Our Lady of Mount Athos, Great Lavra, Greece , 8th century and Memorials of the Saints – 5 July

Our Lady of Mount Athos, Great Lavra, Greece , 8th cent. – 5 July:

In the 900s, the unfinished Great Monastery on Mount Athos ran out of funds and the starving Monks had to leave. Finally the Monastery Founder, St Athanasius the Athonite, left too in search of help.
On the road he met a woman in a long blue veil, who said, “Go back! You will have everything you need if you do not abandon the Monastery!”
When Athanasius asked the lady’s name, she answered, “I am the Mother of your Lord.”
The Abbot asked for a sign. “Strike the rock with your staff,” she said, and promised to be responsible for the Monastery provisions herself — to be its stewad.
As water flowed from the rock, she vanished.

Athanasius returned to find the building completed and stocked with supplies. Soon it was full of Monks again
To this day, the Great Lavra regards the Mother of God as its steward, helped by a Monk with the title of assistant steward.
In a Shrine on the left of the entrance to the Monastery Church, the Icons depict many saints connected with the Monastery. To Our Lady’s right St. Athanasius holds a model of the building. Down the road, the holy spring still flows.

St Anthony Mary Zaccaria CRSP (1502-1539) (Optional Memorial) Priest, Founder, Philosopher, Doctor of Medicine/Physician, Renewal of the Forty Hours’ Adoration Devotion, Preacher, Administrator, one of the early leader of the Counter Reformation. Founder of the The Clerics Regular of St Paul (the Barnabites), the First Order Named after St Paul, Apostle. and the Angelic Sisters of St Paul. His body is incorrupt.

St Agatho of Sicily
St Athanasius the Athonite
St Athanasius of Jerusalem
St Cast
St Cyprille of Libya
St Cyrilla of Cyrene
St Domèce
St Domitius of Phrygia
St Edana of West Ireland
Bl Edward Cheevers
Blessed Elias of Bourdeilles OFM (c 1407-1484) Archbishop of Tours and Cardinal
St Erfyl
St Fragan
Bl George Nichols
St Grace of Cornwall
St Gwen
Bl Humphrey Pritchard

Blessed Joseph Boissel OMI (1909-1969) Priest and Martyr, Missionary of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Founded by St Eugene de Mazenod. He is one of the Seventeen Martyrs of Laos (including ten French, six Laotians and an Italian), whose combined Feast day is 16 November.
His Life and Death:

St Marinus of Tomi
St Mars of Nantes
St Marthe
Bl Matthew Lambert
St Modwenna
St Numerian of Treves
Bl Patrick Cavanagh
St Philomena of San Severino
St Probus of Cornwall
Bl Richard Yaxley
Bl Robert Meyler
St Rosa Chen Aijieh
St Sedolpha of Tomi
St Stephen of Reggio
St Teresia Chen Qingjieh
St Theodotus of Tomi
Bl Thomas Belson
St Thomas of Terreti
St Triphina of Brittany
St Triphina of Sicily
St Zoe of Rome