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LENTEN REFLECTION – Tuesday of the First Week of Lent – 7 MARCH

LENTEN REFLECTION – Tuesday of the First Week of Lent – 7 MARCH


The devil’s strategy

by St Ambrose of Milan (337-397 AD) Doctor of the Church

The devil demonstrates simultaneously his weakness and his wickedness.

He is unable to harm anyone who does not harm himself.   In fact, anyone who denies heaven and chooses the earth is, as it were, rushing towards a precipice, even though running of his own accord.

The devil, however, starts working as soon as he sees someone living up to faith’s commitments, someone who has a reputation for virtue, who does good works.

He tries to worm vanity into him, to make it possible for him to be puffed up with pride, become presumptuous, lose trust in prayer and not attribute to God the good that he does but to take all the credit himself.


LET US PRAY as Jesus taught us in today’s Gospel and with St Francis, who in his love for God was graced with this meditation:

Our Father: Creator, Redeemer, Saviour and Comforter.

In Heaven: In the angels and the saints.   You give them light so that they may have knowledge, because You are light.   You inflame them so that they may love, because You are love.   You live continually in them so that they may be happy, because You are the supreme good, the eternal good, and it is from You all good comes and without You there is no good.

Hallowed be your name: May our knowledge of You become ever clearer, so that we may realise the breadth of Your blessings, the extent of Your promises, the height of Your majesty and the depth of Your judgments.

Your kingdom come: So that You may reign in us by Your grace and bring us to Your kingdom, where we shall see You clearly, love You perfectly, be happy in Your company and enjoy You for ever.

Your will be done, on Earth as in Heaven: That we may love You with our whole heart by always thinking of You; with our whole mind by directing our whole intention towards You and seeking Your glory in everything;  and with all our strength by spending all our energies and affections of soul and body in the service of Your love alone.   And may we love our neighbour as ourselves, encouraging them all to love You as best we can, rejoicing at the good fortune of others, just as if it were our own and sympathising with their misfortunes, while giving offence to no one.

Give us today our daily bread: Your own beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to remind us of the love He showed for us and to help us to understand and appreciate it and everything that He did or said or suffered.

And forgive us our sins: In Your infinite mercy, and by the power of the passion of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, together with the merits and the intercession of the Blessèd Virgin Mary and all the saints.

As we forgive those who sin against us: And if we do not forgive perfectly, make us forgive perfectly, so that we may truly love our enemies for love of You and pray fervently to You for them, returning no one evil for evil, anxious only to serve everybody in you.

Lead us not into temptation: Hidden or obvious, sudden or unforeseen.

But deliver us from evil: Present, past or future. Amen.


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Thought for the Day – 7 March

Sts Perpetua and Felicity were ordinary wives and mothers, who were swept up in the madness of persecution, who loved their families and their children and certainly were not eager to die.   But heroism is found everywhere and their example has inspired Christians who have had to suffer for their faith, throughout the ages.   They could so easily have turned back – they were not even baptised yet!   And what of their teacher Saturus, who voluntarily joined the catechumens so that he might die for Christ with them and who (we presume it was he) baptised them whilst in prison – his name, in my opinion should be included with theirs.   THIS is bravery, this is our example, are we ready, willing and able to defend, to protect, to stand tall and if necessary to die?

Sts Perpetua, Felicity and Saturus, pray for us!


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Quote/s of the Day – 7 March

Quote/s of the Day – 7 March

“Father do you see this water jar,
or whatever it is, standing here?
Could one call it by any other name
than what it is? Well, in the same way
I cannot be called by any other name
than what I am—a Christian.”……..St Perpetua


“Now it is I who suffer what I am suffering;
then, there will be another in me who will
suffer for me, because I will be suffering for Him.”…St Felicity


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One Minute Reflection – 7 March

One Minute Reflection – 7 March

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him…………Matthew 6:8

REFLECTION – “…….Remember that He permits every thing for your good and do not lose confidence:” ………. St Alphonso Maria de Liguori

PRAYER – Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Stay with us Lord God and give us courage as you did Sts Perpetua and Felicity, whose prayers and intercession we request, amen.


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Our Morning Offering – 7 March

Our Morning Offering – 7 March

The First Week of Lent

Father of my soul,
Mother of my heart,
I know Your love for me
is limitless beyond imagining.
You care for me as a loving parent.
Through my smallest Lenten sacrifices,
help me to become less selfish
and more aware of Your ways.
Fan the flame of my desire
to draw ever closer to You.
Guide me to seek Your love
and then to share it freely.



Saint/s of the Day – 7 March – Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Saint/s of the Day – 7 March – Saints Perpetua and Felicity – Martyrs (died c203) in Carthage (Roman province of Africa – modern day Tunisia) – Patrons of Mothers, Expectant Mothers, ranchers, butchers, Carthage, Catalonia.sts perpetua & felicity.jpg

Vibia Perpetua was a married noblewoman, said to have been 22 years old at the time of her death and mother of an infant she was nursing.   Felicity, a slave imprisoned with her and pregnant at the time, was martyred with her.   They were put to death along with others at Carthage in the Roman province of Africa.   According to the passion, a slave named Revocatus, his fellow slave Felicitas, the two free men Saturninus and Secundulus, and Perpetua, who were catechumens, that is, Christians being instructed in the faith but not yet baptised, were arrested and executed at the military games in celebration of the Emperor Septimus Severus’s birthday.   To this group was added a man named Saturus (the Catechist of St Perpetua) who voluntarily went before the magistrate and proclaimed himself a Christian.saints-perpetua-and-felicitas-altar-philip-ralley.jpg

St Perpetua kept a diary during her last days, while she awaited her execution.   Her diary, along with an eyewitness’s account of her death, is one of the oldest, most reliable histories of a martyr’s sufferings.   This account was passed down to encourage other Christians to witness to the world with their lives—to teach others that greater than life itself is knowing Jesus and being loyal to him.

Perpetua’s account records the events that took place in Carthage, Africa, in the year 202, when the Emperor Severus issued an anti-Christian law forbidding anyone to be baptised and become a Christian.   At that time twenty-two-year-old Perpetua was a catechumen, studying to become a Christian.   She was also the mother of an infant son.   Perpetua was arrested along with four other catechumens, including Felicity, her slave woman, who was about to give birth to a child.   All were tried and sentenced to be thrown to the wild beasts in the amphitheatre during a national holiday.   Their deaths would be scheduled along with sports events and various games.

During the days before their execution, their teacher Saturus voluntarily joined the catechumens so that he might die for Christ with them.   Perpetua’s father, a wealthy pagan, pleaded with her to offer sacrifice to the pagan gods so she could be free, but she refused. She said, “Father do you see this water jar, or whatever it is, standing here? Could one call it by any other name than what it is?   Well, in the same way I cannot be called by any other name than what I am—a Christian.”www-st-takla-org-sts-perpetua-n-felicity-015.jpg

While they were awaiting death, Perpetua and her companions were baptised.   Shortly before the scheduled execution, Felicity gave birth to a baby girl.   During childbirth, she had cried out in pain.  Someone hearing her asked her how she would ever endure the suffering of martyrdom.   She replied, “Now it is I who suffer what I am suffering, then, there will be another in me who will suffer for me, because I will be suffering for Him.”

On the day of their execution, the martyrs left their prison “joyfully as though they were on their way to heaven” and entered the arena, where they were killed before the cheering crowd.   Perpetua and Felicity were beheaded; the others were killed by wild beasts.    Today these women are mentioned in the first Eucharistic Prayer.www-st-takla-org-sts-perpetua-n-felicity-021.jpg

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Saints- 7 March

St Felicity of Carthage (Optional Memorial)
St Perpetua of Carthage (Optional Memorial)

St Ardo of Aniane
St Deifer of Bodfari
St Drausinus of Soissons
St Enodoch
St Esterwine of Wearmouth
St Eubulus of Caesarea
St Gaudiosus of Brescia
Bl Henry of Austria
Bl Leonid Feodorov
Bl Maria Antonia de Paz y Figueroa
St Paul of Prusa
St Paul the Simple
Bl St Reinhard of Reinhausen
St Teresa Margaret Redi
Bl William of Assisi

Martyrs of Carthage – 4 saints: A catechist and three students martyred together for teaching and learning the faith. We know little more than their names – Revocatus, Saturninus, Saturus and Secundulus. Mauled by wild beasts and beheaded 7 March 203 at Carthage, North Africa

Martyrs of Korea
Siméon-François Berneux
Bernard-Louis Beaulieu
Ioannes Baptista Nam Chong-Sam
Pierre-Henri Dorie
Simon-Marie-Just Ranfer de Bretenières

Martyrs of Laos
Bl Luc Sy
Bl Maisam Pho Inpèng
Martyrs of Tyburn
Bl German Gardiner
Bl John Ireland
Bl John Larke