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Notre-Dame de Valfleury / Our Lady of Valfleury, France (800) and Memorial of the Saints – 6 November

Notre-Dame de Valfleury / Our Lady of Valfleury, France (800) – 6 November:

The title traces its origins to the image of the Black Madonna at Valfleury (Loire), France, near St Etienne and St Chamond south of Lyons and is venerated annually on 6 November.

The original Statue, in wood, dates to Christmas 800 when the image was found in a broom bush. Pilgrimages began as early as the eighth century, almost ceased entirely during the years of the plagues that struck the region and resumed in earnest again in 1629. The Shrine is a Church partially underground that had appeared in the written records by the end of the tenth century. Entrance to the Church is at the base of a massive rock formation, on top of which, stands the Romanesque tower of the 12th century and steeple. Among the unique features of the Church are 22 steps cut from the rock inside the entrance. A number of frescoes depict eventS in Christ’s life. The miraculous cures of a child on a pilgrimage was reported to have occurred in the Chapel in 1842. In 1854, Pope Pius IX granted the pilgrimage of Vals, a plenary indulgence.

Benedictine Monks established a priory there and called the place “valley flowers.” In 1625, the Congregation of Saint Vincent de Paul succeeded them. They established a mission house and took care of the pilgrimage Church which replaced the original Shrine and was erected in 1809.

St Atticus
St Barlaam of Novgorod
Bl Beatrice of Olive
Bl Christina of Stommeln
St Demetrian of Cyprus
St Edwen of Northumbria
St Efflam of Brittany
St Emilian of Faenza
St Erlafrid of Hirschau
St Felix of Fondi
St Felix of Genoa
St Felix of Thynissa
St Illtyd
St Israel of Limoges

St Leonard of Noblac (c 496-559) Monk, Hermit, Abbot, Miracle-worker.
About St Leonard:

St Leonard of Reresby
Bl Leonianus of Autun
St Melaine of Rennes
St Paul of Constantinople
St Pinnock
St Severus of Barcelona
Bl Simon of Aulne
St Stephen of Apt
St Theobald of Dorat

St Théophane Vénard MEP (1829-1861) Priest Martyr, Missionary.
His Life and Death:

St Valentine of Genoa
St Victor Chumillas-Fernández
St Winnoc of Wormhoult (Died 716/717) Abbot

Martyrs of Antioch – 10 saints: Ten Christians murdered together by Arabs after their seizure of Antioch, Syria. No names or other details about them have come down to us. 637 in Antioch, Syria.

Martyrs of Gaza – 9 saints: A group of Christian soldiers who were captured by Saracens invading the area of Gaza in Palestine. When the men continued to profess their Christianity, they were executed. We know the names of some of the martyrs – Himerius, John (2 of them), Kallinikos (Callinoco), Paul, Peter, Stephen and Theodore (2 of them). They were beheaded in Gaza, Palestine.

Martyrs of Spain – 498 saints and beati: – Martyred Franciscan Capuchins of Barcelona – 26 beati
Martyred Vincentians of Spain – 14 beati



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