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Saint of the Day – 23 October – Blessed Severinus Boethius (c 475-524) Martyr, Layman

Saint of the Day – 23 October – Blessed Severinus Boethius (c 475-524) Martyr, Layman, Roman Statesman and Philosopher, Theologian, Writer, Rhetorician, often styled “The Last of the Romans”, regarded by tradition as a Christian Martyr, Born in c 475-480 at Rome, Italy as Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius and died in 524-525 at Pavia, Italy. Also known as – Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius, The Last of the Romans, Severino Boezio.

Blessed Severinus Boethius was one of those rare minds that can assimilate knowledge and pass it on in an understandable form. He planned to translate the whole of Plato and Aristotle into Latin, to share the Greek wisdom with his contemporaries. He also wrote a treatise on the Trinity which , is considered a major work of Western Theology. He wrote extensively on matters concerning music, mathematics,and Theology. Although his translations were unfinished following an untimely death, it is largely due to them that the works of Aristotle survived.

He was born when Odoacer, the Ostrogoth, had become Ruler of Italy and when Boethius was thirteen, Odoacer was overthrown by Theodoric. He was left an orphan at an early age and was educated by the pious and noble-minded Symmachus, whose daughter, Rusticana, he married. Severinus entered public life in the footsteps of his father and in 510 was made Consul by Theodoric.

Theodoric began to suspect that certain of his nobles were plotting with the Emperor in Constantinople, to overthrow his government and Albinus, an Ex-consul and friend of Boethius,, was charged with treason. Boethius, defended Albinus in Court but was himself accused, of being part of the plot and imprisoned. It was in prison that he wrote his best known work. He found no defenders, even among his friends and not even his father-in-law, Symmachus, stood up for his innocence.

Boethius was cruelly tortured and died a violent death. He was buried in the Cathedral at Ticinium and his relics are now in the Church of St Peter at Pavia.

Tradition began very early to represent Boethius as a Martyr for the Christian Faith. It was believed that among the accusations brought against him, was devotion to the Catholic Church, which at that time, was championed by the Emperor Justin against the Arian Theodoric. In the eighth century this tradition had assumed definite shape and in many place,s Boethius was honoured as a Martyr and his feast observed on the twenty-third of October.

The reflective manner in which he faced death was an inspiration to others and his works were one of the important sources of writings throughout the Middle Ages. He died in the year 524 and was Beatified in 1883 by Pope Leo XIII .


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