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Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary – Day Five – 21 October

Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary –

Day Five – 21 October

Readings and Prayers

12 Day Preparation

Day 5 of 33

Imitation of Christ, by Thomas á Kempis:  Book 3, Chapter 40

Wherefore but I did know well, how to cast from me all human comfort, either for the sake of devotion, or through the necessity by which I am compelled to seek You, because there is no man that can comfort me.   Then might I deservedly hope in Your favour and rejoice in the gift of a new consolation.   Thanks be to You from Whom all things proceed, as often as it happens to me.   I, indeed, am but vanity and nothing in Your sight , an inconstant and weak man.   Where, therefore, can I glory, or for what do I desire to be thought of highly?
Because of my very nothingness and this is most vain.   Truly pride is an evil plague, because it draws away from true glory and robs us of heavenly grace.   For, while a man takes complacency in himself, he displeases You, while he wants for human applause, he is deprived of true virtues.   But true, glory and holy exultation is to glory in You and not in one’s self;  to rejoice in Your Name but not in one’s own strength.   To find pleasure in no creature, save only for Your sake.   Let Your Name be praised, not mine, let Your work be magnified, not mine,  let Your Holy Name be blessed but let nothing be attributed to me of the praise of men.   You are my glory;  You are the exultation of my heart;   in You, will I glory and rejoice all the day;  but for myself, I will glory in nothing but in my infirmities.

Recite: Veni Creator, Ave Maris Stella, Magnificat, and Glory Be (See See HERE: )