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Thought for the Day – 26 February

Thought for the Day – 26 February

The life of Blessed Isabella suggests to us that our human weaknesses, even those of the body, can be overcome by the grace of God. Isabelle, despite pressure to do otherwise for personal and political gain, resisted the pressure of the Courts of France to marry, remaining a virgin and consecrating herself to God.   She sought out the spiritual direction she needed, listened for the call of the Lord and followed it without question.   So eager to rejoin her Maker, she was rewarded with knowledge of when that would happen, which she awaited with joy.    Blessed Isabella of France inspires us to examine our lives, identifying those small barriers we hide behind, rather than serving God.   Whether it be work, sickness, fatigue, or financial security, we all have many reasons—many excuses—to focus on ourselves, rather than on the Lord and through Him, on those in need around us.   This is a perfect opportunity to broaden our view from ourselves to those around us, breaking down our barriers and embracing the Lord in those we serve.   Isabella made sure that nothing would keep her from God and she walked a very singular path to Him.   She is a lesson in determination – something we can achieve in our own quest for complete holiness!

Bl Isabella of France, pray for us!