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Third Sunday of Advent, Year A – Gaudete or Rejoice Sunday +2019 and Memorials of the Saints – 15 December

Third Sunday of Advent, Year A – Gaudete or Rejoice Sunday +2019
Gaudete Sunday:

Blessed Karl Steeb (1773 – 1856)
The Story of Blessed Karl:
St Margaret of Fontana
Bl Maria della Pace
Blessed Maria Vittoria De Fornari Strata (1562–1617)
St Mary Crocifissa di Rosa (1813 – 1855)

St Maximinus of Micy
St Offa of Essex
Bl Pau Gracia Sánchez
St Paul of Latros
Bl Ramón Eirin Mayo
St Silvia of Constantinople
St Urbicus
St Valerian of Abbenza
St Virginia Centurione Bracelli (1587-1651)

Martyrs of Drina – (5 beati): Also known as
• Daughters of Divine Charity of Drina
• Drina Martyrs
Five members of the Daughters of Divine Charity who were martyred while fighting off Chetnik rapists. They were –
Jozefa Bojanc
Jozefa Fabjan
Karoline Anna Leidenix
Kata Ivanisevic
Terezija Banja
Their martyrdom occured in December 1941 in Gorazde, Bosansko-Podrinjski, Bosnia-Herzegovina
They were Beatified on 24 September 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Martyrs of North Africa – (7 saints): A group of Christians martyred together for their faith in North Africa. The only details about them that survive are their names – Caelian, Candidus, Faustinus, Fortunatus, Januarius, Lucius and Mark.

Martyrs of Rome – (22 saints): A group of 22 Christians martyred together in the persecutions of Valerian. The only details we have are five of their names – Antonius, Irenaeus, Saturnin, Theodorus and Victor. c 258 in Rome, Italy.

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Saint of the Day – 15 December – Blessed Karl Steeb (1773 – 1856)

Saint of the Day – 15 December – Blessed Karl Steeb (1773 – 1856) Priest, Founder, Apostle of Charity, Lawyer, Teacher of Languages.   Blessed Karl was born on 18 December 1773 in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg (modern Germany) and died on 15 December 1856 at Verona, Italy of natural causes.   Blessed Karl founded the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy in support of the needy and the sick of which he is the Patron.Aronne_Del_Vecchio-Carlo_Steeb_(OeaL)

His father was a highly esteemed businessman of the Lutheran faith who administered the assets of the Duke of Wurttemberg.   He sent Karl to Paris at sixteen and at eighteen to Verona, Italy to study further.   He was a mature and reserved boy, focusing his attention on his studies.   He was a fervent Lutheran but was fascinated with the lively Veronese world, with its cultural and religious vitality.   He attracted a dialogue with some well-known priests and laity and this led him in September 1792, to become Catholic.

Four years later he was ordained a priest, which caused great bitterness on the part of his father, who disinherited him.   However, upon the death of his sister Guglielmina he did inherit, all proceeds of which he donated to the poor of Verona.   It was a time of war between Napoleon and Austria – the battles of Bassano, of Bishop’s Castle, the Rivoli and then the uprising of anti-1797 (the “Pasque Veronese”).   Blessed Karl lived at this time between infirmaries, hospitals, the military sickbays and the infectious lepers, as a priest, nurse and interpreter in three languages.

He contracted typhoid through his work in the hospitals but his spiritual director, Father G B Bertolini, assured him “It’s not your time. The Lord expects something great from you.”

His Order, the Sisters of Mercy, was born in 1840, in two rooms, dedicated to all the suffering and needy.   From the two rooms, the Institute began a journey that continues still, with homes in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Karl, who many called the “father of the sick”, died in 1856 after seeing the completion of a church as the Mother Church of the Sisters of Mercy, in Verona, where his body is buried.   Pope Paul VI Beatified him in 1975 after confirmation of a miracle.

(This biography was translated from Italian and is not comprehensive but the best I could find).Carlo_Steeb