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Ember Friday, Day One of the Christmas Novena and Memorials of the Saints – 16 December

Ember Friday – Fasting and Abstinence


St Eusebius of Vercelli (c 283-371) Bishop, Confessor, Founder of monasticism in his region
His Feast Day is celebrated today but was moved after Vatican II to 2 August (General Roman Calendar 1729–1969).
St Eusebius Life:

St Adelaide of Burgundy (c 931-999) Holy Roman Empress, Widow, Foundress of monasteries and Apostle of Charity. St Adelaid was Canonised in 1097 by Pope Urban II.
About St Adelaide:

St Adelard of Cysoing

St Ado of Vienne (Died 875) Archbishop of Vienne from 850 until his death, Writer, Reformer.

Bl Adolphus of Tunis
Bl Arnaldo of Tunis
St Albina of Caesarea
St Ananias
St Azarias
St Beanus (Died c 1012) Bishop
St Beoc
St Dominic Dosso
Bl Elizabeth of Saint Francis

St Everard of Friuli (c 815-867) Duke, Count, Soldier, Founder of Churches and a Monastery. In contrast to his soldiering life, St Everard was a peacemaker, a humble and loving Master with a social conscience, striving always to free serfs, wherever possible or at least to free them from their burdens and assisting the poor and needy in all their deprivations.
His Life:

Haggai the Prophet
St Irenion
Bl James of Tunis
St Jean Wauthier
St Macarius of Collesano

Blessed Mary of the Angels Fontanella OCD (1661-1717) “The Fragrant Rose of Turin,” Discalced Carmelite, Mystic, Stigmatist, Marian devotee and client of St Joseph, Prioress, Spiritual director. At the instigation of King Vittorio, the holy nun’s Cause for Canonisation was started just a few years after the death of Sr Maria. Pope Pius IX declared her a Blessed on 25 April 1865
Blessed Mary’s life:

St Misael
St Nicholas Chrysoberges
Bl Raynald de Bar

Blessed Sebastian Maggi OP (1414–1496) Priest of the Order of Preachers, Confessor. He was Beatified on 15 April 1760 by Pope Clement XIII. His body is incorrupt.

Martyred Women of North-West Africa: A large group of women Martyred in the persecutions of Hunneric, Arian King of the Vandals. 482 in North-West Africa.

Martyrs of Ravenna – 4 Saints: A group of Christians Martyred together. Four names and no other information has survived – Agricola, Concordius, Navalis and Valentine. c 305 at Ravenna, Italy.



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