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Saint of the Day – 13 July – St Mildred of Thanet OSB (Died c 700) “The Fairest Lily of the English”

Saint of the Day – 13 July – St Mildred of Thanet OSB (Died c 700) English Benedictine Nun and Abbess, Born as an Anglo-Saxon Princess and died in c.700 of natural causes. Patronage – the Island of Thanet, Kent, England. Also known as – “The Fairest Lily of the English,Mildred of Minster, Mildryth, Mildthryth. Additional Memorials – 18 May (translation of relics), 20 February (translation of relics).

Mildred was the daughter of King Merewalh of Magonsaete, an area similar to the present day Herefordshire, a sub-kingdom of Mercia. Her mother was Domne Eafe (also sometimes named as Saint Eormenburga), herself a great-granddaughter of Æthelberht of Kent and as such, appears in the Kentish Royal Legend.

Her sisters Milburga of Much Wenlock and Mildgyth, are also Saints and Mildred, along with her extended family, also feature in the Kentish Royal Legend. In the 11th Century, Goscelin wrote a hagiography of Mildred, the Vita Mildrethae. Another work, the Nova Legenda Anglie of 1516, gives an extensive account of her life.

Mildred was educated at the prestigious Merovingian Royal Abbey of Chelles. She entered the Abbey of Minster-in-Thanet, which her mother had established and became Abbess there by 694. A number of dedications to Mildred exist in the Pas-de-Calais, including at Millam, thereby suggesting that ties to Gaul were maintained. Mildred died at Minster-in-Thanet some time after 700 and was buried there in the Abbey Church of St Mary.

Mildrith’s successor as Abbess, Eadburg, also known as Edburga of Minster-in-Thanet, a correspondent of Saint Boniface, built a new Abbey Church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and translated Mildred’s relics there, not later than 748. The Shrine within the Abbey became a popular place of local pilgrimage, with Mildred becoming a much-loved local Patron Saint.

The last Abbess of Minster in Thanet was Leofruna, who was captured by Danes in 1011. The Abbey was abandoned and the Church downgraded to a Parish Church. n 1030, Mildred’s remains, despite fierce local opposition, were translated to St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury, an event commemorated on 18 May. St Mildred’s Church, within the town walls at Canterbury, dates back to this time.

In the 11th Century, some of her relics were given, to a Church at Deventer, Netherlands. In 1881 St Mildred’s Feast Day was officially reinstated by Pope Leo XIII.n 1882, following a refounding of the Benedictine Convent at Minster in Thanet, the nuns petitioned the Archbishop of Utrecht, who granted their return to Thanet. In 1937, Minster Abbey was bought by Nuns of the Benedictine Order, and in 1953, a relic of St Mildred was brought there.

There are numerous medieval Churches dedicated to St Mildred of Thanet, most of them in Kent. This one is in pretty Tenterden (whose name means ‘woodland pasture of the people of Thanet.’ (I have many times visited this Tenterden, a very pretty Town indeed and have visited this Church.)



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