Marian Thought for the Day – 6 May “Mary’s Month!” – Sixth Sunday of Eastertide B

Marian Thought for the Day – 6 May “Mary’s Month!” – Sixth Sunday of Eastertide B

Mary is the “Domus Aurea,” the House of Gold
Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

WHY is she called a House?   And why is she called Golden?   Gold is the most beautiful, the most valuable, of all metals. Silver, copper and steel may in their way be made good to the eye but nothing is so rich, so splendid, as gold.   We have few opportunities of seeing it in any quantity but anyone who has seen a large number of bright gold coins knows how magnificent is the look of gold.   Hence it is that in Scripture the Holy City is, by a figure of speech, called Golden.   “The City,” says St. John, “was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.”   He means of course to give us a notion of the wondrous beauty of heaven, by comparing it with what is the most beautiful of all the substances which we see on earth.

Therefore, it is that Mary too, is called golden because her graces, her virtues, her innocence, her purity, are of that transcendent brilliancy and dazzling perfection, so costly, so exquisite, that the angels cannot, so to say, keep their eyes off her any more than we could help gazing upon any great work of gold.

But observe further, she is a golden house, or, I will rather say, a golden palace.   Let us imagine we saw a whole palace or large church all made of gold, from the foundations to the roof;  such, in regard to the number, the variety, the extent of her spiritual excellences, is Mary.

But why called a house or palace?   And whose palace?   She is the house and the palace of the Great King, of God Himself.   Our Lord, the Co-equal Son of God, once dwelt in her. He was her Guest, nay, more than a guest, for a guest comes into a house as well as leaves it.   But our Lord was actually born in this holy house.   He took His flesh and His blood from this house, from the flesh, from the veins of Mary.   Rightly then was she made to be of pure gold because she was to give of that gold to form the body of the Son of God.   She was golden in her conception, golden in her birth.   She went through the fire of her suffering like gold in the furnace and when she ascended on high, she was, in the words of our hymn,

Above all the Angels in glory untold,
Standing next to the King in a vesture of gold.mary is the house of gold

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD - PRAY FOR US


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