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Memorials of the Saints – 20 June

St Adalbert of Magdeburg (910-981)
St Bagne of Thérouanne
St Edburga of Caistor
St Gemma of Saintonge
St Goban of Picardie
St Helen of Öehren
St John of Pulsano
St Macarius of Petra
Bl Margareta Ebner
St Methodius of Olympus
Bl Michelina of Pesaro
St Novatus of Rome

Irish Martyrs – 17 beati – This is the collective title given to the 260 or more persons who are credited with dying for the faith in Ireland between 1537 and 1714. Seventeen of them were beatified together on 27 September 1992 by St Pope John Paul II.

• Blessed Conn O’Rourke
• Blessed Conor O’Devany
• Blessed Dermot O’Hurley
• Blessed Dominic Collins
• Blessed Edward Cheevers
• Blessed Francis Taylor
• Blessed George Halley
• Blessed John Kearney
• Blessed Matthew Lambert
• Blessed Maurice Eustace
• Blessed Patrick Cavanagh
• Blessed Patrick O’Healy
• Blessed Patrick O’Loughran
• Blessed Peter Higgins
• Blessed Robert Meyler
• Blessed Terrence Albert O’Brien
• Blessed William Tirry

Martyrs of Lower Moesia: Martyred on the Black Sea at Lower Moesia (in modern Bulgaria), date unknown.
St Cyriacus
St Paul

Martyred in Nagasaki: 9 Beati : burned alive on 20 June 1626 in Nagasaki, Japan. Their ashes were thrown into the sea and no relics remain. They were Beatified on 7 May 1867 by Pope Pius IX.
• Blessed Baltasar de Torres Arias
• Blessed Francisco Pacheco
• Blessed Gaspar Sadamatsu
• Blessed Giovanni Battista Zola
• Blessed Ioannes Kisaku
• Blessed Michaël Tozo
• Blessed Paulus Shinsuke
• Blessed Petrus Rinsei
• Blessed Vincentius Kaun