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Lenten Reflection – 9 April – “You will know that I Am He”

Lenten Reflection – 9 April – Tuesday of the Fifth week of Lent, First Reading: Numbers 21:4-9, Gospel: John 8:21–30

The Readings:
Numbers 21:4-9; Psalms 102:2-3, 16-18, 19-21; John 8:21-30

“Accordingly Moses made a bronze serpent and mounted it on a pole and whenever the serpent bit someone, the person looked at the bronze serpent and recovered.”…Numbers 21:9

St Justin Martyr (100-165) Father of the Church and Martyr
comments on this verse from the First Reading proclaimed at Mass today:

“Tell me, did not God, through Moses, forbid the making of an image or likeness of anything in the heavens or on earth?   Yet didn’t He Himself have Moses construct the brazen serpent in the desert?   Moses set it up as a sign by which those who had been bitten by the serpents were healed.   In doing so, was Moses not free of any sin?   By this, as I stated above, God through Moses announced a mystery by which He proclaimed that He would break the power of the serpent, who prompted the sin of Adam.   He promises that He would deliver from the bites of the serpent (that is, evil actions, idolatries and other sins) all those who believe in Him who was to be put to death by this sign, namely, the Cross.”

(Dialogue with Trypho, 94)numbers 21 9 the brazen serpent - st justin martyr did not God - 9 april 2019.jpg

“When you have lifted up the Son of man,
then you will know that I Am He…”… John 8:28

Daily Meditation:
Enlighten our minds and sanctify our hearts.
In our reflection, Jesus is about to face a fiery furnace,
which represents the full onslaught of all our sins
and the crushing defeat of death itself.
Praying the Stations again,
might help us grow in a sense
that this is all “for me,” for my freedom.

We grow in a sense of repentance and deep sorrow.
We grow in a desire to celebrate
the glorious Light in the midst of all darkness.

Rid yourself of all your sins
and make a new heart and a new spirit.
Gospel antiphon, based upon Ezekiel 18:31

Closing Prayer:
Loving God,
You have heard my complaints, my impatience.
Sometimes I become frightened when I move away from You.
Guide my heart back to You.
Help me to think beyond my own wants
and to desire only to do You will.

Thank You for the many blessings in my life
and for the ways I feel Your presence.

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.
Amen.john 8 28 when yu have lifted up the son of man - tuesdayfifthweeklent 9 april 2019.jpg

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Thought for the Day – 1 June

Thought for the Day – 1 June

In about 165, Justin was arrested for being a Christian but refused to give up his faith. The judge asked him, “Do you have an idea that you will go to heaven and receive some suitable rewards?” Justin answered, “It is not an idea that I have; it is something that I know well and hold to be most certain.”   The judge ordered him killed.   He was beheaded along with his companions for refusing to offer sacrifice to the Roman gods. St. Justin gave his life for Christ and died for the Saviour whom he loved above all else.   St Justin reminds us never to sacrifice to the false gods of our age.   That includes the materialism, hedonism and nihilism that are ever present.   We have received the gift of faith with little labour of our own.   Let us learn how to value it from those who reached it after long search and lived in the misery of a world which did not know God, not much different to our times.   Let us fear, as St. Justin did, the account we shall have to render for the gift of God.   We have been chosen as St Justin was, to do the work of Christ – to make Him known regardless of the consequences!  I am drawn to the thought “would I be open to changing my surname to ‘Martyr’ do I have the courage, the love for God to accept such a change?”

St Justin Martyr, pray for us!

st justin martyr pray for us.jpg 2

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Quote/s of the Day- 1 June

Quote/s of the Day- 1 June

“Many spirits are abroad in the world and the church
and the credentials they display are splendid gifts of
eloquence and ability.
Christian – look carefully – for the Print of the nails!”

“We used to hate and destroy one another
and refused to associate with people
of another race or country.
Now, because of Christ, we live together
with such people and pray for our enemies ”

“Let it be understood
that those who are not found living
as He taught,
are NOT Christian- even though they profess
with the lips the teaching of Christ.”

“Not as common bread or as common drink do we receive these…..
We have been taught that the food that has been Eucharistized
by the word of prayer, that food which by assimilation nourishes
our flesh and blood, is the flesh and blood of the incarnate Jesus.”

“The world suffers nothing from Christians
but hates them because they reject its pleasures.”

“You can kill us
but you cannot do us any real harm.”

St Justin Martyr


St. Justin Martyr on the Eucharist

“No one may share the Eucharist with us unless he believes that what we teach is true, unless he is washed in the regenerating waters of baptism for the remission of his sins, and unless he lives in accordance with the principles given us by Christ.

We do not consume the eucharistic bread and wine as if it were ordinary food and drink, for we have been taught that as Jesus Christ our Saviour became a man of flesh and blood by the power of the Word of God, so also the food that our flesh and blood assimilates for its nourishment becomes the flesh and blood of the incarnate Jesus by the power of his own words contained in the prayer of thanksgiving.

The apostles, in their recollections, which are called gospels, handed down to us what Jesus commanded them to do.   They tell us that he took bread, gave thanks and said:  Do this in memory of me. This is my body. In the same way he took the cup, he gave thanks and said:This is my blood.   The Lord gave this command to them alone.   Ever since then we have constantly reminded one another of these things.   The rich among us help the poor and we are always united.   For all that we receive we praise the Creator of the universe through his Son Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday we have a common assembly of all our members, whether they live in the city or the outlying districts.   The recollections of the apostles or the writings of the prophets are read, as long as there is time.   When the reader has finished, the president of the assembly speaks to us; he urges everyone to imitate the examples of virtue we have heard in the readings.   Then we all stand up together and pray.

On the conclusion of our prayer, bread and wine and water are brought forward.   The president offers prayers and gives thanks to the best of his ability and the people give assent by saying, “Amen”.   The eucharist is distributed, everyone present communicates, and the deacons take it to those who are absent.

The wealthy, if they wish, may make a contribution and they themselves decide the amount.   The collection is placed in the custody of the president, who uses it to help the orphans and widows and all who for any reason are in distress, whether because they are sick, in prison, or away from home.   In a word, he takes care of all who are in need.

We hold our common assembly on Sunday because it is the first day of the week, the day on which God put darkness and chaos to flight and created the world and because on that same day our savior Jesus Christ rose from the dead.   For he was crucified on Friday and on Sunday he appeared to his apostles and disciples and taught them the things that we have passed on for your consideration.”  Here is a video of the Mass in 155


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One Minute Reflection – 1 June

One Minute Reflection – 1 June

The words I spoke to you are spirit and life………John 6:64

john 6 64

REFLECTION – “Make sure that you never spurn the Saviour’s words.
They have in themselves such tremendous majesty that they can instil fear into those who have wandered from the path of righteousness, whereas they ever remain a great solace to those who heed them.”……..St Justin

make sure that you never spurn the Saviour's words-st justin

PRAYER – Lord Jesus, my Saviour, let me daily take to my heart and my soul Your words. Grant that they may lead me to penance and also provide needed consolation amid the troubles of live St Justin, when you discovered the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, your life was completely changed and given to Him so that you could heed His command to go forth and spread the good news to all. Please pray for us, that we may be inspired with your courage and zeal, amen.

st justin martyr pray for us

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Saint of the Day – 1 June – St Justin

Saint of the Day – 1 June – St Justin also known as St Justin Martyr –  Martyr, first Christian Philosopher, Apologist, Orator, Teacher, Writer, Missionary (c 100 – beheaded in 165 at Rome, Italy.  His relics in the Capuchin Church, Romeat Nablus Palestine) – Patron of apologists, lecturers, orators, speakers, philosophers.  Attributes ax, pen, sword.

st justin 1


Born at the turn of the second century, Justin grew up under pagan parents and early on began to seek after knowledge.   According to Justin himself, he studied under several of the most important philosophical systems of the day but found them all wanting.

Around the age of 30, however, he went out into a field near the sea to be be alone with his thoughts and had an encounter that would change his life.   An older man began to follow him at a distance. Justin turned to speak to him and before he really knew what was happening, the man was presenting the gospel.   Finally, Justin had found the true philosophy for which he had been searching. Of that moment, he wrote:

“A fire was suddenly kindled in my soul.   I fell in love with the prophets and these men who had loved Christ;  I reflected on all their words and found that this philosophy alone was true and profitable.   That is how and why I became a philosopher.   And I wish that everyone felt the same way that I do.”

Justin spent the rest of his life defending this true and profitable philosophy.   He even went to Rome itself to found a school at which he taught Christian philosophy.   He wrote several defenses of the Christian faith, even writing apologetic works directed to the Roman emperor and the Roman senate.   His books give us insight into the early Church. In one of them he described the ceremony of Baptism around the year 160. It was similar to the ceremony today.    In another place, he wrote that the Sunday meetings of the Christian community included readings from Scripture, a homily, offering of bread and wine and giving Holy Communion.  Two of his so-called apologies have come down to us; they are addressed to the Roman emperor and to the Senate.

After contending for Christianity with a cynic philosopher, he was turned in to the government as a heretic and false teacher.   They arrested him and six of his disciples. When asked to reject Christ and make a sacrifice to the Roman gods, Justin boldly replied:

“No one who is rightly minded turns from true belief to false.”

The Trial of St Justin

In his new found faith, not only did he find truth but Justin found a truth worth living and dying for –– as he was beheaded for his refusal to denounce Jesus.   In his life, Justin sought to demonstrate how the Christian faith was consistent with reason and logic.  In his death, he earned the surname Martyr.