Notre-Dame de Bon-Port / Our Lady of Bon Port/Good Haven, Paimpol, France (1838) and Memorials of the Saints – 21 February

Notre-Dame de Bon-Port / Our Lady of Bon Port/Good Haven, Paimpol, France (1838) – 21 February:

St Avitus II of Clermont

Blessed Caterina Dominici/Maria Enrichetta SSA (1829–1894) Nun of the Sisters of St Anne – whose main charism is the care and education of street children, Mystic with an extraordinary devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, close friend and adviser to St John Bosco in establishing the Rule of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, also “lending” two nuns to the new Congregation.
Her Life:

Bl Claudio di Portaceli
St Daniel of Persia
Bl Eleanora
St Ercongotha
St Felix of Metz
St George of Amastris
St Germanus of Granfield
St Gundebert of Sens

Blessed Noel Pinot (1747-1794) Priest and Martyr. During the French Revolution, he refused to take the oath of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy unlike his superio! He wore his Mass Vestments to execution and died reciting the opening words of the Mass. He was Beatified by Pope Pius XI on 31 October 1926.
His Life and Death:

St Paterius of Brescia (Died 606) Bishop
St Pepin of Landen
St Peter Mavimenus
St Randoald of Granfield

Blessed Richard Henkes

St Robert Southwell SJ (1561-1595) Martyr, Priest of the Society of Jesus, Poet, Hymnodist, Writer, clandestine missionary – Additional Memorials: 25 October as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales and 29 October as one of the Martyrs of Douai.
St Robert’s Biography

St Severian of Scythopolis
St Severus of Syrmium
Blessed Thomas Pormort (c 1560-1592) Priest Martyr
St Valerius of San Pedro de Montes
St Verda of Persia

Martyrs of Sicily – 79 Saints: Seventy-nine Christians Martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian. They were Martyred in c 303 on Sicily.

Martyrs of Hadrumetum – A group of 26 Christians Martyred together by Vandals. We know little more than eight of their names – Alexander, Felix, Fortunatus, Saturninus, Secundinus, Servulus, Siricius and Verulus. c 434 at Hadrumetum (modern Sousse, Tunisia)

Martyrs Uchibori – Three Japanese laymen, all brothers, all sons of Paulus Uchibori Sakuemon, one a teenager, one only five years old and all martyred for their faith in the persecutions in Japan. 21 February 1627 in Shimabara, Nagasaki, Japan. Beatified 24 November 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI.



Passionate Catholic. Being a Catholic is a way of life - a love affair "Religion must be like the air we breathe..."- St John Bosco Prayer is what the world needs combined with the example of our lives which testify to the Light of Christ. This site, which is now using the Traditional Calendar, will mainly concentrate on Daily Prayers, Novenas and the Memorials and Feast Days of our friends in Heaven, the Saints who went before us and the great blessings the Church provides in our Catholic Monthly Devotions. This Site is placed under the Patronage of my many favourite Saints and especially, St Paul. "For the Saints are sent to us by God as so many sermons. We do not use them, it is they who move us and lead us, to where we had not expected to go.” Charles Cardinal Journet (1891-1975) This site adheres to the Catholic Church and all her teachings. PLEASE ADVISE ME OF ANY GLARING TYPOS etc - In June 2021 I lost 95% sight in my left eye and sometimes miss errors. Thank you and I pray all those who visit here will be abundantly blessed. Pax et bonum! 🙏

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