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1 June – the Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“The month of June is traditionally dedicated
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
the highest human expression of divine love.
The Heart of Jesus is the ultimate symbol of God’s mercy –
but it is not an imaginary symbol, it is a real symbol,
which represents the centre,
the source from which,
salvation for all humanity gushed forth.”

Pope Francis

the month of June - pope francis - 1 june 2019.jpg

Devotion to the Sacred Heart
By Ven Servant of God John A Hardon SJ (1914-2000)

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is as old as Christianity.   When the side of Christ was pierced on Calvary, there immediately flowed out blood and water.   The Church has interpreted this to mean the outpouring of grace through the Church, which began the moment that Christ expired on the Cross.
Over the centuries, the gratitude of the faithful for this manifestation of divine love has centred on the physical Heart of Jesus as the symbol of God’s love for man.   We may, therefore, say, that devotion to the Sacred Heart is really, devotion to the love of God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.
When God became man, it was God – who is love – who became man.   In the languages of all nations, the heart is identified with love.   Consequently our devotion to the Heart of Jesus is directed to the love of Jesus in different ways.

We love Him as our God, who has loved us from all eternity and out of selfless love brought us into existence and destined us to possess Him for all eternity.
We love Him as our God Incarnate, who loved us so much that He assumed our human nature and by His bodily death redeemed us from the eternal death we deserved for our sins.
We love Him as our Redeemer who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven where He is preparing a place for us.   Where He is, our God united with His human body and soul, we hope to be in His blessed company.
We love Him as our Eucharistic Lord who is on earth in His humanity, in the Blessed Sacrament.   He offers Himself in the Mass through which He now communicates the graces He won for us on the Cross.   By His Real Presence, He invites us to offer Him our adoring love and ask Him to work the miracles He performed during His visible stay in Palestine.

To be emphasised is the unique character of devotion to the Sacred Heart.   It is nothing less than a synthesis of Catholic Christianity in its loving response to the unspeakable love of God for the sons and daughters of the human family.june month of the sacred heart 1 june 2019.jpg

For the sake of convenience, we may divide the terms “Sacred Heart” and “Devotion” into two parts:
Sacred Heart stands for the love of God, which means the love that is God, the love that God has shown for us from the dawn of creation until now and the love that God will continue to pour out on us into the endless reaches of eternity.
Devotion stands for our grateful return of love for love, which is shown in loving sacrifice by the total surrender of our wills to the mysterious and demanding will of God; in loving imitation of Jesus Christ, whose virtues as man are so many manifestations of His divine attributes as God; in loving worship of Mary’s Son, who is present with His living, pulsating human Heart in the Blessed Sacrament; in loving petition for the graces that we and others, need to serve Him faithfully here on earth and enjoy Him in the life that will never end.
A simple but very effective way of growing in devotion to the Sacred Heart is to recite daily the traditional Morning Offering:

O Jesus,
through the Most Pure Heart of Mary
and in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
throughout the world today,
I offer You all my prayers,
works, joys and sufferings of this day,
for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart,
I offer them for
the salvation of souls,
the reparation for sins,
the intentions of all our bishops, priests,
apostles of prayer
and our Holy Father, the Pope.

Among the promises made by our Lord to St Margaret Mary was the assurance that, “Those who shall promote this devotion shall have their names written in my Heart, never to be blotted out.”morning offering - 1 june 2019.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 24 May – Speaking of Love…

Quote/s of the Day – 24 May – Friday of the Fifth Week of Eastertide: Today’s Gospel John 15:12-17

Speaking of Love…

“This is my commandment,
that you love one another,
as I have loved you…

John 15:12john 15 12 this is my commandment that you love ...24 may 2019.jpg

“What is the mark of love for your neighbour?
Not to seek what is for your own benefit
but what is for the benefit of the one loved,
both in body and in soul.”

St Basil the Great (329-379)

Father & Doctor of the Churchwhat-is-the-mark-of-love-for-your-neighbour-st-basil-the-great-4-may-2018-speaking-of-love.jpg

“Since love grows within you,
so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul.”since-love-grows-within-you-st-augustine-3-may-2018.jpg

“God is always trying to give good things to us
but our hands are too full to receive them!”

St Augustine (354-430) Father and Doctor of Gracegod is always trying to give good things to us - st augustine - 24 may 2019 fav.jpg

“Nothing is sweeter than love,
nothing stronger or higher or wider;
nothing is more pleasant, nothing fuller
and nothing better in heaven or on earth,
for love is born of God
and cannot rest except in God,
Who is above all created things.”

Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471) – Imitation of Christnothing-is-sweeter-than-love-thomas-a-kempis-6-april-2018.jpg

“Love knows no limit
to its endurance,
no end to its trust,
no fading of its hope,
it can outlast anything.
Love still stands,
when all else has fallen.”

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)love-knows-no-limits-blaise-pascal-6-april-2018.jpg

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Thought for the Day – 19 May – The New Commandment

Thought for the Day – 19 May – The Fifth Sunday of Easter, C

The New Commandment

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another…. John 13:34a new commandment I give to you - john 13 34 - 19 may 2019.jpg

Saint Augustine (354-430)
Bishop and Great Western Father of the Church

An excerpt from his Tractates on the Gospel of John, 65.

A new commandment I give you, that you love one another.   This commandment that He is giving them is a new one, the Lord Jesus tells His disciples.   Yet was it not contained in the Old Law, where it is written – you shall love your neighbour as yourself?   Why does the Lord call it new when it is clearly so old?   Or is the commandment new because it divests us of our former selves and clothes us with the new man?   Love does indeed renew the man who hears, or rather obeys its command but, only that love which Jesus distinguished from a natural love, by the qualification – As I have loved you.

This is the kind of love that renews us.   When we love as He loved us, we become new men, heirs of the new covenant and singers of the new song.   My brothers, this was the love that even in bygone days renewed the holy men, the patriarchs and prophets of old. In later times it renewed the blessed apostles and now it is the turn of the Gentiles.  From the entire human race throughout the world this love gathers together into one body a new people, to be the bride of God’s only Son.   She is the bride of whom it is asked in the Song of Songs:   Who is this who comes clothed in white?   White indeed are her garments, for she has been made new and the source of her renewal, is none other, than this new commandment.

And so all her members make each other’s welfare their common care.   When one member suffers, all the members suffer with him and if one member is glorified, all the rest rejoice.   They hear and obey the Lord’s words – a new commandment I give you, that you love one another, not as men love one another for their own selfish ends, nor merely on account of their common humanity but because they are all gods and sons of the Most High.   They love one another as God loves them, so that they may be brothers of His only Son.   He will lead them to the goal that alone will satisfy them, where all their desires will be fulfilled.   For when God is all in all, there will be nothing left to desire.

This love is the gift of the Lord who said – as I have loved you, you also must love one another.   His object in loving us, then, was to enable us to love each other.   By loving us Himself, our mighty head has linked us all together, as members of His own body, bound to one another by the tender bond of love.

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One Minute Reflection – 19 May – ‘What has He loved in us if not God? ‘

One Minute Reflection – 19 May – The Fifth Sunday of Easter, C, Gospel: John 13:31-35

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another,
even as I have loved you, that you also love one another….“…John 13:34

REFLECTION – “For what do they love, those who love their neighbour with a pure, spiritual love, if not God?   This is the love the Lord wants to distinguish from a purely natural affection when He adds:  “As I have loved you”.   What has He loved in us if not God?   Not God as we possess Him now but as He wants us to possess Him where “God will be all in all.”   Doctors love their patients because of the health they want to give them, not because of their sickness.   “Love one another as I have loved you”.   This is why He has loved us – so that we, in our turn, might love one another.”…St Augustine (354-430) Doctor and Great Western Father of the Church – Sermons on Saint John’s Gospel, 65john 13 34 a new commandment - for wbat do they love if not god - st augustine 19 may 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Almighty God and Father, Your ways are not our ways, teach us to willingly agree to them, for You know which way we should go. Help us to say “yes” always to Your plan and to render ourselves, as a sacrament of Your divine love to all we meet. Fill us with the grace to be Your tools, to bring glory to Your kingdom.   Our Father, who art in heaven, may Your Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.   Mary Mother of God, Mother of Faith, pray for us!   Through our Our Lord Jesus Christ with You, in the union of the Holy Spirit, one God forever, amen.mary-mother-of-faith-pray-for-us-19-may-2018.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 18 May – What is Faith?

Quote/s of the Day – 18 May – Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter, C, John 14:7–14 and the Memorial of St Felix of Cantalice O.F.M. Cap.(1515-1587) “Brother Deo Gratias”

What is Faith?

First, faith is simple.
We believe in God – in God,
who is the Beginning
and End of human life.
We believe in a God,
who enters into a relationship
with us human beings,
who is our origin and our future.
Consequently, faith is,
always and inseparably, hope –
the certainty that we have a future
and will not end up as nothing.
And faith is love,
since God’s love is “contagious”.
This is the first thing –
we simply believe in God
and this brings with it,
hope and love.

Pope Benedict XVI

Regensburg Homily Tuesday 12 September 2006what is faith - pope benedict 18 may 2019

and we thank God for our faith with St Felix!

“Deo Gratias”

“Thank God”

St Felix of Cantalice (1515-1587)
“Brother Deo Gratias”deo-gratiasd-thank-god-st-felix-of-cantalice-brother-deo-gratias-18-may-2018


One Minute Reflection – 15 May – Man is redeemed by love.

One Minute Reflection – 15 May – Wednesday of the Fourth week of Easter, C, Gospel: John 12:44–50

“I did not come to condemn the world but to save the world”...John 12:47i did not come to condem the world john 12 47 15 may 2019.jpg

REFLECTION – “It is not science that redeems man, man is redeemed by love.   This applies even in terms of this present world.   When someone has the experience of a great love in his life, this is a moment of “redemption” which gives a new meaning to his life.   But soon, he will also realise that the love bestowed upon him cannot by itself resolve the question of his life.   It is a love that remains fragile.   It can be destroyed by death.   The human being needs unconditional love.   He needs the certainty which makes him say – “neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:38- 39).   If this absolute love exists, with its absolute certainty, then—only then—is man “redeemed”, whatever should happen to him, in his particular circumstances.

This is what it means to say, Jesus Christ has “redeemed” us.   Through Him we have become certain of God, a God who is not a remote “first cause” of the world, because His only-begotten Son has become man and of Him everyone can say:  “I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me” (Gal 2:20)….Pope Benedict XVI – Encyclical “ Spe Salvi ”#26it is not science that redeems man - pope benedict 15 may 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Lord God, life of those who believe in You, glory of the humble and happiness of the Saints, listen kindly to our prayer.   We long for what You promises, fill us from Your abundance, give us true faith and obedience.   May the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Your Son, be our constant recourse. Through Our Lord, Jesus with the Holy Spirit, God forever, amen.mary-mother-pray-for-us-15-may-2018.jpg


Quote/s of the Day – 13 May – Revelations of Divine Love

Quote/s of the Day – 13 May – Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter, C and the Memorial of Blessed Julian of Norwich (c 1342-c 1430) – “Revelations of Divine Love”

“He [ Jesus] is our clothing,
that for love wraps us and winds us,
embraces us and totally encloses us,
hanging about us in tender love.”he-jesus-is-our-clothing-julian-of-norwich-2-july-2018.jpg

“Prayer is not
God’s reluctance.
It is laying hold
of His willingness.”prayer is not overcoming god's reluctance - bl julian of norwicb 13 may 2019.jpg

“Despite all our feelings of woe or of well-being,
God wants us to understand and to believe,
that we are more truly in heaven than on earth.
…for God is never out of the soul,
in which He will dwell blessedly without end.”despite-all-our-feelings-of-woe-julian-of-norwich-21-aug-20181.jpg

“The fullness of Joy
is to behold God
in everything.”the fullness of joy - bl julian of norwich 13 may 2019.jpg

“Truth sees God
and wisdom contemplates God
and from these two comes a third,
a holy and wonderful delight in God,
who is love.”truth sees god - bl julian of norwich 13 may 2019.jpg

“In You, Father almighty, we have
our preservation and our bliss.
In You, Christ,
we have our restoring and our saving.
You are our mother, brother and Saviour.
In You, our Lord the Holy Spirit,
is marvelous and plenteous grace.
You are our clothing,
for love You wrap us and embrace us.
You are our maker, our lover, our keeper.
Teach us to believe,
that by Your grace
all shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of things
shall be well.

Blessed Julian of Norwich (c 1342-c 1430)all-shall-be-well-julian-of-norwich-2-july-2018.jpg