Thought for the Day – 10 December – Holy Purity

Thought for the Day – 10 December – Meditations with Antonio Cardinal Bacci (1881-1971)

Holy Purity

Since Mary excelled so much in this virtue and had so great a love for it, she will obtain for us from God, the grace necessary for us to preserve it, as long as we pray humbly to her, especially in times of temptation.

Let us remember, that at Baptism, we became members of the Mystical Body of Christ and temples of the Holy Spirit (Cf 1 Cor 6:15-20).
We are obliged to avoid defiling this temple and making the Mystical Body of Christ a dwelling-place for the devil!

It is not true to say, that this is an impossible fight.
We know, from our own experience, that we can win.
We have often battled with, or fled from occasions of sin.
We have prayed and made sacrifices, in order to avoid sin and, with the help of God and the protection of the Blessed Virgin, we have won!
After our victory, we have felt elated and have experienced that peace, which only God’s grace can bestow.
If we have succeeded so many times, why cannot we do the same always?
There is no need to be afraid.
If we do all that we can, God’s grace will do the rest.

I can do all things in Him, Who strengthens me,” Phil 4:12) says St Paul.
God is faithful,” he writes elsewhere “and will not permit you to be tempted beyond your strength but, with the temptation, will also give you a way out, that you may be able to bear it” (1 Cor 10:13).

If we remain pure, we shall see God.
We shall see Him in the work of His creation in this world and we shall see and enjoy Him forever in Heaven.
Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God” (Mt 5:8).”

Antonio Cardinal Bacci



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7 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – 10 December – Holy Purity

  1. I couldn’t find an email to ask you this question, so I’m posting it here. I hope this is okay. A Facebook friend of mine – actually, a former student from 25 years ago – did a favor for me. Last night, I found a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with St. Juan Diego looking up at her. It was used for an ad for Catholic-Link. I cut the ad and used the image for my FB banner. This dear girl found the image on your blog.

    Great! But I am unable to find it anywhere for December 2021. On the plus side, I am quite impressed with your blog and opted in to follow it.

    So, my question is can you tell me who the artist is for the image? I would greatly appreciate your response.

    Totus tuus!

    Patrick Hubbell

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    1. Dear Patrick thank you for following and for writing.
      I hope you saw my post ‘Accident Annie’?
      I am a bit hampered at present as my hand and wrist are still injured.
      I will check if i have the details of the artist as soon as i am able to use my hand properly and revert to you.
      Speak soon, God bless.
      To Jesus through Mary, amen. ♡♡ Ana


      1. Hi again Patrick – I have done many searches but still not found the Artist – been all over and everyone who has used the image has the same problem. I will keep looking when time permits and if you find the answer before I do, please advise.
        So many Mysteries enfold us in our faith but hopefully we will finally solve this one soon.
        God bless you in the meantime 🙏

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