Quote/s of the Day – 12 October – ‘Firmly I Believe..’

Quote/s of the Day – 12 October – Monday of the Twenty-eighth week in Ordinary Time, Readings: Galatians 4:22-24, 26-27, 31, 5:1, Psalms 113:1-2, 3-4, 5 and 6-7, Luke 11:29-32

“Behold, something greater than Jonah is here.”

Luke 11:32

Born as a son,
led forth as a lamb,
sacrificed as a sheep,
buried as a man,
He rose from the dead as a God,
for He was by nature God and man.

He is all things:
He judges and so He is Law,
He teaches and so He is Wisdom,
He saves and so He is Grace,
He begets and so He is Father,
He is begotten and so He is Son,
He suffers and so He is Sacrifice,
He is buried and so He is man,
He rises again and so He is God.
This is Jesus Christ,
to whom belongs glory for all ages.

Saint Melito, Bishop of Sardis (Died c 180)
Early Church Father
In Praise of Christ

Firmly I Believe and Truly
By St John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

Firmly I believe and truly
God is three and God is One
And I next acknowledge duly
Manhood taken by the Son.
And I trust and hope most fully
In that Manhood crucified
And each thought and deed unruly
Do to death, as He has died.
Simply to His grace and wholly
Light and life and strength belong
And I love, supremely, solely,
Him the holy, Him the strong.

And I hold in veneration,
For the love of Him alone,
Holy Church, as His creation,
And her teachings, as His own.
And I take with joy whatever
Now besets me, pain or fear
And with a strong will I sever
All the ties which bind me here.
Adoration aye be given,
With and through the angelic host,
To the God of earth and heaven,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


One Minute Reflection – 15 October – ‘Let us beware of losing all hope…’

One Minute Reflection – 15 October – Monday of the Twenty Eighth week in Ordinary Time, Year C, Gospel: Luke 11:29–32 and the Memorial of Blessed Roman Lysko (1914–1949) Priest and Martyr

“For they repented at the preaching of Jonah and behold, something greater than Jonah is here.” … Luke 11:32

REFLECTION – “Let us beware of losing all hope but let us also avoid giving in too easily to carelessness…   Despair hinders those who have fallen, from getting up again and carelessness causes those who are standing, to fall…   If presumption casts us down from the heights of heaven, despair casts us into the infinite depths of evil, whereas a little hope is enough to hold us back…
This is how Nineveh was saved.   However, the divine judgement pronounced against the Ninevites was of a nature to throw them into confusion since it did not say:  “If you repent you will be saved” but simply:  “Three more days and Nineveh will be destroyed” (Jon 3:4).   Nevertheless, neither the Lord’s threat, nor the prophet’s preaching, nor even the severity of the judgement… caused their confidence to fail.   God wants us to draw a lesson, from this unconditional judgement that taught by this example, that we may resist despair as much as passivity…  Besides, divine good will does not only reveal itself in the forgiveness granted to the repentant Ninevites.. the respite granted them, attests likewise, to His unutterable goodness.   Do you imagine that three days would have been enough to wipe out so much wickedness?   God’s good will is breaking out from behind these words and, besides, isn’t it the principal worker of the whole city’s salvation?
Let this example keep us from despairing.   For the devil thinks of this form of weakness as his most successful weapon and, even when we sin, we could not give him greater pleasure than when we lose hope.” … St John Chrysostom (345-407) Father & Doctorluke 11 32 for they repented at the preaching of jonah - despair hope - st john chrysostom 14 oct 2019

PRAYER – Eternal, almighty God and Father, teach us true sorrow and repentance.  Grant us the grace of trust and hope in Your unfailing love, that we may resist despair as we face the sin of the world and the wiles of the evil one.   As we walk always in the Light of Christ, Your Son, following His way, we may never fall into temptation.   May the intercession of Your saints and martyrs, be always an assistance to us all.   Mary, our Mother of merciful love and Blessed Roman Lysko, pray for us.   Through Christ our Lord and the Holy Spirit, God for always and forever, amen.merciful mother mary pray for us 14 oct 2019

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Lenten Reflection – 13 March – “…Something greater than Jonah is here.”

Lenten Reflection – 13 March – Wednesday of the First week of Lent, Year C

“…Something greater than Jonah is here.”…Luke 11:32wed of the 1st week - something greater than jonah 13 march 2019.jpg

St Bernard (1091-1153)
Doctor of the Church

“Come back to me with all your heart” (Joel 2:12)

“Be converted with all your heart,” the Lord says.   My brothers, if he had just said “Be converted” without adding anything, perhaps we should have been able to reply – it’s done, now you can give us something else to do.

But if I understand correctly, Christ is speaking to us here about a spiritual conversion that does not come about in a day.   May it even be achieved in our lifetime!   So pay attention to what you love, what you fear, at what makes you happy or what makes you sad and you will sometimes see that, beneath your religious habit you are still a man of the world.   Indeed, the heart is wholly contained in these four feelings and it is concerning them, I think, we must understand these words: “Be converted to the Lord with all your heart.”
May your loving be converted, in such a way, that you love nothing but the Lord, or rather that you love nothing except for God’s sake.   May your fear also be turned towards Him, for any fear that makes us afraid of something apart from Him and not because of Him is bad.   May your joy and your sadness be converted to Him, this is how it will be if you neither suffer nor rejoice except in Him.   Thus, if you mourn for your own sins or those of your neighbour you do well and your sadness is salutary.   If you rejoice in the gifts of grace, this joy is holy and you are able to enjoy it in peace in the Holy Spirit.   In the love of Christ you should be glad of your brothers’ good fortunes and sympathise with their misfortunes according to this verse:  “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” (Rm 12:15)come back to me with all your heart - lent 2019

Daily Meditation:
Hear our prayer.

The Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent take on a more penitential tone.
Our longing intensifies.
We know we have to work hard to resist temptation
and to change some of our bad habits.
We know that spiritual renewal won’t come easily.
But we know that all we will ultimately be able to do
will come from God’s inspiration – as a gift.
So we ask from a deeper and deeper place in our hearts.

We listen to the wonderful story about Nineveh.
They responded to God’s word and repented.

My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit;
a heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn.
Psalm 51

“And as Jonah was sacrificed for those endangered by the storm, so Christ was offered for those who are drowning in the storm of this world.”

St Augustine (354-430)and as jonash was sacrified so christ - st augustine 13 march 2019.jpg

Closing Prayer:

Dear Lord,
I know You receive what is in my heart.
Let me be inspired by Your words
and by the actions of Your son, Jesus.
Guide me to make sacrifices this Lent
in the spirit of self-denial
and with greater attention to You
and to those around me.
Help me to believe that You will grant me this
because of the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.

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One Minute Reflection – 13 March – Something greater than Jonah is here

One Minute Reflection – 13 March – Wednesday of the First week of Lent, Year C – The Memorial of St Leander (c 534-c 600)

“The men of Nineveh will arise at the judgement with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah and behold, something greater than Jonah is here.”...Luke 11:32

REFLECTION – “The conversion of a great city like Nineveh stuns us!   The message in any case is clear – collective choices are possible.   Today, however, unfortunately, a collective choice is clearly manifested only when a country declares war on another. Emmanuel Kant recognised the strength of a community that was eager to share the same values, Margaret Mead that of a small group determined to change the world.   The initiators of Congregations, of ecclesial movements, pious associations and social reforms shook the world with their community decisions.   Jesus’s pain at resistance to His teaching has a lesson for those who put on the helmet of ‘indifference’ or the blinkers of ‘apathy’ – the LUKEWARM!   Atheists and agnostics will rise from their graves to point to opportunities such people wasted.   AWAKE! Lukewarmness is SIN!”…Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil SDBluke 11 32 - jonah - awake - gods word 2019 13 march.jpg

PRAYER – Help me, my God and my Father, to discern through prayer and meditation what You truly want of me.   Then enable me to offer it to You – and indeed to offer myself and all I have to You.   St Leander, you were and are an example to all around you, please pray for us, amen!st-leander-pray-for-us-2.13 march 2018.jpg