Thought for the Day – 17 September – The Divine Counsellor

Thought for the Day – 17 September – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

The Divine Counsellor

“Nobody can speak to our souls with greater efficacy than Jesus Christ, “Listen to the interior Master,” wrote St Margaret Mary Alacoque, “Never do anything without seeking His advice.”

Certain conditions are necesaary, however, before we can hear the Voice of God in the intimacy of our hearts.
First of all, there must be silence and recollection.
Jesus does not speak where there is noise and dissipation and, even if He were to speak, His Voice would not be heard.

It is necessary, now and again – especially in moments of difficulty – to remove ourselves from the external confusion of life, so that we shall be able to hear the Voice of God.
Then, it is true, we shall hear two voices and we shall hesitate …
One is the voice of nature.
When we feel that we have been offended, it urges us to seek revenge or, at least, to let our attitude be known.
When temptation assails us and upsets our peace of mind, we hear a pleasant voice urging us to satisfy our sinful inclinations.
But there is another Voice within us – it is gentle and sweet like Jesus Himself; it is calm, serene and lofty, like all that is eternal.
We must listen to this, not to the other; this we must accept and follow with full deliberation, even if it entails grave sacrifice.

There must be sacrifice, for it is not sufficient to enter an atmosphere of silence and recollection, in order to listen to the Voice of Jesus, our Divine Counsellor.
We must also have the courage and the Christian fortitude to put His advice and teaching into practice!

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



Quote/s of the Day – 17 September – St Hildegard von Bingen

Quote/s of the Day – 17 September – The Memorial of St Hildegard von Bingen OSB (1098-1179) Doctor of the Church

“Even in a world
which is being shipwrecked,
remain brave and strong.”

“All of creation is a song of praise to God.”

“Holy Spirit, the life that gives life:
You are the Cause of all movement.
You are the Breath of all creatures.
You are the Salve that purifies our souls.
You are the Ointment that heals our wounds.
You are the Fire that warms our hearts.
You are the Light that guides our feet.
Let all the world praise You!”

St Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Doctor of the Church

St Robert Bellarmine HERE;

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One Minute Reflection – 17 September – Those female disciples

One Minute Reflection – 17 September – “Month of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary ” – Readings: Timothy 6: 2c-12; Psalm 49: 6-10, 17-20; Luke 8: 1-3

“And the twelve were with him … and also some women” – Luke 8:1,3

REFLECTION – “If anyone does not believe that wherever they preached the Gospel, the Apostles brought women of holy life with them, so that these women might minister the necessities of life to them from their abundance, let him hear the Gospel and realise that the Apostles did this, by the example of our Lord Himself.” – St Augustine (354-430) Father and Doctor of Grace – (The Works of Monks, 5)

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, help me to be holy in the way that You have laid out for me. Let me carry out my duties of my state of life to the full and grant me the grace to carry my crosses in honour of You. Only in You may I attain holiness, learning to give myself, my will, my heart and my soul only to You. Mary Holy Sorrowful Virgin and Glorious Mother of Christ Jesus, we ask for your intercession. We make our prayer in unity with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, one with You, now and forever, amen.

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Our Morning Offering – 17 September – May Every Beat of My Heart, Be a Prayer

Our Morning Offering – 17 September – “Month of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary ”

Morning Offering
May Every Beat of My Heart Be a Prayer
By St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier (1796-1868)

O my God,
may every beat of my heart,
be a prayer, to obtain grace
and pardon for sinners.
May all my sighs
be so many appeals
to Your infinite mercy.
May each look
have the virtue to gain to Your love,
those souls, whom I shall look on.
May the food of my life,
be to work without ceasing
for Your glory
and the salvation of souls.

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Saint of the Day – 17 September – Saint Peter Arbues OSA (1442-1485) Priest Martyr,

Saint of the Day – 17 September – Saint Peter Arbues OSA (1442-1485) Priest Martyr, Canon Regular of the Augustinian Order, learned Professor and Inquisitor. Born as Pedro de Arbués in 1442 at Épila in the region of Saragossa, Spain and died on 17 September 1485 in the Cathedral of Saragossa by being attacked and murdered.

The Roman Martyrology states of him today: “St Pedro of Arbues, first Inquisitor of the faith in the Kingdom of Aragon, who received the Palm of Martyrdom by being barbarously massacred by apostate Jews, for defending courageously, the Catholic faith, according to the duties of his office. He was Canonised by Pope Pius IX in 1867.

Peter was born to the nobleman Antonio de Arbués and Sancia Ruiz. He studied philosophy perhaps in Huesca but later travelled to Bologna on a scholarship to the Spanish College of Saint Clement which was part of the University of Bologna. n 1473, he obtained his Doctorate in both Canon and Civil Law and he served as a Professor of Moral Philosophical studies or ethics.

Upon his return to Spain he was Ordained and became a member of the Cathedral Chapter of the Canons Regular at La Seo where, in 1474 he made his religious profession.

About that time Ferdinand and Isabella had obtained from Sixtus IV a Bull, to establish in their Kingdom, a tribunal for searching out heretics and especially Jews, who after having received Baptism had relapsed openly or secretly into Judaism – these were known as Marranos. In 1483, the famous Thomas Torquemada,, was appointed Grand Inquisitor over Castile and, being acquainted with the learning and virtue of Peter Arbues, in 1484, named him Inquisitor Provincial in the Kingdom of Aragon.

Peter performed the duties with zeal and justice. Although the enemies of the Inquisition accuse him of cruelty, it is certain that not a single sentence of death can be traced to him. The Marranos, however, whom he had punished hated and resolved to do away with him. One night while kneeling in prayer before the Altar of Our Lady in the metropolitan Cathedral where he used to recite the Office with his brother Canons, attacked him and hired assassins inflicted several wounds from which he died on 17 September 1485. He was just 44 years old.

His remains were entombed in a special Chapel dedicated to him in the Cathedral.

He was Beatified on 20 April 1664, by Pope Alexander VII and Canonised on 29 June 1867 by Pope Pius IX who said in the document formalising the Canonisation (Maiorem caritatem): “The divine wisdom has arranged, that in these sad days, when Jews help the enemies of the Church with their books and money, this decree of sanctity has been brought to fulfillment.

In explanation, it should be noted, that the most powerful families among the converted Jews seem to have been involved in funding the murder.


Feast of the Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi and Memorials of the Saints – 17 September

St Robert Bellarmine SJ (1542-1621) Doctor of the Church, Bishop, Confessor, Theologian, Professor, Writer, Preacher, Mediator. (Optional Memorial) Feast day – 13 May (General Roman Calendar, 1932–1969)
St Robert’s life here:

Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi:
Two years before the great Saint Francis of Assisi died and when he was forty-two years old — one year after he had built the first crib in honour of Our Lord — he went off to a lonely mountain called Mount Alvernia, to prepare himself by forty days of fasting and prayer for the Feast of Saint Michael, the greatest of God’s Angels, whose Feast day is 29 September. On the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on 14 September, Saint Francis received in his hands, feet and side the Sacred Wounds from Our Lord’s own body.

Never was a Saint more beautifully loved by Jesus than Saint Francis of Assisi. The wounds Jesus gave him stayed in his hands, feet and side and continually bled for two more years, until he died in 1226. The day on which Saint Francis received the Five Wounds of Our Lord was 14 September but so, that this beautiful event might have a feast day for itself, the Stigmata of Saint Francis is commemorated today, on 17 September. The simple liturgy of this holy Saint’s life might be put this way – the crib in 1223 and the Cross in 1224.

St Agathoclia
St Brogan of Ross Tuirc
St Columba of Cordova
St Crescentio of Rome
St Emmanuel Nguyen Van Trieu
St Flocellus

St Hildegard von Bingen OSB (1098-1179) Doctor of the Church, German Benedictine Abbess, Theologian, Writer, Composer, Philosopher, Poet, Mystic, Visionary, Founder, Scientist, Artist and Polymath. She is considered to be the founder of scientific natural history in Germany.

St Justin of Rome

St Lambert (c 635-c 700) Bishop & Martyr, Bishop of Maastricht, Confessor, Missionary.
His Life and Death:

St Narcissus of Rome
St Peter Arbues OSA (1442-1485) Priest Martyr
St Rodingus
St Satyrus of Milan
St Socrates
Bl Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary
St Stephen
St Theodora
St Uni of Bremen
St Zygmunt Sajna

St Zygmunt Szcesny Felinski TOSF (1822-1895) Archbishop of Warsaw and founder of the Franciscan Sisters of the Family of Mary, Apostle of poor, Confessor, Professor, Writer, Reformer.
His Life:

Martyred in the Spanish Civil War
• Blessed Álvaro Santos Cejudo Moreno Chocano
• Blessed Juan Ventura Solsona
• Blessed Timoteo Valero Pérez