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Saint of the Day – 13 April – St Hermenegild (Died 585) Martyr, Confessor

Saint of the Day – 13 April – St Hermenegild (Died 585) Martyr, Confessor, King. Born in Toletum, Vmodern Spain and died on 13 April 585 by beheading. Also known as Hermengild, Ermengild, Ermengildo.

The Roman Martyrology reads: “At Seville in Spain, St Hermenegild, son of Leovigild, Arian King of the Visigoths, who was incarcerated for the confession of the Catholic Faith. By order of his wicked father, he was beheaded because he had refused to receive communion from an Arian Bishop, on the Paschal Solemnity and thus exchanging an earthly for a heavenly Kingdom, he entered the abode of the blessed, both as a King and as a Martyr.

Leogild, King of the Visigoths, had two sons, Hermenegild and Recared, who reigned jointly with him. All three were Arians but Hermenegild married a. zealous Catholic, the daughter of Sigebert, King of France and by her holy example he was converted to theTrue Faith.

The Baptism of St Hermenegild attr to Guercino 17th Century

His father, on hearing the news, denounced him as a traitor and marched to seize his person. Hermenegild tried to rally the Catholics of Spain in his defence but they were too weak to make any stand and, after a two year fruitless struggle, he surrendered on the assurance of a free pardon.

When safely in the royal camp, his father the King had him loaded with fetters and cast into a foul dungeon at Seville. Tortures and bribes were in turn employed to shake his faith but Hermenegild wrote to his father that he held the Crown as nothing and preferred to lose sceptre and life. rather than betray the Truth of God.

At length, on Easter night, an Arian Bishop entered his cell and promised him his father’s pardon if he would but receive Communion at his hands. Hermenegild indignantly rejected the offer and knelt with joy for his death-stroke.

The same night a light streaming from his cell told the Christians who were watching near by that the Martyr had won his crown and was keeping his Easter with the Saviour and His Saints in glory.

El Triunfo de San Hermenegildo by Francisco Herrera the Younger (1654)

Leovigild on his death-bed, although still an Arian, bade Recared seek out St Leander, whom he had himself cruelly persecuted and, following Hermenegild’s example, be was received by St Leander into the Church. Recared did so too and on his father’s death, laboured so earnestly for the extirpation of Arianism that he brought over the whole nation of the Visigoths to the One True Church.

Nor is it to be wondered,” says St Gregory, “that he came thus to be a preacher of the True Faith, seeing that he was brother of a Martyr, whose merits did help him to bring so many into the lap of God’s Church.


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