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Our Morning Offering – 31 January – Bless’d Be the Lord Our God!

Our Morning Offering – 31 January – Septuagesima Sunday or The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bless’d Be the Lord Our God!
By Fr James Quinn SJ (1919-2010)

Bless’d be the Lord our God!
With joy let heaven ring;
Before His presence let all earth
Its songs of homage bring!
His mighty deeds be told;
His majesty be praised;
To God, enthrouned in heav’nly light,
Let every voice be raised!

All that has life and breath,
Give thanks with heartfelt songs!
To Him let all creation sing
To Whom all praise belongs!
Acclaim the Father’s love,
Who gave us God, His Son;
Praise too the Spirit, giv’n by both,
With both for ever one!

In the Divine Office (1974) it is sung with Sunday Evening Prayer I (Week 2)