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One Minute Reflection – 5 February – The Memorial of St Agatha (c 231- c 251)

One Minute Reflection – 5 February – The Memorial of St Agatha (c 231- c 251)

Rather, God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise and God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong…1 Corinthians 1:27

REFLECTION – “My fellow Christians, our annual celebration of a martyr’s feast has brought us together.   Agatha achieved renown in the early Church for her noble victory. For her, Christ’s death was recent, His blood was still moist.   Her robe is the mark of her faithful witness to Christ.   Agatha, the name of our saint, means “good.”   She was truly good, for she lived as a child of God.   Agatha, her goodness coincides with her name and her way of life.   She won a good name by her noble deeds and by her name she points to the nobility of those deeds.   Agatha, her mere name wins all men over to her company. She teaches them by her example, to hasten with her to the true Good, God alone.” – from a homily on Saint Agatha by Saint Methodius of Sicily (c 788-c 847)agatha, the name of our saint - st methodius of sicily - 5 feb 2018

PRAYER – Lord God, let St Agatha, who became precious in Your sight through her pure life and valiant martyrdom, plead for our forgiveness.   For, with joy and rejoicing, as though to a feast, St Agatha, went to prison and offered her sufferings to You, with many prayers.   Through Jesus Christ, Your divine Son, in unity with the Spirit, one God forever. St Agatha, pray for us, agatha - pray for us 5 feb 2018