Virgen del Milagro / Our Lady of the Miracle, Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain (1585) and Memorials of the Saints – 17 November

Virgen del Milagro / Our Lady of the Miracle – Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain (1585) – 17 November :

The original Statue

17 November is a special day for the coastal Town of Mazarrón, the day the Fiesta del Milagro takes place. They have for their Mother and Patroness the Immaculate Conception, and it is She, who from generation to generation, has been attributed the protection of the people against the Berber invasion.

It was the year 1585 and in the early morning of 17 November witnesses assured that about fifty Berber pirates had docked in the port of Bolnuevo to loot . For no apparent reason they fled without carrying out their assault.

The processional Statue

As is clear from reports and records of eyewitnesses, the Virgin drove the Turkish pirates away, who in their flight, left their standard, which is still preserved and can be seen after a recent restoration.  It is from this miraculous event that the Virgin became the Patron of the Town. Devotion to her has continued unabated and with immense love since 1585 and the commemoration of the miraculous event occurs every 17 November with a pilgrimage. The Blessed Virgin is the Queen and Lady of Mazarrón. always watching over the Town since time immemorial.

St Elizabeth of Hungary TOSF (1207-1231) Princess, Widow, member of the Third Order of the Franciscans, Mother, Apostle of the poor, the sick, the needy. (Memorial)
About St Elizabeth:
Her Feast Day is 19 November – movedto the 17 November in 1969

St Acisclus
St Aignan of Orléans
St Alphaeus of Palestine
St Eugene of Florence
St Eusebio Roldán Vielva
St Florinus of Remüs
St Giacinto Ansalone
St Gregory of Tours

St Gregory Thaumaturgus (c 213-c 270) “the Wonder-Worker,” Bishop, Confessor, Miracle-worker, Writer, Preacher.
St Gregory’s life:

St Hilda of Whitby (c 614–680) Abbess, teacher, administrator and advisor, spiritual director, reformer.
About St Hilda:

St Hugh of Lincoln O. Cart. (c 1135-1200) Bishop, Carthusian Monk
St Hugh of Noara
St Josefa Gironés Arteta
St Juan de Castillo-Rodriguez
St Laverius
St Lazarus Zographos
St Lorenza Díaz Bolaños
St Namasius of Vienne
Bl Salomea of Galicia
Bl Sébastien-Loup Hunot
St Thomas Hioji Nishi Rokuzaemon
St Victoria of Cordoba
Bl Yosafat Kotsylovsky
St Zacchaeus of Palestine

Jesuit Martyrs of Paraguay – 3 saints

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed Eusebio Roldán Vielva
• Blessed Josefa Gironés Arteta
• Blessed Lorenza Díaz Bolaños