentecost for a three-day trek from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres:

St Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917) – Italian-American Religious Sister, who founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was the first naturalised citizen of the United States to be canonised on 7 July 1946 by Pope Pius XII.
About St Frances

St Abban of New Ross
Bl Adam of Saxony
St Amaswinthus of Málaga
St Athernaise of Fife
St Bertheid of Münster
St Chaeremon of Nilopolis

St Flavian of Acquapendente (Died 363) Martyr Layman, Prefect of Imperial Rome, Husband of Saint Dafrosa, Father of Saint Bibiana and Saint Demetria. The Roman Martyrology states: “At Rome, ex-Prefect, who, under Julian the Apostate, was condemned to be branded for Christ and banished to Aquae Taurinae, where he gave up his soul to God in prayer.”
His Life and Death:

St Honoratus of Toulouse

St Hungerus Frisus of Utrecht (Died 866) Bishop of Utrecht
His Life:

St Ischirione of Alexandria

Blessed Jutta of Disibodenberg OSB (c 1084-1136) Nun of the Benedictine Order, Foundress and Abbess, Spiritual Director (most notably of St Hildegard of Bingen), Mystic, miracle worker.

Bl Ottone of Toulouse

Blessed Thomas Holland SJ (1600-1642) Priest of the Society of Jesus and Martyr. of England and Wales. With eyes closed in prayer, Fr Holland looked at a Priest secretly in the crowd and received absolution. After he was hanged, his body was beheaded and quartered and exposed on London Bridge. Fr Holland was only forty-two years of age and a Jesuit for eighteen years. Pope Pius XI Beatified him on 15 December 1929.
His Life and Death:

St Zeno of Nicomedia

Martyrs of Ostia – 3 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred together. The only details about them to survive are three names – Demetrius, Florus and Honoratus. They were martyred at Ostia, Italy.

Martyrs of Rhaitu – 43 Saints: 43 Monks Martyred by Blemmyes, in Raíthu, Egypt, date unknown.

Martyrs of Via Lavicana – 30 Saints: A group of 30 Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian.
c 303 in Rome, Italy and were buried between two bay trees on the Via Lavicana outside Rome.

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Feast of St Thomas, Apostle of Christ, Martyr, Notre-Dame de Saint-Acheul / Our Lady of Saint Acheul, France, (4th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 21 December

Christmas Novena to the Divine Infant Day Six

Feast of St Thomas, Apostle of Christ, Martyr
His Feast was moved to 3 July in 1969

Notre-Dame de Saint-Acheul / Our Lady of Saint Acheul, Amiens, France, founded by Saint Firmin, Bishop (4th Century) – 21 December:

Bl Adrian of Dalmatia

St Anastasius II of Antioch (Died 609) Bishop and Martyr, Confessor, Defender of the Faith.

St Baudacarius of Bobbio
St Beornwald of Bampton
Bl Bezela of Göda

Blessed Daniel of the Annunciation OdeM Mercedarian Friar. Daniel was a Mercedarian Friar at the Monastery of Santa Maria della Pace in Naples, Italy. He was a staunch defender of the freedom of the Church from state control and of his Order.(13th Century?)

St Dioscorus

Blessed Dominic Spadafora OP (1450-1521) Dominican Priest, renowned Preacher and Evangelist. His body is incorrupt.

St Festus of Tuscany
St Glycerius of Nicomedia
St James of Valencia
St John of Tuscany
St John Vincent
St Micah the Prophet
St Severin of Trèves (Died c 300) Bishop, Confessor
Bl Sibrand of Marigård
St Themistocles of Lycia

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Nuestra Señora de Toledo / Our Lady of Toledo, Spain (The Chasuble of St Ildephonsus) (657) and Memorials of the Saints – 19 December

Christmas Novena to the Divine Infant Jesus – Day Four

Nuestra Señora de Toledo (La Casulla de Santo Ildephonsus) / Our Lady of Toledo, Spain (The Chasuble of St Ildephonsus) (657) – 19 December:

Blessed Pope Urban V (1310-1370) Bishop of Rome from 28 September 1362 to his death in 1370, Priest, Benedictine Monk, Abbot, Canon lawyer, brilliant scholar, teacher.
About Blessed Pope Urban:

St Adelaide of Susa (c 1014-1091) Countess, Married Laywoman
St Avitus of Micy
Bl Berengar of Banares

St Berardo Valeara OSB (c 1050-1122) Bishop of Teramo, Italy, Priest, Benedictine Monk at Monte Cassino, Reformer, Evangelist, Apostle of Charity and Peace.
His life:

St Boniface of Cilicia
Bl Cecilia of Ferrara
St Fausta of Sirmium
St Gregory of Auxerre
St Jaume Boguñá Casanovas
St Johannes Gogniat
St Jordi Sampé Tarragó
St Josep Albareda Ramoneda
Bl Konrad Liechtenau
St Manirus of Scotland (c 700-824) Confessor, Bishop, Missionary
St Meuris of Alexandria
St Nemesius of Alexandria
St René Dubroux
St Ribert of Saint-Oyend
St Thea of Alexandria
St Timothy the Deacon

Blessed William of Fenoli O.Cart. (1065-1120) Carthusian Monk, Hermit, Miracle-worker. Beatified on 29 March 1860 by Pope Pius IX (cultus confirmation).
His Life:

Blessed Mercedarian Fathers – (6 Beati): A group of Mercedarian Friars noted for their dedication to the Order’s Rule, for their continuous prayer life and their personal piety.

  • Blessed Bartolomeo of Podio
  • Blessed Giovanni of Verdera
  • Blessed Guglielmo de Gallinaris
  • Blessed Guglielmo of Prunera
  • Blessed Pietro of Benevento
  • Blessed Pietro of Gualba

Martyrs of Nicaea – (4 Saints): A group of Christians Martyred together. The only surviving details are four of their names – Darius, Paul, Secundus and Zosimus. They were martyred at Nicaea, Bithynia (modern Izmit, Turkey).

Martyrs of Nicomedia – (5 Saints): A group of Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. We know little more than the names of five – Anastasius, Cyriacus, Paulillus, Secundus and Syndimius. They were martyred in 303 at Nicomedia, Asia Minor.

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Ember Saturday, Madonna del Terremoto / Our Lady of the Earthquake, Basilicata, Italy (1857) and Memorials of the Saints – 17 Decenber

Ember Saturday – Fast and Abstinence

Christmas Novena Day Two

Madonna del Terremoto (Madonna del Carmine) / Our Lady of the Earthquake, Paterno, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy (1857) – 17 December. (As Patron-Our Lady of Carmel – 26 July):

St Lazarus of Bethany (1st Century) Friend amd Disciple of Jesus, raised to life by Jesus after having been in his tomb for 4 days, brother of Sts Martha and Mary of Bethany, Bishop of Marseilles, France, , Martyr, Missionary. Died by being beheaded in the 1st century in a cave near Marseilles, France.
His Life and Death:

St Briarch of Bourbriac
St Judicaël
St Maxentiolus
St Modestus of Jerusalem

St Olympias of Constantinople (c 361-365 – 408) Childless Widow, Diaconess, friend of St John Chrysostom, Apostle of charity and Founder of a Convent, hospital and an orphanage, Defender of the true faith.
About St Olympias:

Bl Peter of Spain

St Sturmi of Fulda OSB (c 705-779) Priest, Monk, Missionary, disciple of Saint Boniface and Founder and first Abbot of the Benedictine Monastery and Abbey of Fulda. Known as “The Apostle of the Saxons,” “The Apostle of Germany.”
About St Sturmi:

St Tydecho
St Wivina (1103-c 1170) Virgin, Abbess
St Yolanda

Martyrs of Eleutheropolis – (60+ Martyrs-Beati): Approximately 60 Christian soldiers in the imperial Roman army of emperor Heraclius; they were murdered as a group for their faith by invading Saracen Muslims. We know the names of two of them – Calaoicus and Florian. 638 in Eleutheropolis (Beit Jibrin), Palestine.

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Nostra Signora dell’Immacolata Concezione / Our Lady of the Conception, Naples, Italy (1618) and Memorials of the Saints – 9 December

Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception

Nostra Signora dell’Immacolata Concezione / Our Lady of the Conception, Naples, Italy (1618) – 9 December:

St Adam Scotus
Bl Agustín García Calvo *
St Auditor of Saint-Nectaire
St Balda of Jouarre
St Budoc of Brittany
Bl Carmen Rodríguez Banazal *
St Caesar of Korone
St Cephas
Ven Clara Isabella Fornari OSC (1697–1744) Virgin, Nun of the Poor Clares, Mystic, Stigmatist
St Cyprian of Perigueux
Bl Dolores Broseta Bonet *
Bl Estefanía Irisarri Irigaray *
St Ethelgiva of Shaftesbury
St Gorgonia
Bl Isidora Izquierdo García *
Bl José Ferrer Esteve *
Bl José Giménez López *
Bl Josefa Laborra Goyeneche *
Bl Josep Lluís Carrera Comas *
St Julian of Apamea
Bl Julián Rodríguez Sánchez *

St Leocadia of Toledo (Died c 304) Virgin Martyr. Hearing of the Martyrdom of St Eulalia, she prayed that God would not prolong her exile but unite her speedily with her beloved Lord in His glory.
Her Life and Death:

Blessed Liborius Wagner (1593-1631) Priest and Martyr, Confessor, Teacher.
His Life and Death:

Bl María Pilar Nalda Franco *
St Michaela Andrusikiewicz
St Nectarius of Auvergne

St Peter Fourier CRSA (1565-1640) “The Good Father of Mattaincourt,” Priest, Founder, Reformer, Confessor, Ascetic, Theologian, Teacher, Preacher, Apostle of Prayer, Penance and Charity, Marian devotee. Together with the Blessed Alix Le Clerc, in 1597, Fourier founded the Congregation of Notre Dame of Canonesses Regular of St Augustine, who were committed to the free education of children, taking a fourth vow to that goal. St Peter was Beatified on 20 January 1730 by Pope Benedict XIII and Canonised on 27 May 1897 by Pope Leo XIII.

St Proculus of Verona
Bl Recaredo de Los Ríos Fabregat *

St Syrus of Pavia (1st Century) The First Bishop og Pavia, Italy, Confessor, Miracle-worker, Defender of the Faith, Evangeliser.

St Valeria of Limoges
St Wulfric of Holme

Blessed Mercedarian Fathers – (10 Beati): The memorial of ten Mercedarian Friars who were especially celebrated for their holiness.

  • Arnaldo de Querol • Berengario Pic • Bernardo de Collotorto • Domenico de Ripparia • Giovanni de Mora • Guglielmo Pagesi • Lorenzo da Lorca • Pietro Serra • Raimondo Binezes • Sancio de Vaillo

Martyred Salesians of Valencia – (5 Beati)

Martyrs of North Africa – (4 Saints): Twenty-four Christians murdered together in North Africa for their faith. The only details to survive are four of their names – Bassian, Peter, Primitivus and Successus.

Martyrs of Samosata – (7 Saints): Seven Martyrs crucified in 297 in Samosata (an area of modern Turkey) for refusing to perform a pagan rite in celebration of the victory of Emperor Maximian over the Persians. They are – Abibus, Hipparchus, James, Lollian, Paragnus, Philotheus and Romanus. They were crucified in 297 in Samosata (an area in modern Turkey).

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Vigil of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgen del Castillo / Virgin of the Castle, Spain (1642) and Memorials of the Saints – 7 December

Vigil of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
– 7 December:
On this vigil day, Catholics stand in the remains of the night as the dawn makes its appearance. This resplendent dawn is that Singular Conception, the Immaculate Conception, who ushers in the Light of Christ.
A day of Fast and Abstinence following the Rubrics of Pope Pius X for the Universal Calendar of the Church.

It is through the most Blessed Virgin Mary, that Jesus Christ came into the world and, it is also through her, that He will reign in the world.” – St Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort (1673-1716)

Virgen del Castillo, Inmaculada Concepción / Virgin of the Castle, Yecla, Spain (1642) – 7 and 8 December:

St Ambrose (c 340-397) – Confessor, Bishop, Father and Doctor of the Church, Theologian, Apostle of Charity, Writer, Musician, Preacher, Reformer and Protector – all-in-all a brilliant, charismatic, vibrant man.
And More:

St Agatho of Alexandria
St Anianas of Chartres
St Athenodoros of Mesopotamia
St Buithe of Monasterboice
St Burgundofara / Fara (c 595-c 643) Nun, Abbess, Founder

St Charles Garnier SJ (1606-1649) Priest Martyr, Missionary. Charles Garnier was Canonised on 29 June 1930 by Pope Pius XI with the seven other Canadian Martyrs (also known as the North American Martyrs).
His Life and Death

St Diuma
St Geretrannus of Bayeux
Bl Humbert of Clairvaux
St Martin of Saujon

St Maria Giuseppa Rosello FdM (1811-1880) Religious sister and Founder of the Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy. She was Canonised in 1949 by Pope Pius XII.
About St Maria Giuseppa:

St Nilus of Stolbensk

St Sabinus of Spoleto (Died c 303) Bishop of Assisi, Martyr, Miracle-worker.
His Life and Death:

St Servus the Martyr
St Theodore of Antioch
St Urban of Teano
St Victor of Piacenza

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Notre-Dame de Séez/ Our Lady of Séez, Normandy, France (5th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 6 December

Notre-Dame de Séez/ Our Lady of Séez, Normandy, France (5th Century) – 6 December:

St Nicholas (270-343) Confessor, Bishop, Confessor, Abbot, Apostle of Charity, Miracle-worker.
Full Biography here:

St Abraham of Kratia ( c 474–c 558) Bishop, Monk, Hermit.

St Aemilianus the Martyr
Bl Angelica of Milazzo

St Asella of Rome (Died c 406) Virgin Hermit Friend of St Jerome
A Flower of the Lord:

St Boniface the Martyr
St Dativa the Martyr
St Dionysia the Martyr
St Gerard of La Charité (Died c 1109) Abbot, Founder of Monasteries
St Gertrude the Elder
St Isserninus of Ireland
St Leontia the Martyr
St Majoricus the Martyr

St Peter Pascual (Died 1299) Bishop and Martyr, Theologian.
His Feast Day should be 23 October – changed in 1969.
His life and death:

St Polychronius
St Tertus

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The Sodality of Our Lady / Our Lady of the Jesuit College, Rome (1584) and Memorials of the Saints – 5 December

The Sodality of Our Lady / Our Lady of the Jesuit College, Rome (1584) – 5 December:

St Sabbas of Mar Saba (439–532) Priest. a Cappadocian-Syrian Monk, founder of several Monasteries, most notably the one known as Mar Saba.
The Life of St Sabba

St Abercius
St Anastasius
St Aper of Sens

Blessed Bartholomew Fanti of Mantua O.Carm. (c 1428-1495) Carmelite Priest, renowned Preacher. Humble and gentle, Bartholomew gave an example to everyone of a life of prayer, of loving kindness and generosity to all and of faithful service to the Lord. He was remembered and revered, even during his life, for his great love ot the Blessed Sacrament, which was the source and the summit of his apostolic life, together with his love and devotion to the Virgin Mother. His Beatification received the Papal approval of Pope Pius X on 18 March 1909.

St Basilissa of Øhren
St Bassus of Lucera
St Bassus of Nice
St Cawrdaf of Fferreg
St Christina of Markyate
St Consolata of Genoa
St Crispina
St Cyrinus of Salerno
St Dalmatius of Pavia
St Firminus of Verdun
St Gerald of Braga (Died 1109) Bishop
St Gerbold
St Gratus
St Joaquín Jovaní Marín
Bl Giovanni/John Gradenigo
St Justinian
St Martiniano of Pecco
Bl Narcyz Putz
St Nicetius of Trier
St Pelinus of Confinium
St Vicente Jovaní Ávila

Martyrs of Thagura – (12 Saints): A group of twelve African Christians who were Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. The only details about them that have survived are five of their names – Crispin, Felix, Gratus, Juliua and Potamia.
They died in 302 in Thagura, Numidia

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The First Sunday of Advent, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal / The Medal of the Immaculate Conception (1830) and Memorials of the Saints – 27 November

The First Sunday of Advent +2022

Memorial of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal / The Medal of the Immaculate Conception (1830) (the correct title is the latter):

St Catherine Labouré DC (1806-1876):
The Miraculous Medal:

Two of the most famous conversions due to the Miraculous medal was that of Fr Alphonse Ratisbonne NDS (1814-1884), an anti-Catholic Jewish banker and Claude Newman (1923-1944).
Fr Alphonse Ratisbonne received a vision of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. After his conversion, he became a Priest and worked for the conversion of the Jewish people

St Acacius of Sebaste
St Acharius of Noyon
St Apollinaris of Monte Cassino
St Barlaam

Blessed Bernardine of Fossa OFM (1420-1503) Priest, Friar of the Friars Minor, Missionary in Italy and a renowned Preacher, noted Historian, Lawyer, Ascetical Writer, rising within the Order to important positions. His cult was later confirmed by the Beatification of Pope Leo XII on 26 March 1828.
The Roman Martyrology states: “At L’Aquila, blessed Bernardino da Fossa (Giovanni) Amici, Priest of the Order of Minors, who preached the Catholic Faith in many Provinces of Italy.

St Bilhild of Altmünster
St Eusician
St Facundus
St Fergus the Pict
St Gallgo of Wales
St Gregory of Sinai
St Gulstan
St Hirenarchus of Sebaste
St James Intercisus
St John Angeloptes
St John of Pavia
St Laverius

St Leonard of Port Maurice OFM (1676-1751) Priest and Friar of the Friars Minor, Confessor, Preacher – in particular Parish Mission Preacher, Ascetic Writer, Spiritual Director.
His Feast Day should be 26 November – it was moved to 27 November in 1969.
About St Leonard:

St Maximus of Reiz
St Primitivus of Sahagun
St Secundinus of Ireland (c 373-448) Bishop, Missionary
St Severinus the Hermit
St Siffred of Carpentras
St Valerian of Aquileia

St Virgilius of Salzburg (c 700-784) Bishop, Abbot, early Astronomer, Architect, Writer, Poet, Patron of the Arts – he was called “the Apostle of Carinthia” and “the Geometer.”
His Life:

Martyrs of Antioch – 3 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred together for their faith. Little information has survived except for their names – Auxilius, Basileus and Saturninus.

Martyrs of Nagasaki – 11 Beati: A group of eleven Christians Martyred together for their faith during a period of official persecution in Japan. They are:

  • Blessed Alexius Nakamura
  • Blessed Antonius Kimura
  • Blessed Bartholomaeus Seki
  • Blessed Ioannes Iwanaga
  • Blessed Ioannes Motoyama
  • Blessed Leo Nakanishi
  • Blessed Matthias Kozasa
  • Blessed Matthias Nakano
  • Blessed Michaël Takeshita
  • Blessed Romanus Motoyama Myotaro
  • Blessed Thomas Koteda Kyumi
    They were Martyred on 27 November 1619 in Nagasaki, Japan and Beatified on 7 May 1867 by Pope Pius IX.
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Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Westrozebeke / Our Lady of Westrozebeke,Belgium (1482) and Memorials of the Saints – 26 November

Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Westrozebeke / Our Lady of Westrozebeke, Staden, West Flanders, Belgium (1482) – 26 November, Third Sunday of June:

St Leonard of Port Maurice OFM (1676-1751) Confessor, Priest and Friar of the Friars Minor, reacher – in particular Parish Mission Preacher, Ascetic Writer, Spiritual Director. St Leonard founded many pious societies and confraternities and exerted himself to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Passion of Christ. He was among the few to insist that the concept of the Immaculate Conception of Mary be defined as a Dogma of the Faith. He was Beatified on 19 June 1796 by Pope Pius VI and Canonised on 29 June 1867 by Pope Pius IX.
About St Leonard:

St Sylvester Gozzolini OSB Silv. (1177– 1267) Priest, Abbot, Founder of the Silvestrini Congration, Mystic, gifted with the charism of prophecy and miracles, but also subject to violent attacks by the devil.
St Sylvester’s Life:

St Peter of Alexandria (Died 311) Martyr, “The Seal of the Martyrs” Bishop of Alexandria. Tradition attests that the Egyptian Bishop, St Peter, was the last believer to suffer death at the hands of Roman imperial authorities for his faith in Christ. Hence the title “The Seal of the Martyrs.”
His Life and Death:
AND (I posted St Peter on the 25th in error):

Bl Albert of Haigerloch
St Alypius Stylites
St Amator of Autun
St Basolus of Verzy
St Bellinus of Padua (Died 1151) Bishop and Martyr
St Bertger of Herzfeld
St Conrad of Constance
Bl Delphine of Glandèves
St Egelwine of Athelney
St Ida of Cologne
St James the Hermit
St Magnance of Ste-Magnance
St Marcellus of Nicomedia
St Martin of Arades
St Nicon of Sparta
Bl Pontius of Faucigny
St Sabaudus of Trier
St Siricius, Pope
St Stylianus
St Vacz

Martyrs of Alexandria – 650+- Saints: A group of approximately 650 Christian Priests, Bishops and Laity Martyred together in the persecution of Maximian Galerius. We have the names and a few details only seven of them – Ammonius, Didius, Faustus, Hesychius, Pachomius, Phileas and Theodore. The were born in Egypt and were martyred there in c 311 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Martyrs of Capua – 7 Saints: A group of seven Christians Martyred together. The only details about them to survive are the names – Ammonius, Cassianus, Felicissimus, Nicander, Romana, Saturnin and Serenus. They were martyred in Capua, Campania, Italy, date unknown.

Martyrs of Nicomedia – 6 Saints: A group of six Christians Martyred by Arians. Few details have survived except their names – Marcellus, Melisus, Numerius, Peter, Serenusa and Victorinus. Martyred in 349 in Nicomedia, Bithynia, Asia Minor (modern Izmit, Turkey).

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Madonna del Sasso / Our Lady of the Rock, Fiesole, Italy (1028) and Memorials of the Saints – 25 November

Madonna del Sasso / Our Lady of the Rock, Fiesole, Tuscany, Italy (1028) – 25 November:

St Catherine of Alexandria (Died c 305) Virgin Martyr, Philosopher, One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
St Catherine’s Life and Death:

Bl Adalbert of Caramaico
St Alanus of Lavaur
St Audentius of Milan

Blessed Beatrice d’Ornacieux O.Cart (c 1260–1303) Virgin, Carthusian Nun, Mystic, Founded a Monastery at Eymeu on France. The Roman Martyrology states: “In the territory of Valence in France, Blessed Beatrice d’Ornacieux, Virgin of the Carthusian Order, who, famous for her love for the Cross, lived and died in extreme poverty in the Monastery of Eymeu which she founded.”

St Bernold of Ottobeuren
Bl Conrad of Heisterbach
Bl Ekbert of Muensterschwarzach

Blessed Elisabeth Achler TOR (1386-1420) “Blessed Elisabeth the Good,” Franciscan Tertiary Sister, Mystic, Stigmatist, Apostle of the Holy Eucharist, prayer and charity, gifted with the charism of prophecy.

St Erasmus of Antioch
Bl Garcia of Arlanza
Bl Guido of Casauria
St Imma of Wurzburg
Bl Jacinto Serrano López
St Jucunda of Reggio Aemilia
Bl Maria Corsini Beltrame Quattrocchi
St Mercurius of Caesarea
St Moses of Rome

Martyrs of Africa – (13 Saints): A group of 13 Christians murdered together for their faith in Africa, date unknown. The only details to have survived are their names – Claudian, Cyprian, Donatus, Felix, Januarius, Julian, Lucian, Marcian, Martialis, Peter, Quirianus, Victor and Vitalis.

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Memorials of the Saints – 22 November

St Cecilia – Died 3rd Century) Virgin Martyr
St Cecilia’s Biography:

St Agabbas of Syria
St Amphilochius of Iconium
St Ananias of Arbela
St Apphia
St Eugenia of Matera
St Christian of Auxerre
St Dayniolen the Younger
St Joan of Montefalco
St Mark of Antioch
St Maurus of North Africa
St Philemon
St Pragmatius of Autun (Died c 520) Bishop
St Sabinian the Abbot
St Stephen of Antioch

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Trials and Tribulations

We have been subjected to Blackouts for months (actually years) now usually staggered in 2 1/2 cuts and according to a schedule for each town, thus allowing for a stressful re-organisation of each day.

BUT sometimes … things go horribly wrong, whether intentionally or accidentally. Like yesterday, when they switched off at the expected time but failed to switch on again. One sits and waits and waits and waits and then goes to bed hungry.

I pray all will go well today and there will be posts tomorrow. I only managed to schedule the List of Feasts and Saints and dear Cardinal Bacci, ahead of the powercut yesterday.

I know this is not confined to South Africa alone, I have heard of a 7 day powerless period recently in Nigeria and know too of similar cuts in the USA, Middle East, England, France and various European countries (yep). So for whoever suffers in the same way – or worse – “hou vas!” 🙏 Ana 💖

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Santa Maria alla Porta Luigi / Our Lady of Port Louis, Italy and Memorials of the Saints – 4 November

First Friday

Santa Maria alla Porta Luigi / Our Lady of Port Louis, Milan, Italy – 4 November:

St Charles Borromeo (1538-1584) Confessor Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal, Doctor of Theology, Civil and Canon Law, Reformer, Founder of Seminaries.  He is known as the “Father of the Clergy”   Born Count Carlo Borromeo .
About St Charles:

St Vitalis (Died c 304) Martyr and St Agricola (Died c 304) Martyr
St Amandus of Avignon
St Amandus of Rodez
St Birstan
St Clarus the Hermit
St Clether

St Emeric of Hungary (c 1007-1031) Confessor, Prince and heir to the Hungarian Throne, Son of St Stephen, King of Hungary.
His Short Life of Chastity and Devotion:

Bl Frances d’Amboise
St Gerard de Bazonches
St Gregory of Burtscheid
Bl Helen Enselmini
Bl Henry of Zweifalten
St Hermas of Myra
St Joannicus of Mount Olympus
St John Zedazneli
St Modesta of Trier
St Nicander of Lycia
St Patrobas
St Perpète
St Philologus
St Pierius
St Proculus of Autun

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All Souls Day, Notre-Dame D’Emminont / Our Lady of Emminont,France (12th Century) and Memorials of the Saints – 2 November

All Souls Day – The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed: Commemoration of the faithful departed in Purgatory. Abbot Odilo of Cluny instituted it in the Monasteries of his congregation in 998, other religious orders took up the observance and it was adopted by various Diocese and gradually by the whole Church. The Office of the Dead must be recited by the clergy on this day and Pope Benedict XV granted to all Priests, the privilege of saying three Masses of requiem –
• one for the souls in Purgatory
• one for the intention of the Holy Father
• one for the Priest’s intentions
If the feast should fall on Sunday it is kept on 3 November.
Patronage: Monselice, Italy

Notre-Dame D’Emminont / Our Lady of Emminont. Abbeville, France (12th Century) – 2 November:

St Ambrose of Agaune
St Ambrose of Agaune
St Amicus of Fonte Avellana
St Amicus of Rambone
St Baya of Scotland
St Domninus of Grenoble
St Erc of Slane
St Eustochium of Tarsus
St George of Vienne
Bl John Bodey
St Jorandus of Kergrist
St Justus of Trieste
St Marcian of Chalcis
Blessed Margaret of Lorraine OSC (1463-1521)Duchess of Alençon, Mother, Widow, Nun of the Poor Clares
St Mateo López y López
St Maura of Scotland
St Theodotus of Laodicea

St Victorinus of Pettau (Died c 304) Bishop Martyr, learned Exegetists on both the Old and the New Testament, ecclesiastical writer, theologian.
His Life and Death:

St Willebald of Bavaria

Martyrs of Isfahan – 5+ Saints: Acindynus, Pegasius and Anempodistus were Persian priests who were imprisoned, tortured, interrogated and Martyred in the persecutions of king Sapor II of Persia; he considered any Christian to be a Roman spy and anti-Persian.

Martyrs of Sebaste – 10 Saints: A group of ten soldiers in the imperial Roman army of Emperor Licinius Licinianus who were executed together for refusing to burn incense as a sacrifice to the emperor. The only details that have survived are five of their names – Agapius, Cartherius, Eudoxius, Styriacus and Tobias. They were burned at the stake in 315 in Sebaste (in modern Turkey).

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Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ, Lord of Miracles/Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas, Notre-Dame de Vivonne / Our Lady of Vivonne, Savoy, France and Memorials of the Saints – 28 October

Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles of Christ:

Lord of Miracles/Señor de los Milagros de Nazarenas – A mid-17th-century painting of the Crucifixion that is venerated in Lima, Peru and its celebration involves one of the largest processions in the world.
It was painted by an unnamed African taken to Peru as a slave from what is now Angola. Above the Cross is the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Below and to the right of Jesus, is His mother, the Virgin Mary with her heart pierced by a sword of sorrow. Kneeling and weeping at the foot of the cross is St Mary Magdalene.
The name originated on 13 November 1655 when everything around it was destroyed in an earthquake that left the painting standing and undamaged. Christ is shown enduring the pain of Crucifixion.
Every year in October, hundreds of thousands of devotees from all races and economic backgrounds participate in a procession honouring the image through the streets of Lima. Boulevards are decorated in purple on 18,19 and the final Feast 28 October to celebrate the Lord of Miracles.

Notre-Dame de Vivonne / Our Lady of Vivonne, Savoy, France – 28 October:

St Abdias of Babylon
St Abraham of Ephesus
St Alberic of Stavelot
St Anastasia the Elder
St Anglinus of Stavelot
St Cyril of Rome
St Cyrilla of Rome
St Diomedes the Younger
St Dorbhene of Iona

St Eadsin of Canterbury (Died 1050) Archbishop of Canterbury from 1038 to 1050, Monk. He crowned St Edward the Confessor as King of England in 1043.

St Elius of Lyon
St Faro of Meaux

St Fidelis of Como (Died c 304) Soldier-Saint Martyr
His Life and Death:

St Ferrutius
St Genesius of Thiers
Bl Germain of Talloires
St Godwin of Stavelot
St Maria Ascuncion
St Remigius of Lyons
St Rodrigo Aguilar Aleman
St Salvius of Amiens

Martyrs of Avila – 3 Saints: Two sisters and a brother who, during a period of persecution, fled Talavera de la Reina, Spain, were caught and executed. Martyrs: Christeta, Sabina and Vincent. 303 in Avila, Spain.

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Vigil of Saints Simon and Jude, Dedication of the Basilica of Auxilium Christianorum, built by St John Bosco (1868) and Memorials of the Saints

Vigil of Saints Simon and Jude

Dedication of the Basilica of Auxilium Christianorum / Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin, Italy, built by St John Bosco (1868) – 27 October:

St Abban of Magh-Armuidhe
St Abraham the Poor

Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza OP (c 1200–1271) Bishop, Confessor, Dominican Friar, renowned Preacher, Defender of the Faith, Writer, Theologian, diplomatic peacemaker.
His Life:

St Capitolina
St Colman of Senboth-Fola
St Colman of Templeshambo
St Desiderius of Auxerre

St Elesbaan of Ethiopia (Died c 555) King of Ethopia, Confessor, Penitent Hermit and Monk

St Emeline of Boulancourt (c 1115-c 1178) Virgin, Lay Sister, Hermit.

St Erotheides
St Florentius of Trois-Châteaux

St Frumentius (Died c 383) “Apostle to Ethiopia,“ Bishop, Confessor.
St Frumentius’ Biography:

St Gaudiosus of Naples
Bl Goswin of Clairvaux
St Namatius of Clermont
St Odrian (c Died 563) Bishop, Abbot, Missionary
Bl Salvador Mollar Ventura
St Thraseas of Eumenia
St Uni

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Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost, Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer, Notre-Dame-de-Grace / Our Lady of Grace, France (1524) and Memorials of the Saints – 23 October

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost +2022

Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer – The Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer is a Catholic liturgical feast. It is celebrated in Venice as the Festa del Redentore. It is also celebrated by the Redemptorists and was celebrated in the City of Rome. The feast is found only in the special calendar of some Diocese and religious Orders and is celebrated with proper Mass and Office either on the third Sunday of July or on 23 October.

Notre-Dame-de-Grace / Our Lady of Grace in Equemauville, Honfleur, France – also known as Our Lady of Consolation (1524) 20 June (The Crowning) and 23 October:

St Anthony Mary Claret CMF (1807-1870) Known as “The Spiritual Father of Cuba.” In the first years, records show, that he Confirmed 100,000 people and performed 9,000 Sacramental Marriages.Archbishop of Cuba, one of the Fathers of the First Vatican Council,Confessor to the Queen of Spain, Missionary, Founder of the Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, commonly called the Claretians, Confessor, Mystic, Social Reformer, Spiritual Director, Writer, Publisher, Preacher, Apostle of Charity. He was declared venerable by Pope Leo XIII in 1899. He was Beatified in 1934 and in 1950, Canonised by Pope Pius XII. His heart is incorrupt.
The 1969 revision of the calendar moved St Anthony Feast to the day of his death, 24 October (from the 23rd) which had been the Feast of Saint Raphael the Archangel since 1921.

About St Anthony Mary here:

St Allucio of Campugliano (c 1070–1134) Layman. Apostle of the poor and of pilgrims, Penitent, Peace-maker, Miracle-worker.

Bl Anne-Joseph Leroux
St Amo of Toul
St Arethas of Negran
St Benedict of Sebaste
St Clether
St Domitius
St Elfleda
St Ethelfleda
Saints Germanus and Servandus of Cadiz
St Gratien of Amiens
St Henry of Cologne
St Ignatius of Constantinople

Blessed John Angelo Porro OSM (1451-1505) Priest, Religious of the Order of Servants of Mary, Penitent, Catechist, Hermit.
His Story:

Bl John Buoni
St John of Syracuse
St Oda of Aquitaine
St Romanus of Rouen
Blessed Severinus Boethius (c 475-524) Martyr
St Severinus of Cologne
St Syra of Faremoutiers
St Theodoret of Antioch
Bl Thomas Thwing
St Verus of Salerno

Martyrs of Nicaea – 3 Saints

Martyrs of Valenciennes – 6 Beati: A group of Urusuline and Briggittine nuns murdered together in the anti-Christian excesses of the French Revolution. They were guillotined on 23 October 1794 in Valenciennes, Nord, France and Beatified on 13 June 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.
• Anne-Joseph Leroux
• Clotilde-Joseph Paillot
• Jeanne-Louise Barré
• Marie-Augustine Erraux
• Marie-Liévine Lacroix
• Marie-Marguerite-Joseph Leroux