Our Morning Offering – 28 July – Prayer for a Humble Walk

Our Morning Offering – 28 July – “Month of the Most Precious Blood” – Tuesday of the Seventeenth week in Ordinary Time

Prayer for a Humble Walk
By Catholic Relief Services

Lord, You have told us what is good:
“do justice.”
Help us to treat others
as we would want them to treat us.
When someone asks us to walk a mile with them,
encourage us to walk two.
When someone demands our shirt,
offer our coat as well.
You have taught us Lord,
that justice extends beyond the letter of the law.
Lord, you have taught us what is good:
“love goodness”
Help us forgive our enemies
but more so, to pray for them.
Lead us to comfort the widow,
the orphan,
the weakest among us.
Aid us to feed the hungry,
shelter the wanderer and
offer drink to the thirsty.
You have shown us that goodness
extends even to the Cross
and flows from it for all.
Lord, You have taught us what is necessary:
“to walk humbly with You our God.”
And so, grant us, Lord,
the ability to see ourselves as You see us.
Grace us to walk without pride
so that we may serve others,
in humility and graciousness.
You have shown us how to serve
so that in imitation of You
we may do justice, love goodness
and walk with You forever.
Amenprayer for a humble walk by catholic relief services - prayer warriors 29 july 2020

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Our Morning Offering – 19 November – The First World Day of the Poor

Our Morning Offering – 19 November – The First World Day of the Poor

Open the Doors of My Heart 
First World Day of Prayer for the Poor = 19 November 2017
Catholic Relief Services

God of Abraham,
On my television,
On my newsfeed,
On my street,
Everywhere I go
I see Lazarus.
But I also see so many doors.
Doors that I’ve built.
That I have closed.
Doors that society
has hung and locked.
Doors that separate me
from Lazarus.
Lord, teach me to open the
door to Lazarus.
To the poor.
To know them as your children.
To lift them in their distress.
To work to help them find a
fair share of Your bounty.
This World Day of the Poor,
Help us all turn to those outside
our door –
To bless, heal, comfort
And together, from this day
forward, build a world
Where the poor are strangers
to none
And indeed, the very chains of
poverty are broken.