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Our Morning Offering – 6 February

Our Morning Offering – 6 February

A Prayer of St. Francis Xavier SJ

O God I Love You,
not simply to be saved,
and not because those who fail to love You
will be punished with eternal fire.
You, You, my JESUS, have all-embraced me on the cross.
You have borne the nails, the lance, much ignominy,
numberless griefs, sweatings and anguish and death,
and these on account of me and for me, a sinner.
Why therefore, should I not love You,
O, most loving JESUS?
Not that in heaven You shall save me,
nor lest for eternity You shall condemn me;
not with the hope of any reward,
but as You have loved me, so also will I love You,
only because You are my King,
and because You are my God. Amen