Our Morning Offering – 4 November – Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Our Morning Offering – 4 November – Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B – The Memorial of St Charles Borromeo (1538-1584)

Prayer Before Holy Communion
Veni Domine Jesu!
By Fr Henry Augustus Rawes OSC (1826 – 1885) Oblate of St Charles
(1940 Prayer Book)

O Jesus, hidden God, I cry to You,
O Jesus, hidden Light, I turn to You,
O Jesus, hidden love, I run to You,
with all the strength I have, I worship You,
with all the love I have, I cling to You,
with all my soul, I long to be with You
and fear no more to fail, or fall from You.

O Jesus, never-ending love, Who seeks me,
You who die for longing love of me,
King, in all Your beauty, come to me,
white-robed, blood-sprinkled Jesus, come to me
and go no more, dear Lord, away from me.

O sweetest Jesus, bring me home to You,
free me, dearest God, from all but You.
From all the chains that keep me back from You,
call me, most powerful love, I’ll follow You,
You are my all and I love only You.

O hidden love, who now is loving me,
O wounded love, who once was dead to me,
O patient love, who wearies not of me,
O bear with me, till I am lost in You,
O bear with me, till I am found in You,

(Fr Henry Augustus Rawes (11 December 1826 – 24 April 1885) was a Catholic hymn writer and preacher.
Born at Easington, near Durham, England, he was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and entered the Anglican ministry in 1853.   Converted to Catholicism in 1856.   One of the original members of the Oblates of Saint Charles Borromeo (1538-1584), whose feast day it is today.   Ordained a priest in 1857.   He was Superior of the Oblate congregation from 1880 until his death.   Founded the Society of Servants of the Holy Ghost.  Translated the treatises of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Blessed Sacrament and the Lord’s Prayer.   He wrote several books of devotion and sermons and many hymns, noted for poetic beauty. He died at Brighton.)veni domine Jesu - prayer before holy comm fr rawes - 4 nov 2018