Our Morning Offering – 13 September – Prayer Before The Crucifix

Our Morning Offering – 13 September – Friday of the Twenty third week in Ordinary Time, Year C

Catholic Time – Friday:  Day of The Passion – Jesus was scourged, mocked and crucified on a Friday.   Because of this, the Church has always set aside Fridays of days of penance and sacrifice.   Many countries still practise what has become known as “Fish Fridays” whilst in others, another form of sacrifice has been instituted.  In most places, the Stations of the Cross, are prayed on Fridays, as a standard devotion.

Prayer Before The Crucifix
By St Vincent Strambi CP (1745-1824)

Jesus, by this saving sign,
bless this listless soul of mine.
Jesus, by Your feet nailed fast,
mend the missteps of my past.
Jesus, with Your riven hands,
bend my will to love’s demands.
Jesus, in Your Heart laid bare,
warm my inner coldness there.
Jesus, by Your thorn-crowned head,
still my pride till it is dead.
Jesus, by Your muted tongue,
stay my words that hurt someone.
Jesus, by Your tired eyes,
open mine to faith’s surprise.
Jesus, by Your fading breath,
keep me faithful until death.
Yes, Lord, by this saving sign,
save this wayward soul of mine.
Amenprayer before the crucifix by st vincent strambi 13 sept 2019 a friday for catholic time

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Our Morning Offering – 9 September – My Oldest Friend

Our Morning Offering – 9 September – Monday of the Twenty-third week in Ordinary Time, Year C – Monday the Angels Day

In Catholic Time, Monday is the day in which we remember the Angels. Angels are powerful guardians and each of us is protected by one. Many of the saints had a great devotion to the Angels in general and to their Guardian Angel in particular.

My Oldest Friend
By Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

My oldest friend, mine from the hour
When first I drew my breath,
My faithful friend, that shall be mine,
Unfailing, till my death….

Mine when I stand before the Judge,
And mine, if spared to stay
Within the golden furnace, till
My sin is burn’d away.

And mine, O Brother of my soul,
When my release shall come,
Thy gentle arms shall lift me then,
Thy wings shall waft me oldest friend - prayer to our guardian angel by bl john henry newman - 2 october 2018.jpg