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Quotes of the Day – 2 October – Holy Guardian Angels

Quotes of the Day – 2 October – The Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

“See, I am sending an angel before you,
to guard you on the way
and bring you to the place
I have prepared.
Give heed to him
and hearken to his voice.
Do not rebel against him,
for he will not forgive your sin.
My authority is within him.”

Exodus 23:20-21

“Beside each believer
stands an Angel
as protector and shepherd,
leading him to life.”

St Basil the Great (329-379)
Father and Doctor of the Church

“If we detect an angel,
by the effect he is producing,
let us hasten to pray,
since our heavenly guardian
has come to join us.”

St John Climacus (579-649)
Father of the Church

“Each man has a angel guardian
appointed to him….
Angel guardians are given to man also
as regards invisible and secret things,
concerning the salvation
of each one in his own regard.
Hence, individual angels are appointed
to guard individual men.”

St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)
Angelic Doctor

“The first thing about the Angels
which we ought to imitate,
is their consciousness
of the Presence of God.”

“What joy it is to know
that when we go out of the house,
we are never alone en route.”

St John Vianney (1786-1859)

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