Beata Vergine dell’Aiuto, / Our Lady of Help, Bobbio, Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy 15th century – and Memorials of the Saints – 5 June

Beata Vergine dell’Aiuto, / Our Lady of Help, Bobbio, Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy 15th century – 5 June :

In the 1400s, Adriano Repetino had a vineyard in fields of Corgnate outside Bobbio, on the road to the hub of Piacenza. He built a wall along the road,and in it, a niche, with an image of Mary seated with the Child, who held a bouquet with one hand and raised the other in blessing.
In the summer of 1472, the image became a focus of local devotion – there were miracles and the picture was seen to change its appearance.
After an investigation, Church authorities decided the site merited a Chapel. Adriano Repetino donated some property and the building was dedicated to the Annunciation of Maria.
On 5 June 1611, miracles resumed.
The picture was found covered in sweat. Cures and other miracles multiplied. The Bishop named the wonder-working image the “Blessed Virgin of Help.”
A larger, finer Church, begun in 1621, was finally consecrated on 13 July 1738 and construction continued into the 1800s. Built over the old, the newer Shrine houses the Madonna of Help’s processional Statue, modelled on the miraculous fresco in the old Shrine below.

In thanks for her protection during World War II, the Town of Bobbio named the Madonna of Help its principal Patron in 1947, when the image was officially Crowned. In 1970 Pope Paul VI elevated the Church to the rank of Basilica Minor.

St Boniface and Companions (Memorial) “The Apostle of Germany,” Bishop, Martyr, Missionary and Evangelist, Teacher, Writer, Preacher, Theologian, Founder of Schools, Convents, Monasteries and Churches.
The Life of St Boniface:

St Adalar of Erfurt
Bl Adalbert Radiouski
Bl Adam Arakawa
St Austrebertus of Vienne
St Claudius of Egypt and Companions
St Ðaminh Huyen
St Ðaminh Toai
St Dorotheus of Tyre
St Elleher
St Eoban of Utrecht
St Eutichius of Como
St Evasius of Africa
St Felix of Fritzlar
Blessed Ferdinand of Portugal (1402-1443) “The Holy Prince”
St Franco of Assergi
St Genesius, Count of Clermont
St Gregory of Lilybaeum
St Gundekar
St Hadulph
St Luke Loan
Bl Meinwerk of Paderborn
St Privatus of Africa
St Sanctius of Córdoba
St Tudno of Caernarvon
St Waccar

Martyrs of Caesarea:
A group of Christians who converted together, were imprisoned together, tortured together, and martyred together. We know nothing more about them but their names – Cyria, Marcia, Valeria and Zenaides.
Caesarea, Palestine, date unknown.

Martyrs of Egypt:
A group of Christians martyred together in the persecutions of Galerius Maximian. The only other information was have is three of their names – Apollonius, Marcian and Nicanor.
in Egypt, date unknown.

Martyrs of Perugia:
A group of Christians martyred together in the persecutions of Decius. We know little more than their names – Cyriacus, Faustinus, Florentius, Julian and Marcellinus.
beheaded in 250 in Perugia, Italy

Martyrs of Rome:
26 Christians martyred together. We have no details about them but their names – Candida, Castula, Fappa, Felician, Felicitas (2 of), Felicula, Fortunatus, Gagus, Gregor, Hilarius, Ingenuus, Juliana, Martialis, Maurus, Mustilus, Nicander, Prima, Rogata, Rutianus, Sacrinus, Saturnin, Secundian, Secundus, Urbicus, Victurus.
• Rome, Italy, date unknown
• relics transferred to Antwerp, Belgium, date unknown.