Sexagesima Sunday, Notre-Dame de Bolougn-sur-Mer / Our Lady of Bolougn-sur-Mer, France (633) and Memorials of the Saints – 20 February

Sexagesima Sunday:
(Latin – Sexagesima, sixtieth) is the eighth Sunday before Easter and the second before Lent. The Ordo Romanus, St Alcuin and others, count the Sexagesima from this day to Wednesday after Easter. The name was already known to the Fourth Council of Orléans in 541. To the Latins it is also known as “Exsurge” from the beginning of the Introit. The station was at Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls of Rome and hence, the oratio calls upon the Doctor of the Gentiles. The Epistle is from Paul, 2 Corinthians 11 and 12, describing his suffering and labours for the Church. The Gospel (Luke 8) relates the falling of the seed on good and on bad ground, while the Lessons of the first Nocturn continue the history of man’s iniquity and speak of Noah and of the Deluge.

Notre-Dame de Bolougn-sur-Mer / Our Lady of Bolougn-sur-Mer, France (633) – 20 February:

St Amata of Assisi OSC (Died c 1250)
St Bolcan of Derken
St Colgan

St Eleutherius of Tournai (c 456-532) the first Bishop of Tournai, France, Martyr. Confessor.
His Life and Death:

St Eucherius of Orleans OSB (c 687-743) Bishop Orléans, Benedictine Monk, Confessor.
About St Eucherius:

St Falco of Maastricht

St Francisco Marto (1908-1919) Two of the three Visionaries of Fatima.
St Jacinta Marto (1910-1920)

Today (2022) is the Sixth Anniversary of their Canonisation:

St Leo of Catania
St Nemesius of Cyprus
Blessed Pietro of Treia OFM (1214-1304) Friar of the Friars Minor.
St Pothamius of Cyprus
St Serapion of Alexandria
St Silvanus of Emesa

Blessed Stanislawa/Julia Rodzinska OP (1899-1945) Martyr, Dominican Sister, known as the “Mother of Orphans” and the “Apostle of the Rosary”, Apostle of Charity, Teacher, Catechist.

St Valerius of Courserans
St Wulfric of Haselbury
St Zenobius of Antioch


Saint of the Day – 20 February – Blessed Pietro of Treia OFM (1214-1304)

Saint of the Day – 20 February – Blessed Pietro of Treia OFM (1214-1304) Friar of the Friars Minor, renowned and eloquent Preacher, Mystic and Ecstatic who levitated and experienced visions. Born in 1214 and died on 19 February 1304 at the Franciscan Convent of Sirolo, Italy.

The Blessed Pietro da Treia was born in 1214 was descend from the noble Marchionni family. From childhood he showed a particular love for the Archangel Gabriel.

After spending the first years of his youth among the riches and comforts derived from his social condition, he decided to change his life and follow a more austere evangelical life. He entered the Order of Friars Minor at a very young age. Eager to imitate the virtues of St Francis, he also materially followed in his footsteps, residing for a long time in La Verna.

Blessed Pietro da Treia spent much of his time in contemplation but he was also an active Friar, especially in the ministry of the word, as an irresistible Preacher.

He travelled the Marches, captivating the crowds with his sacred eloquence. He had the gift of moving sinners, who through a good Confession, repented offering penances for their sins and were brought back to God.

His ecstasies and visions are well-known and documented. In Ancona the Blessed Peter while he was immersed in prayer before the Crucifix, placed on the main Altar of the Church, rose from the ground in ecstasy with his whole body and went to kiss the feet of the Lord Crucified. Later in the Convent of Forano, it was Pietro who saw a wonderful scene, in which the Madonna affectionately placed the Divine Baby Jesus on the loving arms of his brother Corrado da Offida.

Blessed Pietro died in the Convent of Sirolo on 19 February 1304, at the age of 79. Pope Pius VI, on 11 September 1793 approved the cult and Beatified him..