Thought for the Day – 15 November – Do This in Remembrance of Me

Thought for the Day – 15 November – The Memorial of St Albert the Great OP (1200-1280), Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Saint Albert the Great
Bishop and Doctor of the Church

An excerpt from Commentary on the Gospel of Luke

Do this in remembrance of Me.   Two things should be noted here.   The firs,t is the command that we should use this Sacrament, which is indicated when He says: Do this. The second, is that this Sacrament commemorates the Lord’s going to death for our sake.

Do this.   Certainly He would demand nothing more profitable, nothing more pleasant, nothing more beneficial, nothing more desirable, nothing more similar to eternal life.  We will look at each of these qualities separately.

This Sacrament is profitable because it grants remission of sins;  it is most useful because it bestows the fullness of grace on us in this life.   The Father of spirits instructs us in what is useful for our sanctification.   And his sanctification is in Christ’s sacrifice, that is, when He offers Himself in this Sacrament to the Father for our redemption, to us for our use.   I consecrate Myself for their sakes.   Christ, who through the Holy Spirit offered Himself up without blemish to God, will cleanse our consciences from dead works to worship the living God.

Nor can we do anything more pleasant.   For what is better than God manifesting His whole sweetness to us.   You gave them bread from heaven, not the fruit of human labour but a bread endowed with all delight and pleasant, to every sense of taste.   For this substance of Yours revealed Your kindness toward Your children and serving the desire of each recipient, it changed to suit each one’s taste.

He could not have commanded anything more beneficial, for thisSsacrament is the fruit of the tree of life.   Anyone who receives this Sacrament with the devotion of sincere faith will never taste death.   It is a tree of life for those who grasp it and blessed is he who holds it fast.   The man who feeds on Me shall live on account of Me.

Nor could He have commanded anything more lovable, for this Sacrament produces love and union.   It is characteristic of the greatest love to give itself as food.   Had not the men of my tent exclaimed:  Who will feed us with his flesh to satisfy our hunger? as if to say:  I have loved them and they have loved Me so much, that I desire to be within them and they wish to receive Me so that they may become My members.   There is no more intimate or more natural means for them to be united to Me and I to them.

Nor could He have commanded anything, which is more like eternal life.   Eternal life flows from this Sacrament, because God, with all sweetness, pours Himself out upon the blessed.

St Albert the Great, Pray for Us that we may receive the Body of Christ with total faith, conviction and love!nor could he have commanded anything - st albert the great - eucharist 15 nov 2019.jpg