One Minute Reflection – 22 September – “You cannot serve God and mammon.”

One Minute Reflection – 22 September – Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 16:1–13 and the Memorial of St Ignatius of Santhia OFM Cap (1686-1770)

“You cannot serve God and mammon.” … Luke 16:13

REFLECTION – “A servant cannot serve two masters.”   Not that there are two, there is only one Master.   For even if there are some people who serve money, it has no inherent right to be a master, they themselves are the ones, who assume the yoke of this slavery.  In fact, money has no rightful authority but constitutes an unjust bondage.   That is why Jesus says: “Make friends for yourselves with deceitful money” so that by generosity to the poor we will win the favour of angels and saints.

The steward is not blamed.   By this we learn that we are not masters but rather stewards of other people’s wealth.   He was praised even though he was in the wrong because, in paying out to others in his master’s name he won support for himself.   And how rightly Jesus spoke of “deceitful wealth” because love of money so tempts our desires with its various seductions that we consent to become its slaves.   That is why He said: “If you are not trustworthy with what belongs to another, who will give you what is yours?”   Riches are alien to us because they exist outside of our nature, they are not born with us, they do not follow us in death.   But Christ, to the contrary, belongs to us because He is life… So don’t let us become slaves of exterior goods because Christ is the only one we should acknowledge as our Lord.” … Saint Ambrose (340-397) – Bishop of Milan, Father and Doctor of the Church – Commentary on Saint Luke’s Gospel, 7, 244s SC 52you cannot serve god and mammom - love of money st ambrose - 22 sept 2019

PRAYER – All-powerful, eternal God, splendour of true light and never-ending day, turn our ears and hearts to Your Word, that we may hear and live by the seed You have sown. May all that grows in us, be of Your good seed and yield fruit a hundredfold.   Grant Lord, we pray, that by the prayers of St Ignatius of Santhia, we may be filled with courage and love and spread Your Word by our lives.   We make our prayer through Jesus, our Lord and Word, with the Holy Spirit, one God with You, forever, ignatius of santhia - pray for us - 22 sept 2019


One Minute Reflection – 15 September – He was lost and has been found.

One Minute Reflection – 15 September – Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 15:1–32 and the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

 ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost.’ ... Luke 15:6

luke 15 6 rejoice with me for I have found my sheep - 28 june 2019 sacred heart.jpg

REFLECTION – “Since man’s weakness is incapable of maintaining a firm step in this changing world, the good doctor shows you a remedy against going astray and the merciful judge does not withhold hope of forgiveness.   It is not without reason that Saint Luke put forward three parables in succession – the sheep who strayed and was found again;  the coin that was lost and found;  the son who died and came back to life.   This is so that this threefold remedy will urge us to take care of our wounds…  The weary sheep is brought back by the shepherd, the lost coin is found, the son turns back and returns to his father, repenting of his waywardness…

Let us rejoice, then, in that this sheep, which went astray in Adam, has been raised up again in Christ.   Christ’s shoulders are the arms of the cross, there it is that I have laid down my sins, on that gallows I have found my rest.   This “sheep” is one according to its nature but not in personality, since all form a single body composed of many in members.   That is why it is written:  “You are Christ’s body and individually parts of it,” (1Cor 12:27).   “The Son of Man has come to save what was lost” (Lk 19:10), that is to say everyone, since “just as in Adam all die, so too in Christ shall all be brought to life” (1Cor 15:22)…

Nor, is it irrelevant, that the woman rejoices to have found her coin – it is no small thing, this coin on which is portrayed the image of a prince.   In the same way, the good of the Church is the image of the King.   We are sheep, let us then pray the Lord to lead us to restful waters (Ps 22[23]:2).   We are sheep, let us ask for pasture.   We are the coin, let us keep our value.   We are sons, let us run to the Father.” … St Ambrose (340-397) – Bishop of Milan, Father & Doctor of the Church – On St Luke’s Gospel, 7, 207 (SC 52)christ's shoulders are the arms of the cross - st ambrose - good shepherd - luke 15 1-32 15 sept 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Look upon us Lord, creator and ruler of the whole world, grant us the grace to serve You with all our heart, that we may come to know, the power of Your forgiveness and love.   Our Father, when Jesus Your Son, was raised up on the Cross, it was Your will that Mary, His Mother, should stand there and suffer with Him in her heart.   Grant that in union with her, the Church may share in the passion of Christ and so be brought to the glory of His Resurrection.   Be our intercessor and our consolation, Our Lady of Sorrows! We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, with the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever,

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One Minute Reflection – 9 September – “Stretch forth your hand” – St Ambrose

One Minute Reflection – 9 September – Monday of the Twenty-third week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 6:6-11 and the Memorial of St Peter Claver SJ (1581-1654) “slave of the slaves” and Blessed Frédéric Ozanam (1813–1853) “Servant to the Poor”

“On another sabbath, he went into the synagogue and taught and there was a man there whose right hand was withered.” … Luke 6:6luke 6 6 there was a man thre whose right hand was withred - 9 sept 2019.jpg

REFLECTION – “Are you angry at me because I have healed the whole man on the sabbath day?”   In this place he revivified, with the salutary strength of good works, the hand which Adam stretched out to pluck the fruit of the forbidden tree.   The hand which had withered through a crime, was healed by good deeds.   Christ thereby rebuked the Jews who violated the precepts of the law with evil interpretations.   They thought that they should rest even from good works on the sabbath, since the law prefigured in the present, the form of the future, in which indeed the days of rest from evils, not from blessings, would come.

Then you heard the words of the Lord, saying, “Stretch forth your hand.”   That is the common and universal remedy.   You, who think that you have a healthy hand, beware lest it is withered by greed or by sacrilege.   Hold it out often.   Hold it out to the poor person who begs you.   Hold it out to help your neighbour, to give protection to a widow, to snatch from harm one whom you see subjected to unjust insult.   Hold it out to God for your sins.   The hand is stretched forth, then it is healed.   Jeroboam’s hand withered when he sacrificed to idols, then it stretched out when he entreated God” …  St Ambrose (340-397)-  One of the 4 original Doctors of the Latin Church – Exposition on the Gospel of Luke, 5luke 6 6 there was a man with a withered hand - you think you have a healthy hand st ambrose 9 sept 2019.jpg

PRAYER – God of mercy and love, You offer all peoples the dignity of sharing in your life. Rule over our hearts and bodies this day.   Sanctify us and guide our every thought, word and deed, my our hands be held out to our neighbour in imitation of Your love and mercy.   By the example and prayers of St Peter Claver and Bl Frederic Ozanam, strengthen us to overcome all racial hatreds and to love each other as brothers and sisters.  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever amen.

st-peter-claver-pray-for-us 9 sept 2017

bl frederic ozanam pray for us 9 sept 2019

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One Minute Reflection – 12 August – “Does not your teacher pay the tax?”

One Minute Reflection – 12 August – Monday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Matthew 17:22–27 and the Memorial of Blessed Karl Marie Leisner (1915–1945) Priest, Martyr

“Does not your teacher pay the tax?” … Matthew 17:22

REFLECTION – “Since Christ reconciled the world to God, He Himself certainly did not need reconciliation.   For what sin of His own was He to make propitiation, when He knew no sin?   When the Jews were asking for the didrachma, which according to law was given for sin, He said to Peter:  “Simon, from whom do kings of the earth take toll or tribute? From their sons or from others?”   Peter answered: “From others.”   Jesus said to him: “Then the sons are free.   However, not to give offence to them, go to the sea and cast a hook and take the first fish that comes up and when you open its mouth, you will find a shekel, take that and give it to them for me and for yourself.”

He is pointing out that He is not obliged to propitiation for sins on His own behalf, because He is not a slave of sin but, as Son of God, free from all fault.   For the Son sets free, it is the slave who is guilty.   So He was free from all sin and gives no price of redemption for His own soul – the price of His blood was more than sufficient to redeem all the sins of the world.   Justly then He sets others free, owing nothing for Himself.

Furthermore, not only does Christ owe no price of redemption for Himself or propitiation for sin but, if you take the case of anyone, it can be understood that no individuals owes propitiation for themselves, since Christ is the propitiation of all and Himself the redemption of all.” …Saint Ambrose (340-397) Father & Doctor –  Commentary on Ps 48, 14-15 ; CSEL 64, 368-370 (trans. Breviary, Week 20, Saturday)matthew 17 22 does not your teacher pay the tax - since christ - st ambrose 12 aug 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Almighty God and Father, by Your grace, we are made one in mind and heart. Give us a love for what You command and a longing for what You promise, so that, amid this world’s changes, our hearts may be set on the world of lasting joy. Grant, we pray that by the prayers of Blessed Karl Marie Leisner, we will be made always faithful. Through Him, with Him and in Him, in the union of the Holy Spirit, one God forever, karl leisner pray for us 12 aug 2019

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Quote/s of the Day – 3 August – Marian Gems

Quote/s of the Day – 3 August – Saturday of the Seventeenth week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Marian Saturdays

Marian Gems

“Mary is so holy
that she is the perfect model
of all the virtues
to all mankind.”

St Ambrose (340-397)
Father & Doctor of the Churchmary is so holy that she is the perfect - 3 aug 2019

“Mary was placed by God
in the centre of history
and we can say,
that everything was made
through her
and with her
and in her.”

St Bernard (1090-1153)
Doctor of the Churchmary was placed by god in the centre of history - st bernard - 3 aug 2019

“Mary is the divine Page
on which God the Father
wrote the Word of God, His Son.
Let us draw near to her and read her!”

St Albert the Great (1200-1280)
Doctor of the Churchmary is the divine page on which god the father - st albert the great 3 aug 2019

“The single richest treasure in the Vatican is the Rosary.”

Bl Pope Pius IX (1792-1878)the single richest treasure in the vatican is the rosary bl pope pius ix 3 aug 2019

“Her Heart is so loving
that in comparison to it,
the heart of any other mother
is a piece of ice.”

St John Vianney (1786-1859)her heart is so loving - st john vianney 3 aug 2019

“It can be said, that the Rosary is a compendium of our holy religion.”

St Anthony Mary Claret (1807-1870)it can be said that the rosary is a compendium - st anthony mary claret 3 aug 2019


Quote/s of the Day – 27 July – “Speaking of:   Temptation”

Quote/s of the Day – 27 July – Saturday of the Sixteenth week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: 13:24-30

“Speaking of:   Temptation”

‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field?
How then has it weeds?’

Matthew 13:27matthew 13 27 sir did you not sow good seed - 27 july 2019 temptation.jpg

“As we do battle and fight, in the contest of faith,
God, His angels and Christ Himself, watch us.
How exalted is the glory,
how great the joy of engaging in a contest with God presiding,
of receiving a crown,
with Christ as judge.”

St Cyprian of Carthage (200-258)
Bishop, Martyr, Father of the Churchas-we-do-battle-and-fight-st-cyoprian-of-carthage-6-may-2019-the-contest-of-faith.jpg

“The dragon sits by the side of the road,
watching those who pass.
Beware lest he devour you.
We go to the Father of Souls
but it is necessary to pass by the dragon.”

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (315-387)
Father & Doctor of the Churchthe-dragon-sits-by-the-side-of-the-road-st-cyril-of-jerusalem-16-march-2019.jpg

“So let us not be afraid of temptations.
Rather, let us glory in them saying:
“When I am weak, then am I strong.”
[2 Cor. 12:10]”

St Ambrose (339-397 AD)
Doctor of the Churchluke-4-1-2-jesus-in-the-wilderness-tempted-so-let-us-not-be-afrai-st-ambrose-10-march-2019.jpg

“He could have kept the devil from Himself
but if He were not tempted,
He could not teach you
how to triumph over temptation.”

Saint Augustine (354-430)
Bishop and Great Western Father
and Doctor of the Churchhe could have kept the devil from himself - st augustine - 10 march 1st sun lent 2019.jpg

“Three things are absolutely
necessary against temptation –
prayer to enlighten us,
the sacraments to strengthen us
and vigilance to preserve us.
Happy are souls that are tempted!
It is when the devil discerns
that a soul is tending towards
union with God
that he redoubles his rage!”

St John Marie Vianney (1786-1859)three things are absolutely necessary against temptation - 27 july 2019.jpg

“God will never permit anything,
to happen to us, that is not for our greater good.”

“The storms that are raging around you,
will turn out to be for God’s glory,
your own merit
and the good of many souls.”the-storms-that-are-god-will-never-permit-st-pio-23-sept-2018

“We have close to us, an angelic spirit,
who never leaves us for an instant,
from the cradle to the grave,
who guides and protects us,
like a friend or a brother.”

St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968)we-have-close-to-us-an-angelic-spirit-st-padre-pio-23-sept-2018.jpg


Sunday Reflection – 14 July – The Sacrament that You Receive is Effected by the Words of Christ

Sunday Reflection – 14 July – Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, Luke 10:25–37

The Sacrament that you Receive is Effected by the Words of Christ

Saint Ambrose (340-397)
Bishop and Great Latin Father & Doctor of the Church

An Excerpt from his Work, ‘On the Mysteries’

We see that grace can accomplish more than nature, yet so far, we have been considering instances, of what grace can do through a prophet’s blessing.   If the blessing of a human being had powe,r even to change nature, what do we say of God’s action in the consecration itself, in which the very words of the Lord and Saviour are effective?   If the words of Elijah had power even to bring down fire from heaven, will not the words of Christ have power to change the natures of the elements?   You have read that in the creation of the whole world He spoke and they came to be;  He commanded and they were created.   If Christ could by speaking, create out of nothing what did not yet exist, can we say that His words are unable to change existing things, into something they previously were not?   It is no lesser feat to create new natures for things than to change their existing natures.

What need is there for argumentation?   Let us take what happened in the case of Christ Himself and construct the truth of this mystery, from the mystery of the incarnation.  Did the birth of the Lord Jesus from Mary come about in the course of nature?   If we look at nature we regularly find, that conception results from the union of man and women.   It is clear then, that the conception by the Virgin was above and beyond the course of nature.   And this body that we make present, is the body born of the Virgin.   Why do you expect to find, in this case, that nature takes its ordinary course, in regard to the body of Christ, when the Lord Himself was born of the Virgin, in a manner above and beyond the order of nature?   This is indeed the true flesh of Christ, which was crucified and buried.   This is then in truth the Sacrament of His Flesh.

The Lord Jesus Himself declares – ‘This is my body.’   Before the blessing contained in these words, a different thing is named; after the consecration, a body is indicated.   He Himself speaks of His blood.   Before the consecration, something else is spoken of, after the consecration, blood is designated.   And you say – “Amen,” that is: “It is true.”   What the mouth utters, let the mind within acknowledge, what the Word says, let the heart ratify.

So the Church, in response to grace so great, exhorts her children, exhorts her neighbours, to hasten to these mysteries –  neighbours, she says, come and eat, brethren, drink and be filled.   In another passage the Holy Spirit has made clear to you what you are to eat, what you are to drink.   Taste, the prophet says and see, that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who puts his trust in Him.

Christ is in that sacrament, for it is the body of Christ.   It is, therefore, not bodily food but spiritual.   Thus the Apostle too says, speaking of its symbol – Our fathers ate spiritual food and drank spiritual drink.   For the body of God is spiritual; the body of Christ is that of a divine spirit, for Christ is a spirit.   We read – The spirit before our face is Christ the Lord.   And in the letter of Saint Peter we have this – Christ died for you.   Finally, it is this food that gives strength to our hearts, this drink which gives joy to the heart of man, as the prophet has written.and you say amen that is it is true - st ambrose sun reflec - 14 july 2019.jpg