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St King Louis IX – August 25

Happy Feast Day of St Louis – Patron of the Third Order of St. Francis, France, French monarchy; hairdressers – August 25

At his coronation as king of France, Louis IX bound himself by oath to behave as God’s anointed, as the father of his people and feudal lord of the King of Peace. Other kings had done the same, of course. Louis was different in that he actually interpreted his kingly duties in the light of faith. After the violence of two previous reigns, he brought peace and justice.

He was crowned king at 12, at his father’s death. His mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled during his minority. When he was 19 and his bride 12, he was married to Marguerite of Provence. It was a loving marriage, though not without challenge. They had 11 children.a7bf5603740787136f3a482e7d5540a4

Louis “took the cross” for a Crusade when he was 30. His army seized Damietta in Egypt but not long after, weakened by dysentery and without support, they were surrounded and captured. Louis obtained the release of the army by giving up the city of Damietta in addition to paying a ransom. He stayed in Syria four years.83a88363be4d3d1078b990685186f425

He deserves credit for extending justice in civil administration. His regulations for royal officials became the first of a series of reform laws. He replaced trial by battle with a form of examination of witnesses and encouraged the use of written records in court.

Louis was always respectful of the papacy, but defended royal interests against the popes and refused to acknowledge Innocent IV’s sentence against Emperor Frederick II.

Louis was devoted to his people, founding hospitals, visiting the sick and, like his patron St. Francis (October 4), caring even for people with leprosy. (He is one of the patrons of the Secular Franciscan Order.) Louis united France—lords and townsfolk, peasants and priests and knights—by the force of his personality and holiness. For many years the nation was at peace.


Every day Louis had 13 special guests from among the poor to eat with him, and a large number of poor were served meals near his palace. During Advent and Lent, all who presented themselves were given a meal, and Louis often served them in person. He kept lists of needy people, whom he regularly relieved, in every province of his dominion.

Disturbed by new Muslim advances in Syria, he led another crusade in 1267, at the age of 41. His crusade was diverted to Tunis for his brother’s sake. The army was decimated by disease within a month, and Louis himself died on foreign soil at the age of 44. He was canonized 27 years later.


St Louis on his deathbed giving last advice to his son
St Louis receives the Last Rites and Holy Communion
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August 25 – Saint of the Day

Saint of the Day – August 25 –  King of France (1214-1270) King of France – Spouse: Margaret of Provence – Issue: among others… Isabella, Queen of Navarre,
Louis of France, Philip III of France, John Tristan, Count of Valois, Peter, Count of Perche and Alençon, Blanche, Infanta of Castile, Margaret, Duchess of Brabant, Robert, Count of Clermont, Agnes, Duchess of Burgundy – Patron of Patron of the Third Order of St. Francis, France, French monarchy; hairdressers

Representation of St Louis considered to be true to life, early 14th Cent. Statue – Mainneville Church, Eure, France

St. Louis, King of France, patron of Tertiaries, was the ninth of his name. He was born at Poissy, France, in 1214. His father was Louis VIII, and his mother was Blanche, daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castille, surnamed the Conqueror. At the age of twelve he lost his father, and his mother became regent of the kingdom. From his tenderest infancy she had inspired him with a love for holy things.

In 1234, he married Margaret, the virtuous daughter of Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence, and two years later he took the reigns of government into his own hands. In 1238, he headed a crusade, in which he fell a prisoner among the Mohammedans but a truce was concluded and he was set free and he returned to France. In 1267, he again set out for the East at the head of a crusade but he never again beheld his native land. In 1270, he was stricken by the pestilence at the siege of Tunis and after receiving the Last Sacraments, he died. Video link

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August 25 – The Saints

Saints for August 25

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August – The Month of the Immaculate Heart

Prayer of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart for the Month of August

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
and tender Mother of all people,
I consecrate myself to yourIImmaculate Heart
and recommend to you my family, my country and the whole human race.
Please accept my consecration, dearest Mother
and use me as you wish, to accomplish your designs upon the world.
O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth,
rule over me, and teach me how to allow the Heart of Jesus
to rule and triumph in me and around me,
as it has ruled and triumphed in you. Amen.


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Thought for the Day – August 24

Thought for the Day – August 24
Bartholomew or Nathanael? We are confronted again with the fact that we know almost nothing about most of the apostles. Yet the unknown ones were also foundation stones, the 12 pillars of the new Israel whose 12 tribes now encompass the whole earth. Their personalities were secondary (without thereby being demeaned) to their great office of bearing tradition from their firsthand experience, speaking in the name of Jesus, putting the Word made flesh into human words for the enlightenment of the world. Their holiness was not an introverted contemplation of their status before God. It was a gift that they had to share with others. The Good News was that all are called to the holiness of being Christ’s members, by the gracious gift of God.
The simple fact is that humanity is totally meaningless unless God is its total concern. Then humanity, made holy with God’s own holiness, becomes the most precious creation of God.
St Bartholomew Pray for us!


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One Minute Reflection – August 24

One Minute Reflection – August 24

(God) chose to reveal His Son to me that I might spread among the Gentiles the good tidings concerning Him…………Gal; 1:16

REFLECTION – No matter where you may be or where you may be working, make sure the world will be renewed upon contact with you.
Make the Lord more present to humqan beings and the Gospel more known and loved by them………… Bl Pope Paul VI

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, teach me to imitate Your divine Son in my life. Grant that by my presence as well as by my deeds, I may bring Christ and His message to everyone I meet. Let me follow Your Apostles and manifest the love and zeal of St Bartholomew. May all the Apostles Pray for us. Amen


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August 24 – Our Morning Offering


Jesus, joy of loving hearts,
You fount of life,
You Light of men,
from the best bliss that earth imparts
we turn unfilled to You again.
We taste You,
O You living Bread,
and long to feast upon You still:
We drink of You, the Fountainhead,
and thirst our souls ffom You to fill.
O Jesus, ever with us stay,
make all our moments calm and bright;
chase the dark night of sin away,
shed o’er the world Your holy light.
Amen, Amen


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Feast of St Bartholomew Apostle

Happy Feast Day of St Bartholomew Apostle

In the New Testament, Bartholomew is mentioned only in the lists of the apostles. Some scholars identify him with Nathanael, a man of Cana in Galilee who was summoned to Jesus by Philip. Jesus paid him a great compliment: “Here is a true Israelite. There is no duplicity in him” (John 1:47b). When Nathanael asked how Jesus knew him, Jesus said, “I saw you under the fig tree” (John 1:48b). Whatever amazing revelation this involved, it brought Nathanael to exclaim, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel” (John 1:49b). But Jesus countered with, “Do you believe because I told you that I saw you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than this” (John 1:50b).

Nathanael did see greater things. He was one of those to whom Jesus appeared on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias after his resurrection (see John 21:1-14). They had been fishing all night without success. In the morning, they saw someone on the shore, no one knew it was Jesus. Hesaid to cast their net again and they made so great a catch. Then John cried out to Peter, “It is the Lord.” Image 1-Konrad Witz; 2-El Greco; 3-Rembrandt van Rijn; 4- Jusepe de Ribera

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August 24 – Saint of the Day

Saint of the Day – August 24 – St Bartholomew 0ne of the Twelve – Apostle and Martyr – (1st Century) – Attributes – Knife and flayed skin – Patron of Armenia; bookbinders; butchers; Florentine cheese and salt merchants; Gambatesa, Italy; Catbalogan, Samar; Għargħur, Malta; leather workers; neurological diseases; plasterers; shoemakers; curriers; tanners, and various cities.
One of the Twelves Apostles. Probably a close friend of Saint Philip; Bartholomew’s name is always mentioned in the Gospels in connection with Philip and it was Philip who brought Bartholomew to Jesus. May have written a gospel, now lost; it is mentioned in other writings of the time. May have preached in Asia Minor, Ethiopia, India and Armenia; some one did, leaving behind assorted writings, and local tradition says it was Bartholomew. St. Nathanael, is St. Bartholomew. Image 3 – Anthony van Dyck; 4-Rubens; 5-Jusepe de Ribera.



24 August – The Saints

Saints for today