Madonna della Mondovi / Our Lady of Mondovi, Piemonte, Italy – 16th Century and Memorials of the Saints – 30 October

Madonna della Mondovi / Our Lady of Mondovi, Piemonte, Italy – 16th Century – 30 October:

Our Lady of Mond0vi, also known as the Madonna della Mondovi, is located at Vicoforte, in Piedmont, Italy. There a picture was found upon which a tile-maker had painted and placed on a brick pillar which he had erected for that purpose. This pillar has since been enclosed in a Church which was built in the year 1645 at the behest of Maria Cristina of France. The request was made in memory of the miraculous rescue of a child from the river, which took place in 1644 through the invocation of the image of the Blessed Virgin. Since that time there have been many miracles which have been wrought and continue to attract a great concourse of people.

The peasant folk especially venerated Our Lady at this Shrine and obtained numerous favours in answer to their prayers.
The Church was enlarged in 1779 and equipped with a Baptistery in 1807. Inside, enriched with precious furnishings donated by the Savoy Princes and frescoes by Bartolomeo Guidobono and others. On the Altar, the miraculous image of the Blessed Mother is kept. The original image has been almost completely repainted in twentieth-century restorations.

St Angelo of Acri OFM Cap (1669-1739) Priest of the Franciscan Capuchins, Confessor, Preacher, Missionary, Evangeliser, Miracle-Worker, Apostle of Charity and Mercy to the sick, Mystic with the gifts of prophecy, bi-location, visions and the ability to see into men’s souls in Confession. His body is incorrupt and is enshrined in in the Basilica dedicated to him in Acri.
The Story of St Angelo:

St Arilda
St Asterius of Amasea

Blessed Benvenuta Bojani OP (1254-1292) Member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, Mystic, Repentant. miracle-worker.

St Egelnoth the Good
St Eutropia of North Africa
St Gerard of Potenza

St Germanus of Capua (Died c 541) Bishop of Capua, Italy, Confessor, Papal Legate. St Germanus was a close friend of St Benedict of Nursia. The Roman Matyrology states: St Germanus, Bishop and Confessor, a man of great sanctity, whose soul, at the hour of death, was seen by St Benedict taken to heaven by angels.
His Life:

St Herbert of Tours
Bl Jean-Michel Langevin
Bl John Slade
St Lucanus of Lagny
St Marcellus the Centurion
St Marcian of Syracuse
St Maximus of Cumae
St Nanterius of Saint-Mihiel
Bl Oleksa Zarytsky (1912-1963) Martyr
Bl Raymond of Cardona
St Saturninus of Cagliari
St Serapion of Antioch
St Talarica of Scotland
Bl Terrence Albert O’Brien
St Theonestus of Philippi (Died 425) Bishop, Martyr
St Zenobia of Aegea
St Zenobius of Aegea

Martyrs in Africa: A group of 100 to 200 Christians murdered in the early persecutions, and about whom we know nothing except that they died for their faith.



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