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Sunday Reflection – 5 August – Today’s Gospel: John 6:24-35

Sunday Reflection – 5 August – Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B – Today’s Gospel: John 6:24-35

“Bread is not made from one grain but from many. It’s as though you, who were many were ground.   When you were baptised it’s as though you were mixed into dough.   When you received the fire of the Holy Spirit, it’s as though you were baked.
Be what you can see and receive what you are.

After all, just as many grains are mixed into one loaf in order to produce the visible appearance of bread, as though what holy scripture says about the faithful were happening:  They had one soul and one heart in God (Acts 4:32);   so too with the wine. Brothers and sisters, just remind yourselves what wine is made from;  many grapes hang in the bunch but the juice of the grapes is poured together in one vessel.”

St Augustine (354-430) Father & Doctor of the Churchbe what you can see and receive what you are - st augustine - 5 aug 2018