Santa Maria del Pozzo, Mother and Queen of Mercy / Our Lady of the Well – Capurso, Bari, Italy (1705) and Memorials of the Saints – 30 August

Santa Maria del Pozzo, Mother and Queen of Mercy / Our Lady of the Well – Capurso, Bari, Italy (1705) – 30 August and 20 May:

The town of Capurso (Bari), on the east coast of southern Italy, claims Our Lady of the Well as its Patron under the title Madonna del Pozzo. Tradition says that it was on 30 August 1705, that the image of Our Lady sculpted in wood was found in a well. It is now preserved in the Basilica St Maria del Pozzo, construction on which began in 1770. On 20 May 1852, the image of the Blessed Mother was solemnly crowned. The Societá Maria del Pozzo, dedicated to Madonna del Pozzo and her traditions was established in 1922. The Society has its origins at Capursoand its Headquarteredare in Chicago, Illinois,

On 30 August 1705, the Priest, Don Domenico Tanzella , after recovering from a serious illness that forced him to bed drinking the water of the well of “Santa Maria”, descending into the hollow shaft of the Piscino found, on the wall, an icon of the Holy Virgin. Don Domenico Capurso exhibited the icon in the Tanzella Chapel dedicated to St Lawrence Martyr . Many miracles, were recorded, one, to a certain Caterina, crippled for many years, wife of Lorenzo Maffiola. Our Lady would appear in a dream and told her that she was to go to the Chapel of Tanzella and she would receive healing grace. The next day Catherine dragged herself there and with tears implored the Madonna for a cure. Suddenly she felt a sensation and tried to walk succeeded! At the news of this new miracle pilgrims began to flow in Capurso from countries near and far, on foot and by every means available at the time, singing hymns glorifying Mary. Today in celebration on 30 August or the last Sunday in August., 100s descend upon the Sanctuary to process the Statue through the streets. Everyone wants to touch and venerate the miraculous Madonna.

St Adauctus of Rome
St Agilus

Blessed Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster OSB (1880-1954) Cardinal, Archbishop of Milan, Benedictine Monk and Abbot, Writer, Liturgical scholar.
His Life:

St Arsenius the Hermit
St Boniface of Hadrumetum
St Bononius of Lucedio
Bl Bronislava of Poland
Bl Edward Shelley
Bl Ero di Armenteira
Bl Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1877-1952)
Bl Eustáquio van Lieshout
St Fantinus of San Mercurius
St Felix of Rome

Saint Fiacre (Died 670) Priest, Abbot, Monk, Hermit, apostle of charity, gardener.
About St Fiacre:

St Gaudentia of Rome

Blessed Giovanni Giovenale Ancina CO (1545–1604) Bishop of Saluzzo, member of the Oratory of St Philip Neri, Scholar, Musician and Composer, renowned Preacher Doctor of Medicine. Commonly known as Blessed Juvenal Ancina.
The Life of Blessed Juvenal:

St Jeanne Jugan LSP (Mary of the Cross) (1792 – 1879) Sister and Founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor,

Blessed John Roche (Died 1588) Lay Martyr
St Loarn
St Margaret Ward
Bl María Rafols-Bruna
St Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran

St Pammachius (c 340 – 410) Senator, Monk, Apostle of Charity, friend of St Jerome andhe was praised by St Augustine.

St Pelagius the Hermit
St Peter of Trevi
Bl Riccardo of Lotaringia
Bl Richard Flower
Bl Richard Leigh
Bl Richard Martin
St Rumon of Tavistock
St Sylvanus the Hermit
St Thecla of Hadrumetum
St Theodosius of Oria
Bl Yusuf Nehme

Martyrs of Colonia Suffetulana – 60 saints: A group of 60 Christians martyred for destroying a statue of Hermes.
They were martyred in Colonia Suffetulana, Africa.

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War:
• Blessed José Ferrer Adell
• Blessed Manuel Medina Olmos
• Blessed Vicente Cabanes Badenas
Martyrs of Barranco del Chisme (Spanish Civil War) – 10 beati:
• Blessed Alberto José Larrazábal Michelena
• Blessed Antonio María Arriaga Anduiza
• Carles Canyes Santacana
• Blessed Caterina Margenat Roura
• Diego Ventaja Milán
• Blessed Eleuterio Angulo Ayala
• Blessed Josefa Monrabal Montaner
• Manuel Medina Olmos
• Blessed Maria Dolores Oller Angelats
• Blessed Nicasio Romo Rubio



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