Thought for the Day – 5 January – Venial Sin

Thought for the Day – 5 January – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Venial Sin

Next to mortal sin, the greatest of all evils is venial sin.
Sin is always an offence against the God of goodness,
When we sin, we place our own will above His and put Him in a position secondary to ourselves.
If mortal sin is spiritual suicide because it extinguishes, in us, the divine life of grace, venial sin is an injury, more or less grave, to the soul.
The former completely separates us from God; the latter moves us further away from Him.
Mortal sin means the death of the soul.
Venial sin is a disease of the soul which reduces its supernatural powers and leaves it more open to the ever–increasing attraction of evil.

We cannot speak of small sins, as if sin could be a triviality.
Sin is always something great and terrible because, it is an offence against our Creator and Redeemer, Whom we should love, honour and serve with every impulse of our heart and with the whole strength of our will.
It is the height of ingratitude because, in order to offend God, we make use of the gifts He has given us – our eyes, ears, speech and all our powers of soul and body.

Let us think seriously about this.
We must firmly resolve to be more vigilant so that, with the grace of God, we may avoid ever committing a deliberate venial sin.

The Gospel tells us that we must render an account of every idle word and that nothing tarnished can be admitted into the splendour of Paradise.
In the terrible torments of Purgatory, we must pay the full price for all our faults, even the slightest!

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



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