Thought for the Day – 4 November – More About the Sufferings of Purgatory

Thought for the Day – 4 November – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

More About the Sufferings of Purgatory

Apart from the physical pain which we have considered in the preceding meditation, the souls in Purgatory suffer a much greater torment, which theologians call “the pain of loss.“
St John Chrysostom writes, that the pain of loss, which is the unsatisfied yearning to be united with the Supreme Good, is a far more agonising torment, than the flames of a hundred hells!
This is because, the souls in Purgatory, having been set free from the bodily confinement which prevented them from seeing the Eternal Truths in all their clarity, now experience an unceasing and irresistible need, to be united with God.
Being aware of their own imperfection, however, they undergo a terrible anguish at their inability to satisfy this burning desire.
They love God with an immense love and long to enjoy His intimate friendship but, they realise, that they will be rejected by His divine justice as long as they have not perfectly expiated their faults.

If we would have a faint idea of the cruel agony of this unsatisfied desire, let us recall the keen anguish experienced by the Saints, whenever they remembered the sins which they had committed before their conversion.
They shed tears of repentance before the Crucifix and inflicted terrifying penances upon themselves in reparation for their misdeeds.

What are we doing in order to avoid offending God and to wash away our past transgressions?
Let us remember, that the divine justice must be satisfied, either in this life, or in the next.
If we fail to make satisfaction now, we shall do so with much greater suffering in Purgatory, where we shall no longer have the benefit of the Sacraments and of Indulgences.”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci


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