Quote/s of the Day – 28 December – The Holy Innocents, Martyrs

Quote/s of the Day – 28 December – “The Month of the Divine Infant and the Immaculate Conception” – The Holy Innocents, Martyrs – Apocalypse 14:1-5, Matthew 2:13-18 – Scripture search here:

Then was fulfilled that
which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet,
saying: a voice was heard in Rama,
lamentation and great mourning;
Rachel bewailing her children
and would not be comforted
because they were no more.

Matthew 2:17-18

A voice was heard in Rama.”
Rama was Saul’s city.
Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin.
Benjamin was the son of Rachel,
whose memorial was near Bethlehem,
where these wicked deeds were done.
Therefore, since the babies
were killed in Bethlehem,
where there is a monument to Rachel,
this is why Rachel is described as weeping.

From the work known as
the “Incomplete Work on Matthew,” by
an Anonymous Ancient Christian Writer (ACW)

These then, whom Herod’s cruelty
tore as sucklings from their mothers’ bosom,
are justly hailed as “Infant Martyr Flowers”-
they were the Church’s first blossoms,
matured by the frost of persecution,
during the cold winter of unbelief.

St Augustine (354-430)
Father & Doctor of the Church

They could not yet speak
but already, they are confessing Christ.
Their little bodies are, as yet,
unable to engage in combat
but already, they are carrying off
the Palm of Victory.”

St Quodvultdeus (Died c 453)
Bishop at Carthage



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