Novena to St Joseph – Day Seven- 17 March

Novena to St Joseph – Day Seven
By Fr Michael Gaitley, MIC

Day Seven

St Joseph, Pure of Heart

Dear St Joseph,

I said I want to be a saint and saints need to be pure not only of body but of soul. Regarding purity of body, St Joseph, guard me, protect me and defend me from temptations against purity.

I rely on you, St Joseph.   Don’t let me fall.   Don’t let my eyes or thoughts wander. If they do, please bring them back to Jesus. I trust in you, St. Joseph.   You lived purely with Mary in the midst of her beauty.   Help me to see the beauty of others with your own pure vision.   If I fall, help me to find God’s mercy and free me from any bondage to such sin. Regarding purity of intentions, help me do everything not to please myself or others but to please God alone.   Give me this grace as my dear spiritual father.   I trust in you, St. Joseph.

Saint Joseph, Pure of Heart, please lend me your own purity of heart. seven novena to st joseph 17 march 2019.jpg


Lenten Thoughts – 17 March – The law was given through Moses grace and truth came through Jesus Christ – St Leo the Great

Lenten Thoughts – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C, Gospel: Luke 9:28-36

The law was given through Moses grace

and truth came through Jesus Christ

St Pope Leo the Great (400-461) 
Bishop of Rome and Great Latin Father and Doctor of the Church

An excerpt from Sermo 51

The Lord reveals His glory in the presence of chosen witnesses.   His body is like that of the rest of mankind but He makes it shine with such splendour that His Face becomes like the sun in glory and His garments as white as snow.

The great reason for this transfiguration was to remove the scandal of the cross from the hearts of His disciples and to prevent the humiliation of His voluntary suffering from disturbing the faith of those who had witnessed the surpassing glory that lay concealed.

With no less forethought He was also providing a firm foundation for the hope of holy Church.   The whole body of Christ was to understand the kind of transformation that it would receive as His gift.   The members of that body were to look forward to a share in that glory which first blazed out in Christ their head.

The Lord had himself spoken of this when He foretold the splendour of His coming – Then the just will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.   Saint Paul the apostle bore witness to this same truth when He said – I consider that the sufferings of the present time are not to be compared with the future glory that is to be revealed in us. In another place He says:  You are dead and your life is hidden with Christ in God.   When Christ, your life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.

This marvel of the transfiguration contains another lesson for the apostles, to strengthen them and lead them into the fullness of knowledge.   Moses and Elijah, the law and the prophets, appeared with the Lord in conversation with Him.   This was in order to fulfil exactly, through the presence of these five men, the text which says – Before two or three witnesses every word is ratified.   What word could be more firmly established, more securely based, than the word which is proclaimed by the trumpets of both old and new testaments, sounding in harmony and by the utterances of ancient prophecy and the teaching of the Gospel, in full agreement with each other?

The writings of the two testaments support each other.   The radiance of the transfiguration reveals clearly and unmistakably the one who had been promised by signs foretelling Him under the veils of mystery.   As Saint John says:  The law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.   In Him the promise made through the shadows of prophecy stands revealed, along with the full meaning of the precepts of the law.   He is the one who teaches the truth of prophecy through His presence and makes obedience to the commandments possible through grace.

In the preaching of the holy Gospel all should receive a strengthening of their faith.   No one should be ashamed of the cross of Christ, through which the world has been redeemed.

No-one should fear to suffer for the sake of justice, no-one should lose confidence in the reward that has been promised.   The way to rest is through toil, the way to life is through death.   Christ has taken on Himself the whole weakness of our lowly human nature.   If then we are steadfast in our faith in Him and in our love for Him, we win the victory that He has won, we receive what He has promised.the way to rest is through toil the way to life is through death 17 march 2019.jpg

When it comes to obeying the commandments or enduring adversity, the words uttered by the Father should always echo in our ears –  This is my Son, the beloved, in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.transfiguration - listen to him 17 march 2019.jpg


Quote of the Day – 17 March – You have been created for …

Quote of the Day – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

“You have been created for the glory of God
and your own eternal salvation….
this is your goal,
this is the centre of your life,
this is the treasure of your heart.
If your reach this goal,
you will find happiness.
If you fail to reach it,
you will find misery.”

St Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) Doctor of the Churchyou have been created for - st robert bellarmine - 17 march 2019 2nd lent C.jpg


Lenten Reflection – 17 March – Transfiguration

Lenten Reflection – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

The Readings
Genesis 15:5-12,17-18; Psalms 27:1, 7-8, 8-9, 13-14; Philippians 3:17 – 4:1 or Philippians 3:20 – 4:1; Luke 9:28B-36

And a voice came out of the cloud, saying,
“This is my Son, my Chosen,
listen to him!”
Luke 9:35

By Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)

They were talking to Him about resurrection,
about law, about the suffering ahead.
They were talking as if to remind Him who He was and
who they were. He was not

Like his three friends watching a little way off,
not like the crowd At the foot of the hill.
A grey-green thunderhead massed
from the sea

And God spoke from it and said He was His.
They were talking about how the body, broken or
could live again, remade.

Only the fiery text of the thunderhead could explain it.
And they were talking
About pain and the need for judgement
and how He would make Himself

A law of pain, both its spirit and its letter in His own
and then break it,
That is, transcend it.
His clothes flared like magnesium


Daily Meditation:
Listen to Him.

It is wonderful to begin this week
acknowledging that we need God’s help in listening and hearing.
It is so powerful to ask for the “gift of integrity” –
to express our desire for wholeness.
And, we humbly ask for light in the midst of whatever
might “shadow our vision.”
This is the God who allows Jesus
to be transfigured before His disciples,
to prepare them for what they were about to face.
This is our God, who can give each of us
the change of heart we ask for.

Wait for the Lord,
be strong
and let your heart take courage,
yea, wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14

Closing Prayer:

Loving God,
there is so much darkness in my life
and I hide from You.
Take my hand
and lead me out of the shadows of my fear.
Help me to change my heart.
Bring me to your truth
and help me to respond to Your generous love.
Let me recognise the fullness of Your love
which will fill my life.
Free me from the darkness in my heart.

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.
Amensecond-sunday-lenten-reflection-luke 9 35 17 march 2019

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One Minute Reflection – 17 March – Transfigurtion,the Mystery of the Cross

One Minute Reflection – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

“…Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his departure, which he was to accomplish at Jerusalem.”…Luke 9:30-31

REFLECTION – “Today, on Mount Tabor, the state of our future life and the Kingdom of joy are mysteriously made manifest.   Today, in an unexpected way, the former messengers of the Old and New Covenants have come together on the mountain beside their God as bearers of a paradoxical mystery.   Today, on Mount Tabor, is sketched out the mystery of the cross which, through death, gives life.   Just as Christ was crucified between two men on Mount Calvary, so He now stands in His divine majesty between Moses and Elijah.   And today’s feast shows us that other Sinai, that mountain far more precious than Sinai by reason of its wonders and events.   With its theophany it far surpasses merely representative and vague divine visions…
Rejoice!   O Creator of all that is, Christ our King, Son of God radiant with light, who have transfigured all creation in Your image and have recreated it in an even better way…  And you, too, rejoice!   O image of the heavenly Kingdom, most holy mount of Tabor, surpassing in beauty all other mountains!   Mount Golgotha and you, O mount of Olives, sing a hymn together and rejoice, sing with one voice of Christ on Mount Tabor and together chant His praises!”… St Anastasius of Sinai (Died c 700) Monkluke 9 30-31 the transfiguration - today on mount tabour - st anastasius of sinai 17 march 2019.jpg

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, teach us to do everything for Your honour and glory.
Grant us the grace to work out our salvation with anxious concern each day of our life. Keep our gaze fixed towards heaven.   Help us as we attempt this Lenten journey to grow in a spirit of penance and sacrifice and to be transfigured, out of love for You, our God. Mary, Holy Mother, the refuge of sinners, be our protector and our guide.   We make our prayer through Jesus in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for all eternity, amen.blessed virgin mary immaculate mother - pray for us - 2 sept 2018.jpg


Sunday Reflection – 17 March – The Mystery of Love

Sunday Reflection – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

The Mystery of Love

By Archbishop Alban Goodier SJ (1869-1939)

You loved me from all eternity,
therefore, You created me.
You loved me, after You had made me,
therefore, You became man for me.
You loved me, after You became man for me,
therefore, You lived and died for me.
You loved me, after You had died for me,
therefore, You rose again for me.
You loved me, after You had risen for me,
therefore, You went to prepare a place for me.
You loved me, after You had gone to prepare a place for me,
therefore, You came back to me.
You loved me, after You came back to me,
therefore, You desired to enter into me
and be united to me.
This is the meaning of the Blessed Sacrament,
The Mystery of Love!

The mystery of love - sun reflec 17 march 2019 - archbishop alban goodier.jpg


Our Morning Offering – 17 March – The Food for Service

Our Morning Offering – 17 March – The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

The Food for Service
St Pope John XXIII

O Jesus,
present in the Sacrament of the Altar
teach all nations to serve You
with willing hearts,
knowing that to serve God,
is to reign.
May Your Sacrament, O Jesus,
be light to the mind,
strength to the will,
joy to the heart.
May it be the support of the weak,
the comfort of the suffering,
the wayfaring bread of salvation
for the dying
and for all,
the pledge of future glory.
Amenthe food for service by st pope john XXIII 17 march 2019

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Saint of the Day – 17 March – Blessed Juan Nepomuceno Zegri y Moreno (1831-1905)

Saint of the Day – 17 March – Blessed Juan Nepomuceno Zegri y Moreno (1831-1905) – Priest, Founder of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.

Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno was born on 11 October 1831 in Granada, Spain.  His father, Antonio Zegrí Martín and his mother, Josefa Moreno Escudero, were most vigilant in educating their son and in helping to form his personality according to evangelical values.   The young boy had a great love for Jesus and Mary and was particularly sensitive to the needs of the poor.img-Blessed-Juan-Nepomuceno-Zegrí-y-Moreno.jpg

Binding wounds, healing hearts:
As a youth, Juan felt called to serve the Lord in society’s poor and wanted to become a priest.   He entered St Dionysius Seminary of Granada and on 2 June 1855 was ordained in the Cathedral of Granada.   He served in the parishes of Huétor Santillán and of San Gabriel de Loja in Granada.
His vocation, as he once proclaimed in a homily, was to be “like a good shepherd, going after the lost sheep;   like a doctor, healing sick hearts wounded by faults and binding them with hope;   like a father, who visibly provides for all of those who, suffering from abandonment, must drink from the bitter chalice and receive nourishment from the bread of tears”.

Fr Zegrí’s priestly life was characterised by a profound experience of God and a deep love for Jesus the Redeemer and Mary, Mother and Protectress.   His sermons encouraged listeners to live the Christian life radically and responsibly.

He always served with great humility in the positions he was asked to assume as a priest – synodal judge, canon of the cathedral of Malaga, visitor of the religious orders, formator of the seminarians and preacher of and royal chaplain to Her Majesty Queen Isabel II.

Founder inspired by Mary:
It was with a profound interest in resolving social problems and in meeting the needs of the poor and neglected that Fr Zegrí felt called to found a religious congregation that would serve the most needy.   On 16 March 1878 in Malaga, under the protection and inspiration of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, he began the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.

The Congregation’s main charism was to practice all of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy for the benefit of the poor.   He asked the Religious to do all “for the good of humanity, in God, for God, towards God”.   In only a few years, the Congregation was established in many Dioceses throughout Spain, all due to the dynamism of Fr Zegrí’s charismatic inspiration – heal wounds, repair evils, comfort sorrows, dry tears, do not, if possible, leave even one person in the world abandoned, afflicted, unprotected, without religious education and assistance.

He firmly believed that “charity is the only answer to all social problems”.   In this light the key points of the spirituality of the Founder were: redemptive charity, love and configuration with Jesus the Redeemer, love for Mary, Our Lady of Mercy.

Testing and vindication:
God permitted Fr Zegrí to be severely tested and misunderstood after he founded the Congregation and his own Religious “daughters” falsely accused him.   With a Pontifical Decree dated 7 July 1888 he was sent away from the Order that he himself had founded.

After years of silent suffering, his innocence was recognised with another Decree dated 15 July 1894.   Although he was permitted to re-enter the Congregation, he was not accepted.   He voluntarily kept himself at a distance in order to preserve communion with the Church and his “daughters”, so that they would not openly disobey Church authority.

On 17 March 1905 in Malaga, Fr Zegrí died just as he had desired: like Jesus, alone and abandoned.   He offered himself for the good of humanity and forgave “his own” who had accused him.

After many years, the Congregation once again recognised him as Founder, all due to the fact that there were Sisters who had kept alive his memory and witness of holiness.  In 1925 Fr Zegrí was officially declared as Founder of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy…

He was Beatified on 9 November 2003 by St Pope John Paul II.BEATIFICATION - BL JUAN.JPG

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The 2nd Sunday of Lent, Year C & Memorials of the Saints – 17 March

The Second Sunday of Lent, Year C

St Patrick (c 386-461) (Optional Memorial)
About dearly loved St Patrick:

St Agricola of Châlon-sur-Saône
St Alexander
St Ambrose of Alexandria
Bl Conrad of Bavaria
St Diemut of Saint Gall
St Gabriel Lalemant
St Gertrude of Nivelles OSB (626-659)
About St Gertrude:
Bl Gertrude of Trzebnica
St Jan Sarkander
Bl Josep Mestre Escoda
St Joseph of Arimathea
Bl Juan Nepomuceno Zegrí y Moreno (1831-1905)
St Llinio of Llandinam
Bl Maria Bárbara Maix
St Paul of Cyprus
St Stephen of Palestrina
St Theodore of Rome
St Thomasello
St Withburga of Dereham

Martyrs of Alexandria – Also known as Martyrs of Serapis: An unknown number of Christians who were martyred together by a mob of worshippers of the Graeco-Egyptian sun god Serapis. They were Martyred in c 392 in Alexandria, Egypt