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Our Morning Offering – 15 April – A Prayer of the Passion

Our Morning Offering – 15 April – Good Friday

A Prayer of the Passion
By St Melito of Sardis (Died 180)
Bishop of Sardis, Apologist, Father

Lord Jesus Christ,
You were bound as a ram,
You were shorn like a lamb,
You were led to the slaughter like a sheep,
You bore the wood of the Cross on Your shoulders,
You were led up the hill of Calvary,
You were displayed naked on the Cross,
You were nailed to the bitter Cross by three spikes,
You delivered Your last Seven Words from the Cross
You died on the Cross, with a shout of victory,
You were buried in noble Joseph’s rock-hewn tomb,
By Your boundless suffering on our behalf,
fix our eyes unceasingly on Your broken Body
and the Blood that poured from Yout Hands, Feet and Side.
By the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
that renews each day Your Sacrifice
of the Cross on our Altars,
apply the merits of the Cross to all humanity
and, especially to those who worship it daily
and who offer themselves back to You,
our great High Priest
and perpetually Intercessor,
before the Eternal Throne of God.
You live and reign,
through all the ages of ages.